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Truly Brave Films' new Short:  Window's video poster

Isaac Ruth and Dan Zubrzycki bring you their new film - Window - a dramatic, funny, action-packed short. Read more

Philadelphia, PA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on February 18, 2013.

Isaac Ruth and Dan Zubrzycki bring you their new film - Window - a dramatic, funny, action-packed short.

Philadelphia, PA Shorts
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Hello Internet,

Thanks for stopping by. Please, do step into my office. Coffee? Scotch? Tea? Well then, let's get to business.  

Here's your "On the go" version: Ambitious young filmmakers bring HBO talent to star in a short film shot in Philadelphia. Would love to take your cash to help make our dreams a reality.

So, now, if you're familiar with our work or don't need any more convincing, go ahead and fund ART! If not, let's take a look-see below.

The Project: Window

Window will be our first project formally branded under Truly Brave Films. We're immensely excited, as we've been receiving support from the Philly Film Office, SAG, and the advice of top-tier producers. In addition to all of that, we've gotten acclaimed character actor Bill Raymond (Lincoln, The Wire, Michael Clayton) to agree to lend his superb talents to the film as the mysterious Father Fahey.

Window is a short film born of a story written by director Isaac Ruth. It's based on a true story of a young criminal who hits an old man while robbing a store. Little did that crook know, he'd struck the leader of the biggest crime family in the area.  

He disappeared.

When the police were asked "What will you do to find him?" they gave an ominous answer.

"There is nothing to do.  He's gone."

Window picks that story up as our crook, David Mercer, wakes up and comes to realize the weight of his situation.

But That's Not All!

Window is a short film which serves as a teaser to a larger plot we've developed for the Fahey crime family. We want to gain interest with this short and then be able to tell you their story in a feature film.  

But How Do You Know That Your Money Isn't Going to Illegal Things?

Making even a few minutes of a movie entirely disregarding all standard protocols can still become an expensive endeavor.

We're making a great short and following all professional protocols, paying for talents' lodging, transportation, equipment, food, locations, insurances, covering up any crazy criminal activity our actors might get involved in, the usual.

But seriously - your funds will help us provide all of the above - sans criminal activities. While our ambitions are high, our bank accounts are low. Funding for short films like this pushes our careers forward and, gradually, with great talent, dedication, networking, and a bit of luck, we can match our ambitions with studio funds.

How Rude of Me, I Haven't Even Introduced Us Yet.

Truly Brave Films is a nascent production company based in Philadelphia founded by Dan Zubrzycki and Isaac Ruth. You may have met those dapper young gents in a video recently. From award-winning screenwriters, cinematographers, and directors, they've rallied the creme de la creme of Philadelphia's young talent to produce narrative and character driven films. Check the bottom for links to our work (All of which raised funds successfully through Kickstarter! Swell!)

Here's a dossier

Isaac Ruth: Director, writer, lover of sunsets, citizen of the world. Isaac has worked on set with actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Ellen Burstyn, Ciaran Hinds, David Morse, and Cory Monteith on projects with directors and producers such as Greg Berlanti, Josh Waller, Ed Eberwine, and Ehud Bleiberg. Isaac dreams of only two things - becoming one of the most famous directors of all time and conquering his fear of water. No, but think about it, it's just terrifying. Who invented giant squids anyway?

Dan Zubrzycki: Abandoning his former career as the guru to the Old Spice man and the Dos Equis guy, expatriate pirate-king Dan Zubrzycki brings an eclectic background to Truly Brave Films. Leveraging a life-long passion for storytelling and both formal and autodidactic liberal arts education, Dan strives for realism in his dialogue. He also brings an understanding of business derived from his experience as a self-employed marketing contractor. 

Ray Davis:  Having returned from a crusade for the Flying Spaghetti monster, Ray Davis decided he wanted to make movies.His short, “The Destruction Room,” successfully funded by Kickstarter, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner ‘11, and was a multi-award recipient, including Best Screenplay at Terror Film Festival ‘12. Most recently, Ray has worked on NBC’s new medical drama, “Do No Harm,” the USA mini-series, “Political Animals,” and the upcoming crime drama, "McCanick."

Ali Petre:  After attending UArts on a Promising Artist scholarship, Ali has worked on a variety of film projects ranging from local Philadelphia hits such as "Alpha Girls," to the recent crime drama, "McCanick."  Ali tames Chimeras and Unicorns on the side.

Risks and challenges

Anyone who has worked in film will tell you that there are always unexpected hiccups and hurdles to overcome. Equipment breaks, assistants lose files, parking tickets get slapped on your equipment van, Cthulu appears and the world enters an age of unparalleled darkness and despair - or, even worse, your AD flips out at the craft-services guy.

Though young, Truly Brave Films prides itself on professionalism. We bring a mixture of extensive education and practical experience in film with logistical know-how. Yet we still bring a sense of hustle and inventiveness.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    All of the above PLUS this tantalizing bit of fun:
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    No porn.

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    Now you can drink whiskey like a real writer!

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    Whoa, whoa, whoa - Don't donate to this. We'll get the money together from a bunch of smaller donations.
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