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A media collective affiliated with Occupy Wall Street producing free printed material about the movement for the general public.
A media collective affiliated with Occupy Wall Street producing free printed material about the movement for the general public.
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    1. Chris Reynolds on

      I submitted my mailing address when requested (over a year ago now) and still have not received anything.

    2. Ben McLeish on

      Got my t-shirt and Naomi Klein book today. Thanks people!

    3. Missing avatar

      Hudson Luce on

      I'd like to note that I received my Tshirt from The Yes Men, , who appear to have taken over the project from the original people who seem to have dropped the ball. Thanks for picking up where the other guys left off, and thanks for the Tshirt!

    4. Barbara Kite on

      my t shirt please....

    5. Jeremy Justus on

      Just wanted to lend my voice to those who feel disappointed and disillusioned. When I donated $125, I did so thinking that - since I couldn't be there to support OWS in person - I was supporting a movement I believed in in the best way I could. It's not because I'm superficial that I am disappointed - it's not that I really need the various materials in order to experience my support. It's the thought that I sent money to a group of people who I believed were working to shed light on corporate irresponsibility only to find that those corporations would be more likely to provide their promised services for the stated fees than this branch of the OWS movement. Stuff like this unfortunately kills the credibility of the message.

    6. E. Hershey on

      Have not received anything. This was a ripoff.

    7. Matthew Weidner, PA on

      See that comment over to the right, "You're a backer" should read, "You're a sucker"...sent money, was lied to...and the comments from the sponsors about not fulfilling the promised rewards miss the've lost all integrity...isn't this a key principle against which the group was protesting?

    8. Matthew Weidner, PA on

      dont i feel like a sucker, i donated $250....and nothing...I wish Kickstarter would do something or that some of the OWS people would address this....

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel McNulty on

      They're a bunch of con artists. Here's one that calls herself "Grim Womyn"
      She is also soliciting funds for the project through paypal.

      On another page they claim to have only collected 20,000 or so where here it is obviously over 70. An investigation into these crooks is needed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Seth Freytag on

      I haven't gotten anything yet either. Is there anything we can do about this?

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    12. Tracey Swanson on

      I sent them all of the info they've requested and so far haven't received anything. Is this project even affiliated with OWS? Seems like it might just be a take-the-money-and-run.

    13. Bron Faison on

      I gave $60 and have not received anything. Not too happy about that. Lesson learned. No excuse for it, though.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michele Champagne on

      The date today is February 2nd, 2012 and there's still no delivery of any newspaper as promised. I donated $25 and for that I received nothing.

    15. Missing avatar

      Louis Fournier on

      I donated $40. on October 1 through credit card and was expecting to receive as a reward a copy of every edition of the Journal. Today is January 27 and so far, in spite of repeated emails, I have received NOTHING - not a single edition. You have my money and my address, what else do you need? :)

    16. Frank Combs on

      I was late to send in my address,will I still be getting every edition as promised for pledging $40.00?

    17. Marco Hendriks on

      ...have not recived my newspaper yet.... :-(

    18. Missing avatar

      Hudson Luce on

      It's great to send money to New York and all that, but in the future I'm keeping it close to home. Looking back on it, I think the money I spent on Kickstarter would have been better spent here, so that's what I'll do. So far, I've gotten, out of t-shirt, newspapers, and a thank you, pretty much everything except the t-shirt, and the second issue of the paper. Not sure abot the thank you, but I really don't care. OK, two out of three ain't bad.

    19. Lisa Wilson on

      I got my papers recently but for some reason they did not send Issue 2, has anyone else has this problem? I am going to email them at this address: I think I will give that a try. Or if anyone here knows any other address it would be much appreciated!

    20. Emily Becker on

      Oh my god I just got my copy of the newspaper. At first I wasn't even going to send my address because I really didn't want anything, like I could just read it online or whatever. But I'm so glad I did. I don't know what I was expecting, some kind of 'zine or something. But it's a true work of art. Bravo. I am going to show it to all my friends. And keep it!

