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€24,297 pledged of €30,000 goal
€24,297 pledged of €30,000 goal


Welcome to Barnacity! Consider yourself under arrest.

Fanhunter is a crazy and violent universe set in the near future, in which all forms of entertainment have been banned. The brave members of the Resistance are determined to fight. For their right. To party!

Fanhunter: Urban Warfare is a a board game with miniatures for two (or more) players. This is a scenario-driven game that will pitch the forces of the Resistance against the Fanhunters, the police forces of Pope Alejo. The game also includes a skirmish set of rules in which you will be able to design your own army and your own scenarios. 

The game truly captures the mad and violent universe of Fanhunter thanks to the different scenarios included in the core box that will take you through some of the most exciting adventures.

The game system is quite easy to learn, and gives you a lot of room for strategy and re-playability.

Also, as we always do, we want you to be able to have a look at the rules of the game before committing to the Kickstarter. We want as many of you to join in and help us to bring this adventure forward, but we want you to have all the information handy. Here you have the rulebook (just the bare rules) of Fanhunter: Urban Warfare, and a print and play introductory scenario for you to have a look at the most simple set of combat and movement rules.

Download Fanhunter: Urban Warfare rules here.

Fanhunter is a franchise that’s been in publication for the last twenty five years in Spain, created by Cels Piñol. Essentially it revolves around the long lasting comic book saga, but it also has novels, role playing games, board games and even plushies. Now we bring that universe with our miniatures into the 21st century with a brand new game. 

For all of those not familiar with the world of Fanhunter, fear not as you will also enjoy this insane setting because we will give you a privileged front-row tour. Right here you have a little introduction to the setting, but also there will be a whole background section in the rulebook covering a timeline of the events up to the present time in the game (year 2025), along with a detailed look of the urban background of the game: Barnacity...

Alejo Crow is a demented librarian. He belongs to the alien race of the Fenicious, and he is one of the sleeper agents tasked to destroy the human race. When he was activated, he appointed himself Pope and conquered Europe.

The alien race of the Fenicious has been trying to destroy the human race through wars, famine and desperation ever since the dawn of time.

Pointless. Our rebellious nature always fights back.

But they finally know how to beat us. Now they want to bore us to death.

Alejo, in his intention to erase any sort of motivation has managed to turn the population into a grey boring mob. No initiative, no hope. Once in power, he achieved this by banning any sort of leisure, culture and counterculture.

But a group of rebels face the dictatorship of the Re-Vatican, based in Barnacity. They are the Resistance, a group of freedom fighters lacking any sort of experience in combat or tactics. Instead of that, they have to make do with their nerd background while fighting against the tyrant. Everything their learnt through their hobbies could one day make a difference and save their lives.

The Resistance is little more than a militia of fans of any type of entertainment: comic book nerds, music lovers, role-playing gamers, card collectors, miniature painters, wargamers, videogamers, dee-jays, movie buffs and experts in fantasy and science-fiction literature.

And now we've got an AMAZING bonus treat for you all. Cels Piñol has created a comic that will give you a first row exclusive look at the background of the world of Fanhunter. Download it for free here! Click on this image!, go on, do it... 

Let's have a closer look at some of the troops included in the Fanhunter: Urban Warfare core game.

Don Depresor is one of the most charismatic characters of the resistance. He is the most passionate fan of Frank Miller’s Daredevil, and he is always eager to lead the fight from the front lines. Having said that, he is blind as a brick, and has the most terrible luck. That jinx will affect both his allies and his enemies.

Killer Dog is Pope Alejo’s right hand. He is his most loyal friend, but has the ability to get to his nerves more often than the actual Resistance. He controls the papal forces with a strong grip, and he is always just two steps behind the plans of the Rebel fans.

Fan Lethal

Fanhunter with "Ol' Painless". Heavy Weapon.


Crowd control Fanhunter

If you help us we will be able to produce Fanhunter: Urban Warfare. If we manage to gather enough support from you all, we will start developing the range right here with you. Check the Pledges section down below to see how some of these behave depending on the pledge you picked.

In any case, for your reference, any Golden Ticket pledge will receive one free copy of each unlocked Stretch Goal marked as "Golden Ticket" (like Walrus, right here). 

