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Need help getting over the hump in my quest to capture gaming history as it happens!
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Recent updates

Back up... but fresh...

Apparently YouTube killed a LOT of videos last night... no answers for why, either.

Both episodes were allowed to be re-uploaded.... which is the good news.

The bad news is that they start fresh on views and all that... right before Christmas... so help spread the word and re-watch them yourself to help regain some of that lost viewership

If YouTube ever fills me in on why or how this happened I will post it here.

YouTube issues

For no apparent reason, YouTube has yanked both episodes.

I will be contacting them in the morning to find out why.

Rewards shipped

All Kickstarter rewards that I have an address for have now been shipped.  Sorry for the slight delay.

If you like stateside and don't have it within the next week and a half, let me know.

Outside the US, give it a few weeks.

If you haven't completed a Kickstarter survey with your info, I can't send ya nothin.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, folks... and look for a new teaser trailer for Episode 2 next week.

First episode up, second already being filmed

For those who might not have seen it on my social media, the first episode of Culture x History x Attitude debuted yesterday and has already drawn significant traffic and reaction. -

The second episode also began filming last night and will continue for the next few weeks., who bought a full-on "brought to you by" reward told me today that he saw a 40 percent increase in traffic yesterday as well.  The concept and series look to be a hit!

Rewards are packed up and ready to ship. Sorry for the slight delay there, as I've been so busy promoting the series I haven't had much time for anything else.  These will all start going out over the next 3 or 4 days.

Big thanks to all backers!  Let's roll with this thing :)

Second and final teaser trailer

Update time :)

The first teaser trailer was well received, gaining almost 9,000 views with minimal promotion.  As I was cutting a second one I got the suggestion to do it like a WWE "Titantron" video (like play on the screen behind the Superstars as they enter) so I thought it might be fun.

Here it is -

Rewards are being prepared for mailing as we speak.

Series will debut the morning of November 1.  As I get my feet wet here I plan to do these monthly to start.  I'll be filming throughout November for future episodes and already have stuff set up that I think will be great.

More soon.