    21. Missing avatar


      I appreciate all - or most all - comments here. I too wondered if the effort promise had frayed into nondelivery of promises. Even if that had remained so- which IT HAS NOT- I am so very pleased at how the occupied media individuals as well as the whole OWS movement have conducted themselves as well as their innovative enterprises of expression, steadfastly keeping clear of the pitfalls of co-optation and giving in, let alone, selling out! I salute you! Keep on keeping on! You are the best latest thing in America today! Having said all this , I'm excited to be getting a hard copy of yout GREAT newspaper!
      From what I've seen of it - and read online, it truly is exemplary! Excellent standards!

    22. Robin Farley

      I am a little worried that some folks had something else in mind when they kicked in some cash for this worthy effort. I would like to state for the record that I didn't support this kickstarter so that I could have a momento of the event suitable for framing or flipping on eBay. For that reason I wasn't overly concerned when November came and went and there was nothing in my mailbox. The fact that this KickStarter has enabled the publication of five (seven) issues as well as a well executed web site is sufficient performance for me. I am looking forward to my backer gift whenever it arrives and want to thank you all for giving voice to the 99%.

    23. Missing avatar

      Catherine Ednie on

      You guys are great. Thank you.

    24. Chris on

      I know you've thanked me for backing you, but I truly want to thank you for being there to help the rest of us stand up for our rights and for helping us get back the feelings of hope.

      Thank you

    25. Missing avatar

      Hudson Luce on

      OK, this is the last Kickstarter project I'm funding. It's just another take the money and run thing, make big promises and do nothing. It's the same corporate wall of non-communication that you get from the major corporations. See ya.

    26. John Petros on

      Thank you for the response - Its all I needed. These people are doing their best and its for a cause I agree with. Long Live OWS ! Smiles.

    27. Jennifer on

      I am surprised by the responses in this feed. I have backed many projects and in many cases have had to wait patiently for my reward. My patience is from knowing that no matter what, I backed a project because I saw it align with my values. Whether or not I receive the reward, I'll be happy to know I contributed to something I can put my consumer dollar towards. The fact that 1696 people were willing to back such a movement fills me with excitement and opportunity.

      However, I am slightly disheartened by the few that are willing to cancel your support, yet, are still yearning for information and communication. With all that the Occupy Wall Street movement has to deal with in the trenches,I am happy to see they are still maintaining the newspaper online.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ocean on

      People. Everything is exactly as to be expected.
      You need to read your documentation and watch the news.

      1. Estimated Delivery: Nov 2011
      2. Since that estimate, they've been attacked, raided, smashed, bloodied, assaulted, dispersed, defiantly reunited, etc etc. Are YOU so short-sighted and inhumane as to expect them to have time to give you your little commercial rewards right on schedule?

      Did you back this project on principle or on greed?
      Those who backed on principle are probably going to gratefully refuse the rewards, since the giving, sharing, and sense of justice is its own reward.

      Get over your own privilege and greed and you'll have some idea how to deal with the bankers' privilege and greed. And you'll be able to HELP this movement instead of just crying for your cookies.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jim Kuczkowski on

      I finally got a response on facebook much like the one Toni got. If it was possible to delete comments on here I would. But I am still concerned that they haven't bothered to log onto kickstarter and update their contributors.

    30. Missing avatar

      Toni Good on

      I actually received a response after sending a message to
      Here it is:

      ".. mailings to supporters are getting into gear this week. The pace of events has been intense, and lacking a support staff a lot of work is piled up on very few people. We've got some friends at the Indypendent who are going to help get the rewards flowing this week."

      So . . . we'll see what happens.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jim Kuczkowski on

      And shame on Kickstarter for not having a way to complain about this kind of thing. This has been my second and last contribution through this site.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jim Kuczkowski on

      No communication = thieves.

      Fuck these people. They ripped us all off and hurt their own movement. Seriously, fuck 'em.

    33. Missing avatar

      Toni Good on

      After emailing the OWSJ, I received an automated reply, thanking me for my submission. They are going out of their way to be completely unreachable. It is also impossible to get a response from Kickstarter.

    34. Missing avatar

      Toni Good on

      Here is the website of the working group for the Occupy Wall Street Journal:
      There you will find an email address that will reach members of the working group.
      The site links to the Kickstarter page. Let's all contact them and perhaps we'll get some updates.

