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Little folk from the Inner-space sneak in your home to battle for dominance! The miniatures game for all ages and levels of expertise.
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Welcome to the Home Raiders crowdfunding campaign! We are working to make a brand new game destined to bring new gamers into the miniatures collecting hobby while offering a thrilling game experience to veterans as well.

Home Raiders is a game played with small scale models. These models represent the combatants that travel from a dimension known as the Inner-space to your very home, in order to battle for the dominance of your space. These fighters are little folk (which means that the scale of the models is actually 1:1) which exist in dimensions parallel to ours, and crash our world in order to thrive in theirs.

The game is very easy to grasp, and is a great option for a fast game that takes place on your living room coffee table, your office desk, or even around your kitchen sink. It takes no time at all to set up, so you can get your dice rolling in a breeze. If you are an experienced gamer, Home Raiders is a great choice for an improvised gaming session or even a well laid out match amongst a bunch of friends. If you want to play with your younger brothers and sisters, cousins or even your children, you won't find a better option to getting them started with this amazing hobby.

Why don't you download the rules of the game and give them a quick read? We guarantee that it won't take long! This is just the first of our games to use our own ‘ACE’ game engine. You can download them right HERE. You can get all the character cards available up to this point HERE.

Once this campaign is over, the game rules will be available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch and Norwegian.

Here you have a video on how the game is played:

 Size reference:

The basic game box includes all the essentials needed to start playing Home Raiders: 14 models that make two Teams (Gremlins and New Lilliput), 9 ACE dice, pearls and Wound counters, Character cards and a set of rules. You will only need a measuring tape in inches, plus an opaque bowl (which you probably already own). All the models from the core box are made of metal and cast in one single piece, so other than sticking them to the base, there is no building involved. By the way - you also get the Kickstarter exclusive RAF the pilot model for free!

* The models are supplied unpainted, some minor assembly is required.

These contents are your gateway into Home Raiders. You can easily expand your teams and boost your gaming experience by adding new units or increasing your existing ones. If this campaign grows fast enough, we will unlock new factions for you to play with!

And in case you are wondering, you don't have to worry about scenery at all. Everything you need you already own it! You will play this game with the very objects you already have at home with you.

If you help us we will be able to produce the Home Raiders box. If we manage to gather enough support from you all, we will start developing the range right here. First of all we will try to put out another couple of units for New Lilliput and the Gremlins. Right after that, we will give the other factions a go! 

Here you have a list of all the available products that you can include along with your basic pledge. The ones with an asterisk * before the name are already included in the core box, but you can get them to boost your troops. In order to get Inner-space Depot items as add-ons, you only have to add their costs together to your basic pledge in the "Manage your pledge" section - and you can do that as many times as you wish while the campaign is still running. Once the campaign is over (a few weeks after we close), we will get in touch with you in order to get the details of your pledge, take care of any shipping costs if relevant, and start packing your parcel full of goodness.

Remember that if you go over a certain pledge value you get free shipping all over the world (see the Shipping section below), and also this will help us to unlock many more Stretch goals down the line! We will be including them here as we go.

All units are served with their activation counters and wound tokens.

The universe of Home Raiders will bring many contestants to you home, clashing for the dominance of your space. We start by introducing the Gremlins and New Lilliput factions, but as soon as we start unlocking stretch goals we will be bringing in more factions into the game. You can read more about them right HERE. 

These were the first race to start travelling the Inner-space, and they accidentally opened the gates to our world for the rest of the Inner-space inhabitants. They now feel responsible for that, and have imposed onto themselves the mission to keep our world in order, safe from the mischief of the other factions.

Captain Shefin.- He is a veteran from a long family line of soldiers, dedicated to serving the noble state of New Lilliput. A stern and pragmatic leader who knows how to command from the front, during the direst situations.

Guardsmen.- These brave few are the first line of defense and some the most versatile assets in New Lilliput’s force. Trained for years, at the capital’s training facilities, they are well versed in the art of combat.

E.G.G.S. - Their name stands for Exemplar Government Guards Stronghold (Yes, probably someone was trying really hard to make an acronym with that word back in the day), which is the fortress where they are trained in long ranged skills. The pedigree of these soldiers descends from the old Blefuscu troops that defended their long tradition (and source of past conflicts) of breaking their eggs from the bottom.

Corporal Balmuff.- He is one of New Lilliput’s more renowned heroes and one of the most coveted gentlemen in the nation. He has one of the rare jetpacks, which allows him to soar over any rivals and take them down from afar with his excellent shooting skills.

They live in one of the first inner worlds to be visited by New Lilliput. Clever and industrious, they soon learned the technology to create portals, and have been visiting us ever since. They love our technology, and they often take it from us in order to create their crazy contraptions.

Spark.- She grew up learning everything there is to be known about cogs, cables and grease. She is good at organizing raiding parties into our world, as she has a talent to see the bigger picture, herding the combined efforts of a force of unruly Gremlins.

