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A media collective affiliated with Occupy Wall Street producing free printed material about the movement for the general public.
A media collective affiliated with Occupy Wall Street producing free printed material about the movement for the general public.
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1,696 backers pledged $75,690 to help bring this project to life.

This is gonna be big!

A big Thank You to the over 1,500 backers for the Occupy Wall Street Media Kickstarter campaign! Since we launched it 2 weeks ago, the support has been overwhelming and has inspired a massive print campaign to share the voice of the movement with the world. Our first issue presented the movement rising up from Zuccotti Liberty Park as it is: diverse, articulate, principled, committed...and let's face it, fucking beautiful!

We've just put the Spanish edition of that issue to bed and our second edition is fresh off the presses. Our website will be up this weekend. Next week, we will be planning out a poster folio edition to share ideas that can only be captured with art. Finally, since our Kickstarter has been so successful, we will be producing a National Edition to be distributed throughout the country. Just how big this edition gets to be is up to you. We're shooting for $75,000 so that we can print and distribute 250,000 copies.

And that's just the beginning. We are negotiating a fiscal sponsorship with indie media stalwart, Arts Engine, and are building our organization so that we can scale with the movement. Help us make this happen and give what you can! Thanks for all the support. We love each of you, we really do, that is why we are here. Help us envision a new world.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nancie Vanture on December 5, 2011

      I, too, waited to hear from OWS Journal and thought maybe I missed an email or phone call. Actually forgot what I was promised as I really only wanted a copy of the first edition. I was O.K. with that because I saw pictures of the journal being distributed on the street and knew that I had contributed to that. That really was enough for me even though I felt a little disappointed that I wouldn't get my own copy. Now I feel the excitement of knowing that I too will get to see the journal and get to be inspired as those in NYC are. Can't wait. Wil continue the support.

    2. E. Hershey on December 1, 2011

      Same story here.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jim Kuczkowski on November 21, 2011

      No word. Silence.

      My only reaction possible is that you are thieves.

    4. John Petros on November 20, 2011

      I'm a fifth - donated $40 - and I really want to get the copies to the Occupy LA movement. C'mon guys you got the donations and OccupyLA wants to see these papers first hand. Please send. Solidarity.
      Long Live OWS.

    5. Gui Ambros on November 17, 2011

      Fourth here.

      But just bumped into this article from Wired:…

      "Video equipment disappears, too. Global revolution sent a laptop, 4G hotspot and webcam to Occupy New Orleans. But in late October, the volunteer who had set up most of the tech ran off with the laptop, PLUS THE MONEY FROM THE ONLINE DONATION SYSTEM HE HIMSELF HAD INSTALLED."

      (caps are mine, and not sure the "donation system" mentioned is this one on Kickstarter. Hope it is all just a weird and sad coincidence)

    6. Ken Getty on November 15, 2011

      I'm a third....just checking in.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Goossen on November 15, 2011

      I am another one who pledged $60 and have not seen any issues or the promised "thank you." What is the story?

    8. Missing avatar

      Virginia on November 13, 2011


      I donated a pledge for the Occupy Wall Street Journal at the Forty dollar level 2 months ago and Have not received any of the printings yet?

      Let us know what's up.

    9. Missing avatar

      cmjake on November 8, 2011

      I am an assistant-editor of a newspaper for my civic. If you need my services I volunteer to help the Journal edit via email.

    10. Missing avatar

      cmjake on November 8, 2011

      Why haven't the people involved with this journal responded to any of the concerns of the people
      who are posting here re: the promised mailings and "thank you" in the Journal for those who gave $60 +?

    11. Debbyflorence on November 6, 2011

      Yes i am here for the same reason. Can the organizers of this kickstarter campaign please give us an update about mailing, even if there is a delay? I am unemployed and $40 was no small chunk of change for me-- i was really excited to get copies in the mail-- even an update would help out a lot. I am sure this is no small feat, but I would be really disappointed if you did not reserve copies for your backers who live far away. Is there some problem with the mail?

    12. Missing avatar

      Hudson Luce on November 5, 2011

      No nothing mailed out by November 5... but supposedly the mailing was supposed to happen in November. I see no comments past October 8, though.

    13. BJ Scales on October 15, 2011

      I paid $40 and would like my paper copy put in the mail if it's not too much trouble! That's why I donated!

    14. jaclyn lairson on October 14, 2011

      yes, when will they be mailed out- thanks!

    15. BJ Scales on October 9, 2011

      When are the paper copies going to be mailed out???

    16. neti neti media on October 8, 2011

      So proud of you guys! :-)
      We have an event (a conference we organize) with 600 people from all over the world in 10 days... If you could send us "something" we are willing to print it here and distribute it.

      Let us know if it is possible!

    17. Missing avatar

      Usha Abramovitz on October 8, 2011

      Please consider making accessible a very clear and transparent statement of income and expenses as you go along, and perhaps a concise balance sheet. This is particularly important in an undertaking that is so fluid and unstructured. Hopefully you have established the necessary controls for the effective management of the funds that you are raising from us. Thanks - Proud to be one of the first 5 backers of the project!