    35. Missing avatar

      Toni Good on

      Please note that there is now another Kickstarter Project to publish the Occupy Wall Street Declaration of Independence. I sent an email to this other project, saying that I am leery of donating because of the poor communication on the Occupy Wall Street Media project.

    36. John Petros on

      Did we all just get scammed? It's now Nov. 20th - not one paper has arrived in my box.

    37. Missing avatar

      Toni Good on

      Come on, Occupy Media! Why are you hiding from us?

    38. Arman Rousta on

      Yes, let's be patient...but OWS Media, you HAVE to communicate better - you're Media after all, and communication should be your forte.

      I am fine with not getting the papers for a bit, as long as we have some information. As a big supporter - and participant - in OWS, I do want to say that this kind of situation of possible theft, lack of authority, etc. is part of the negative and unproductive aspects of the whole 'leaderless' philosophy. There needs to be someone accountable, that has something on the line when it comes to being answerable to supporters, contributors and constituents.

      Let's just communicate better, and let us know who (individual) or what group of people are in charge, so we have someone to depend on for information here. OWS Media is an important venture and part of the movement - but it has to be well-run and organized, which requires some level of hierarchy and order.

    39. Missing avatar

      R.C. on

      If you are not going to publish the paper, you need to give the money raised to the Occupy Wall Street movement. They have an actual bank account and could use the money for other demonstrations etc. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

    40. Xochitl Hernández Ivanov on

      What's up Occupy Wall Street Media? I am very much aware that the movement is on no kind of schedule per say, and thus I have been very patient,... (yes, I'm referring to the lack of a publications mailed per my donation) BUT an update, AT LEAST, would help ease some minds. Please act responsibly. I don't want to be left with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth. I am a student from CA (another state wide tuition cost hike was just approved today) who cut $60 from my grocery budget so as to give it to you all instead. NOT COOL!

    41. jaclyn lairson on

      donated sixty- what is the update? will we actually see the publication in person? thanks so much

    42. Diana on

      @RyanGetz, was it OWSJ number 4 that u saw? I'm trying to b patient w/ this 99% creator of this project... earlier @Amy Joy Chang asked where to read older copies as PDFs: = UPLOADED Oct. 27

    43. Ryan Getz on

      Friends on the street in NYC have copies of the publications. I donated and still have not seen mine in the mail. When will the copies be sent?

    44. Missing avatar

      R.C. on

      The successes of the Occupy movement have nothing to do with the success of this project's Kickstarter funding. There have been no updates since October and nothing published. This money was supposed to go to help the movement and instead it appears it went into a few people's pockets - which is EXACTLY what the Occupy movement is protesting against!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I am amazed at the successes that have taken place since I backed this. Way to go everybody! Power to the people!! The review on the KXL, BofA backing down on their $5 fee's, 650,000 people closing their accounts on Bank Transfer Day, The October 15th Global Day of Action, The 100,000+ Oakland Strike, The seachange in public discourse!? I love you guys.

      Waiting impatiently. I check everyday for this newspaper. :)

      Solidarity from Omaha!

    46. kathryn burke petrillo on

      I too am wondering why I did not receive a query about how you are going to send the newspaper, even though I asked, is it through the mail, the web you know what I mean. The folks that have posted about being upset are another reason for concern. November 2011 is here. when in 2011? My God you received over 6 times what you asked for and I could have published a lot of books and cartoons with that money, plus buy blankets for the kids here in Syracuse that are freezing in the movement.

    47. Mark Migues on

      Estimated Delivery: Nov 2011

    48. Missing avatar

      R.C. on

      For some reason, I get the feeling my money went to the people who did the Kickstarter project and not to any newspaper publication effort. . . I feel badly because I really wanted to support the Occupy Wall Street movement and now I think the $125 I donated actually went to some very enterprising capitalists!

    49. Missing avatar

      Toni Good on

      I'm beginning to wonder if this project is a scam. The last update on the Kickstarter site was October 7. The last email I received was October 9. It isn't nice to take people's money and then disappear. I would at last like to see an update on this site, to let us know what is going on.

    50. Missing avatar

      Eileen Clark on

      I too am curious about the mail out date. I donated $60 and would love to see the paper soon. Thanks! :)

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