Gremlin technicians.- These guys love to take things apart and they are surprisingly noisy and chaotic. They are equipped with their spark-two-prong-forks, which keep them safe while they are doing their pilfering.

Ragmen.- The gremlins built the Ragmen to be used as bouncers during their raids, protecting the professionals while they perform their duties. Made from wood, cloth and spare bits of tech, they are cheap to produce and fix whenever they return to the Inner-space broken, in dire need of a good mending.

Ragman brute.- These ragmen are more expensive to build, as they are donned with a harder core and are much better during a brawl. They are slower combatants, but they are well valued as they can carry heavy objects back to their inner-world.

Tinkerer.- He has the Lighting rod of excellence, a symbol of his prowess and intelligence. He prefers to stand at the back of a fight, making sure all the acquired tech is safe, enabling him to build his next contraption.

RAF - the pilot.- His name is RAF, and he is a pilot. He's been around for a while now. He once fell in love with the components of engines and such, and he's been visiting our workshops and big machines ever since. He even copied the uniform of those brave humans that piloted those enormous flying machines! He says he did that to blend in, in case anyone ever caught a glimpse of his presence. 

The Lords of Dust live in a world saturated by dust. Their streets are paved with sod, and their factories are surrounded by black deserts of grime. As soon as they got their hands on Portal technology, and discovered our world, they started unloading their dust onto our shelves and under our beds.

Protectors.- The protectors are in charge of distributing the dust, in bulk, from their inner-world into ours. They carry heavy-duty dusters that they use to transfer balls of sod directly from their world through miniaturised portal technology guns. They tend to be stern professionals (like most of their kin), but they truly enjoy painting the faces of their opponents black.

Royal guards.- These troops always accompany the members of the royal caste of the Lords of Dust. Faithful servants of each of the regents, they are sent to make sure that the “dusting parties” are safe during their trips. Each of them will proudly display the three gems of honour, which they earned in their early days of service as plain soldiers, on their way to becoming part of the Royal guard.

Cleopetra.- She is one of the youngest members of the royal family. She likes the fancy life of the court, but the Pharaon insists on sending her to the dusting parties, as part of her royal training. She is not the greatest field leader around, but she certainly knows how to take care of herself.

Scarab masters.- These cute creatures are responsible for gathering dust and rolling it into big bluffy balls. They can then transport them in bulk right into our rooms, below our beds and sofas. The scarabs can also climb steep surfaces in order to reach the most remote and unthinkable spots in order to lay down their dust.

Priests.- These wise men are highly valued by the royal caste as advisors. They are the spiritual guides and depositories of the ancient culture of their civilization. Priests usually work better on their own during the dusting parties, distracting and confusing opposing parties when they come around.

Mummies.- Those who are vanished during the “dusting parties” are sent back to their inner-world in shame. They are subject to derision by their own people, and forced to wear the bandages of disgrace. They will be sent back to our world to serve and earn their gems of honour, in order to gain back their position in the Lords of Dust society.

The Fair Folk used to live amongst us in the forests and in our gardens. We forgot about them, casting them aside, only to be known as elves and fairies in children’s bedtime stories. Now they want to reclaim their space, and they will use all of their magic to do so.

Peter.- Peter is a joyous little elf. He once was a human child that went away to live among the fair folk and lead them in many dangerous quests. He soon forgot about his human origin when the Fair Folk retreated to Arcadia (their inner-world), but as soon as he opened his eyes into ours he was filled with an insatiable craving for adventure.

Lost ones.- It is said that the children which have lost their parents, and end up in ugly shelter homes, can conjure a door to a better place if they wish for that really, really hard. One night they will fall from their bed and travel to the land of Never again. They will all get together with Peter and the Lost ones, spending their days living out adventures, fighting pirates and fishing with the indians.

Sylphs.- Humans that have caught a glimpse of a Sylph often refer to them as Faeries. They can fly, and love causing mischief all over the place. They truly enjoy planning new pranks to perform on anybody that crosses their path. Sylphs have very high pitched and acute voices, and often leave a subtle trail of golden dust wherever they may roam.

Centaurs.- These noble beings used to live in perfect unity with nature. Their souls were sad for a very long time, as their memories of our world were robust and remained for many years. However, since they filled their lungs with the air from their former home, their energy and purpose has been restored.

Fauns.- If there is a creature fond of music, it has to be a Faun. They play their flutes all day long (much to the dismay of their companions), especially during their parties in our world, as their soothing songs puts humans to sleep faster than you can say “What’s that little… ?”

Leprechauns.- Legend says that Leprechauns keep their pots of gold at the end of every rainbow. Leprechauns are one of the very few of the fair races who care for gold, and that is one great excuse for the Sylphs to play pranks on them. The Sylphs steal their pots and take them away to our world during their parties. Soon there will be one very angry Leprechaun jumping through the Portal, ready to take down anyone who gets close to his booty.