    18. Missing avatar

      Sara on October 8, 2011

      We plan to come down next weekend. We are part of the generation that helped finally end the Vietnam War, that shut down Universities, that demonstrated, and protested the military industrial complex. Your generation has it harder. The corruption has spread to now control media-this is the road to fascism. We've seen it before. History is repeating itself. Thank g-d your generation has finally found the courage to take action. We can offer support but you ladies and gentleman have the energy. Use it! Because the 1% will do all it can to stop you. It is only a matter of time until the people will prevail.
      A suggestion- try to join forces, if you haven't already, through the 'net with the young people in Israel who just finished setting up tents all up and down the "Park Ave." (Sderot Rothchild- Rothchild Blvd)), of Tel -Aviv. They received the backing of many famous Israeli writers, artists and economists who helped them draft demands- some were specific and some were general. According to the leading progressive newspaper, Ha'aretz ( English edition: ), are planning phase 2- a massive university walk out. I'm not suggesting at this point you make specific demands- as annoying as that is to the stupid media- you're doing the right thing- it's about process and equality. However, just to add another idea to your democratic process- it would be great to coordinate with all the protests from all the middle and near eastern countries, across Europe, etc. a world wide day of protest. Since they're happening already- what is needed is "just" coordination. This would obviously take time to set up- but how powerful it would be! Let me know if I can help....
      Don't be fooled by any statements of the NYPD. For even though there are individual policemen who are good and honest- they will have to follow the orders of Kelly and Bloomberg. Ask any former SDS'er- (I'm talking about the non violent wing). Ask about what happened at Grand Central Station. Although the police don't have the power to act like the brutal dictators of the Middle East- their objective is - nonetheless- similar. They don't want you to protest. Be aware of police agitators, agitators who will try to infiltrate your group (I'm sure they're there already). They will push for you to be violent. They will also try to make you paranoid. If you ignore this and stay focused you will achieve many of your dreams, our dreams, for a safer more just world!
      You have our support and blessings !

      Here's the article from Ha'aretz and the link:

      Published 05:13 07.10.11Latest update 05:13 07.10.11

      The protesters' next step: Students planning strike for the end of the month
      The social protest movement faces turning point, after last tent encampments in Tel Aviv demolished and most protesters have gone home.

      By Ophir Bar-Zohar and Ilan Lior

      The organizers of this summer's social protests are busy planning their next steps, as they are far from satisfied by the recommendations of the Trajtenberg committee on socioeconomic change. Stav Shafir, one of the tent camp protest organizers, is preparing a strike by students when the universities and colleges are scheduled to start their new academic year at the end of this month, immediately after the mass protest rally planned for October 29.

      The social protest movement is now facing a turning point. The last remaining tent encampments in Tel Aviv were demolished at the beginning of the week and most of the protesters have gone home. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to push the Trajtenberg committee's recommendations through his own cabinet on Monday - and has yet to provide the protesters with any concrete results. Netanyahu appointed the committee to provide answers to the protesters' demands, but the organizers have rejected the proposals, saying the recommendations may be correct in principle, but they will do little to make any major changes in policy, or in citizens' lives.

      The various food company boycotts and protests have had some specific successes, but no major changes have worked their way through the system and it is far from clear whether any real changes have taken place.

      "A big student rebellion at the beginning of the school year is quietly being organized," wrote Shafir yesterday on her Facebook page. She said the strike would shut down the system and "return it to our hands," and asked for help from students.

      The plan is for the strike to start immediately after the mass rally scheduled for October 29. Shafir said she is looking brave students to volunteer to help organize the strike.

      "Our demands, after two and a half months on the streets, have not been answered. We cannot return from the summer to our studies and work when our society is still falling apart - there is no public housing, nor proper employment, and no new social budget. So we are not returning until we receive what we deserve," Shafir said.

      Nighttime conflicts

      Even after the Tel Aviv municipality finished tearing down the tent camps, it is still making life difficult for the homeless and the social protest activists. Over the past few nights, municipal inspectors have been showing up time after time at the meeting points of those who populated the tent encampments up until Monday. The inspectors are asking the activists and homeless to leave the sites and forbid them from meeting in large groups on the various city boulevards, squares and public parks. The inspectors have even confiscated equipment.

      The homeless, and the activists aiding them, have been moving between various sites since the tents were demolished. They are spending most of their time near the northern end of Rothschild Boulevard, in the park on Levinsky Street and in Rabin Square - but they have not set up any tents. During the day, they have almost no contact with the authorities, but at night the conflicts with the inspectors start.

    19. David Allen Wroblewski on October 8, 2011

      I will soon be in New Your and would appreciate an opportunity to visit with a representative.
      David A. Wroblewski

    20. Missing avatar

      cmjake on October 8, 2011

      Will you be printing "A thank you in the Occupy Wall Street Journal" and mailing copies of the newspaper to those who contributed $60 + in this next edition?

    21. Missing avatar

      Joseph A. Mungai on October 8, 2011

      I can't wait to receive my copy!

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Reyes on October 8, 2011

      You are making history and awakening that American spirit that has for so long fallen asleep. This is what true patriotism is all about. I am very proud of all of you who are making this happen. I usually donate a little every month to political campaigns, but I will do that no longer, my support will go to you. Thank you for speaking up, thank you for standing up and thank you for taking action.

    23. Kevin Nutter on October 8, 2011

      Woohoo! Was waiting for a high quality pdf of the first edition! Thanks! Glad to be part of this historic movement and look forward to the future editions.