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Update #3

Mic Check!

Hey all of our amazing fans!

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we try to figure out our small role in such a tremendous movement. For all of our generous donors, please know that we are wrangling this all volunteer effort into fulfillment of the rewards for the funding that you so graciously gave to us. To date we have published five papers, two of them in Spanish and finally we mounted a volunteer run website at come by and say hi!

Stay tuned as we figure out how to help you and your #occupy efforts! If you would like to download issues of the paper check out: issue five will be posted online shortly!

We are preparing the rollout of fulfillment, so expect an email to arrive shortly asking for your address, which Kickstarter does not provide, so that we can get your gifts out to you.

Thank you again for standing with us in solidarity!
Occupied Media

PS: We welcome any thoughts you have, please email us at

Update #2

This is gonna be big!

A big Thank You to the over 1,500 backers for the Occupy Wall Street Media Kickstarter campaign! Since we launched it 2 weeks ago, the support has been overwhelming and has inspired a massive print campaign to share the voice of the movement with the world. Our first issue presented the movement rising up from Zuccotti Liberty Park as it is: diverse, articulate, principled, committed...and let's face it, fucking beautiful!

We've just put the Spanish edition of that issue to bed and our second edition is fresh off the presses. Our website will be up this weekend. Next week, we will be planning out a poster folio edition to share ideas that can only be captured with art. Finally, since our Kickstarter has been so successful, we will be producing a National Edition to be distributed throughout the country. Just how big this edition gets to be is up to you. We're shooting for $75,000 so that we can print and distribute 250,000 copies.

And that's just the beginning. We are negotiating a fiscal sponsorship with indie media stalwart, Arts Engine, and are building our organization so that we can scale with the movement. Help us make this happen and give what you can! Thanks for all the support. We love each of you, we really do, that is why we are here. Help us envision a new world.

Update #1

Occupied Wall Street Journal is a reality!

Over 500 backers in less than two days, almost 200% of the modest amount we initially asked for: and the first edition of the OCCUPIED Wall Street Journal is at the printing press!


The Occupied Journal will be at the park Saturday by Noon. Come by, take a bunch and get involved. The square is occupied, and it belongs to all of us.

The weather is changing. And people aren't waiting and complaining anymore. I'm inspired, and I hope you join us with your talents and soul, not just your contribution. That said...


All monies raised will be used to print materials for outreach to the Occupation.

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