The Freeloaders is a lazy and laid back society, but they adore our stuff. They are intrigued by the simplest of our objects, and they often use them in ways far from what they were originally invented for. The Freeloaders see our homes as enormous warehouses, where they catalogue and reorganize what they believe to be their collections.

Dude.- His name is Wilfred Wolfington III. He comes from an ancient lineage of Wolfingtons. He is proud of living his life watching the days go by, but every now and then he enjoys a little sport visiting the big human warehouses. His folk acknowledge him saying “hey dude”, or talk amongst themselves about what “that dude” told them. The name just stuck.

Questing knights.- They feel like they have been called upon to fulfill a higher destiny. Actually, they know they have… and they think that’s pretty cool. It’s not like they are planning on rushing into any sort of adventure, but every now and then they are happy to accompany some of their friends into our world, to help them gather and protect their collections.

Prospectors.- The Prospectors love finding their little treasures. They keep those pesky human inventions to themselves, storing them for future use. They don’t often know what to do with them, and use their findings in imaginative ways, often far removed from the intended purpose the humans created them for.

Plug.- Plug is one of the most popular guys amongst their race. He has a talent with little shiny things, and he knows how to make them glow. His friends like dancing around the coloured lights, generated by Plug, and he enjoys watching them have fun. He is often required to accompany the visits to the warehouses, as he can also generate sparks from his lights to use them against their enemies! However, that is still low on his priority list: dancing is what really matters.

The keeper of the flaming stick.- The Freeloaders are a pretty spiritual bunch. They spend a lot of their time with their eyes shut, thinking about themselves. If you happen to hear one snoring, that means that he is reflecting very deeply about his ways. They often come to the keepers of the flaming sticks, as these wise men always know how to cast some light upon their ways. The keepers of the flaming sticks often come into our world looking for some more sticks to light… and take care of the souls of the opposition.

Archivists.- Archivists take their roles very seriously. They keep track of their collections in long documents that they are continuously updating. Moving their stock from place to another all the time, they are always trying to stay, more or less, focussed on the job when they visit their warehouses. They manage to remain concentrated… most of the time.

First you have to setup your Kickstarter account, if you don't have one already. Once logged in, you have to choose the pledge level that suits you best. You can find detailed information on each of those in the previous section. You can expand your pledge with all the extra models that you want. You only have to add the total of those to your basic pledge cost: to do this go to the "Manage my pledge" section, update the figure accordingly and you are set. You can do this as many times as you want while the campaign is active. Once the campaign is over, Kickstarter will collect the funds from you and we will continue working to deliver you the best crowdfunding experience possible, and put Home Raiders in your hands as soon as possible.

Shipping costs will be charged after the campaign is finished, closer to the delivery date. We want to keep them separated, as these would only increase the thresholds that we need to reach our objective and stretch goals in a pretty unproductive way. Keeping them away from the campaign helps us to keep this slightly variable cost under control. In any case, the shipping costs that we are working with at this moment are quite reasonable. They might be slightly different by the time we are ready to ship, but we don't expect them to be very different from this.

Spain - £3,5
European community - £11
USA and rest of the world - £15

But if you want a totally hassle free experience, we have a deal for you. If your Kickstarter pledge, including your basic pledge, plus any add-ons from the Inner-space depot that you decide to include before this campaign is over, is £80 or higher you get free shipping anywhere in the world. Easy.

If you have a store and you are interested in growing your community, Home Raiders might be your best partner! You won't need to build and paint specific scenery for this game, nor have any dedicated space of your store for your demo games. You could be running exciting intros right on top of your checkout!

Take a look at our retail pledges, as they offer a juicy deal and can be a great way to include this game amongst your range of products. 

Vesper-on Games is a small company from Barcelona, Spain. We are a small team with a passion for miniatures and putting out a high quality product.

We are the people behind Carnevale: the miniatures game. Now we want to expand our range with this new product, aimed at hobbyists, and potential hobbyists, of all ages and levels of experience. Launching a new product is always a thrilling and delicate prospect, specially for a small company like ours. And this one is quite ambitious, as we are going to be producing our first boxed game and unique set of dice. Kickstarter is a great opportunity for us to put out a much better product than what we would be capable of without your help, and it is a great way for you to participate in the first baby steps of Home Raiders.

Risks and challenges

All the models in the starting box are already made, ready to rock and roll. The rules are ready to go to print, as are the box and character cards. We will be working on the sculpts of the upcoming models during this campaign. We will start translating the rules into Spanish, French, German and Italian as soon as we hit the basic campaign goal, and we can’t foresee any extreme delays in that area.

We produce all the models in house, so that gives us tight control of production of the main bulk of the project. The only thing we outsource is printing, and we hope to be able to place the order as soon as the campaign is over.

We at Vesper-on Games held the ‘Carnevale: the miniatures game’ Kickstarter campaign last year (which was much more complex than this one), and we managed to fulfill most of the project within the estimated period - we are still sending the last parcels out. Thanks to all the experience we gained there, we expect this campaign to run even smoother than that.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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