Here you have all the available products that you can decide to include in addition to your basic pledge. In order to get your add-ons, you only have to add their costs together to your basic pledge in the "Manage your pledge" section - and you can do that as many times as you wish while the campaign is still running. 

Once the campaign is over (a few months after we close), we will get in touch with you in order to get the details of your pledge, take care of shipping costs, and start packing your parcel full of goodness.

 First you have to setup your Kickstarter account, if you don't have one already. Once logged in, you have to choose the pledge level that suits you best. 

You can expand your pledge with all the extra items from the Add-on section that you want. You only have to add the total of those to your basic pledge cost: to do this go to the "Manage my pledge" section, update the figure accordingly and you are set. You can do this as many times as you want while the campaign is active. 

Once the campaign is over, Kickstarter will collect the funds from you and we will continue working to deliver you the best crowdfunding experience possible, and put Fanhunter: Urban Warfare in your hands as soon as possible. 

DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS IN YOUR PLEDGE AT THIS STAGE. They will be charged after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

This is a detail of what each pledge includes.

With this you receive one copy of the game. You can expand your pledge with as many add-ons as you wish. 

Shipping charged after the campaign ends.

GOLDEN TICKET 90€  (Early Bird - 80€) 
With this you receive one copy of the game, and one copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive Nando Dixkontrol model. 

But most importantly, this pledge allows you to receive every Stretch goal marked with the Golden ticket for FREE. Gratis. The further we go with this campaign, the more value will be added to your pledge. You can just sit and watch your Fanhunter collection grow, or even better, you can spread the word and make all of your friends participate in this campaign to bring the number even higher! You can expand your pledge with as many add-ons as you wish. 

 Shipping charged after the campaign ends.

Nando Dixkontrol is the main DJ of the resistance. Ex-Green Beret. A world authority in Dubstep, techno, Hollywood musical films and he knows everything about anything ever sang in Broadway. He is the mind behind the best illegal (as they couldn’t be otherwise) rave parties in Barnacity.

Shipping costs will be charged after the campaign is finished, closer to the delivery date. Keeping them away from the campaign helps us to keep this slightly variable cost under control. In any case, the shipping costs that we are working with at this moment are quite reasonable. They might be slightly different by the time we are ready to ship, but we don't expect them to be very different from this. 

Spain - 8€ 
Rest of Europe - 15€
USA  and rest of the world - 25€

Vesper-on Games is a company from Barcelona, Spain. We are a small team with a passion for miniatures and putting out a high quality product. We are the people behind Carnevale: the miniatures game and Home Raiders. We want to expand our folder of games with new and exciting proposals, always aiming to put out an original product of the highest quality. Launching a new product is always a thrilling and delicate prospect, specially for a small company like ours. And this one is the most ambitious we’ve ever done! Kickstarter is a great opportunity for us to put out a much better product than what we would be capable of without your help, and it is a great way for you to participate in the first baby steps of Fanhunter: Urban warfare.

 Well, you know you don't really need to paint these models, but if you do, they will look great!

Risks and challenges

We at Vesper-on Games are a bunch of professionals well versed in the heavy duties of producing miniatures and games. We’ve made three successful crowdfunding campaigns in the past - two of them with Kickstarter- and delivered in time to our backers.

This time we are partnering with one of the most important game manufacturers in Europe, that will ensure the highest levels of quality both in the miniatures as in the rest of the game components.
All the miniatures in the core box have been sculpted already, and even some of the Stretch goals are ready as well. The core game is written, but there are sections of the book still to be fully completed (scenarios and cards). The art is 90% ready as well. So most of the core work is done and ready.

As we understand Kickstarter as a mean to help to bring out a project, there are still some things left to be done. Given this, some stretch goals will be presented as illustration instead of finished renders. We do all of this work in house, so we are confident that there won’t be any significant delays in this area.

The moulding of the miniatures is made in China. Our partners have direct control over that operation, so we know that there will be a good quality control and proper time management behind all this process... They are german and they know what they are doing.

We don’t expect too much of a delay in any of the processes, but this is a factor that must always be taken into account when launching a new product such as this one.

Bear in mind that delivery date is an ESTIMATE, and we will do our best to fulfill this date.

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