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Three friends... three romances... One City... one season... A romantic comedy about moving on, moving in, and moving toward.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: We will be shooting on a digital camera with a small budget and crew. The producers' extensive contacts in Philadelphia will help us stretch our dollar value. Already we have offers for discounted equipment and free locations. By supporting the film, you will also be supporting Philadelphia artists. We aim to hire the majority of our cast and crew from the City of Brotherly Love, giving some of them opportunities to work in a medium not often offered to them, or to finally take key positions on a feature film.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Is there a One? If so, how do you know? Can you go back? And how can you meet, fall in love and get married in less time than it takes to get to the World Series?

It’s fall in Philadelphia. The leaves are turning colors. School children take field trips to the Franklin Institute and the Art Museum. And the news that a friend is engaged to a man she’s only known for three weeks upends the romantic assumptions of Nick, Geoffrey and Rebecca. Challenged by the news, they will have to overcome their fears about love as they come to terms with their - and each other's - relationships.

Of course, it won't be easy:

Nick, still reeling from his recent breakup, freezes whenever he meets a girl he likes... Asking a girl out is out of the question and when he asks a girl he falls for if she wants to "hang out," he's left wondering: is it a date? does she think it's a date? Should he treat it like a date...?

Geoffrey, the victim of one disastrous date after another, has sworn off dating altogether. Then he meets a man who won't take "no" for an answer. But as Geffrey's own feelings escalate with a terrifying quickness, his panic could lead to heartbreak...

Rebecca, two years into her relationship, moves in with boyfriend, only to discover their ideas of a "home" might be very different. When he fails to unpack much more than his playstation, the possibility that this was a major mistake seems more and more like a reality...

With fall deepening and the wedding right around corner, all three are forced to wonder: Is it possible that their friend's hasty marriage is going to be more successful than their own love lives?

With wit and insight, humor and honesty, the three friends will have to face their fears and challenge each other to risk - before winter's comes and the ones they are gone...


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