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"Stand by Me" meets "Mean Streets" brought to you by an award winning writer and an ambitious young producer.

"Stomping Ground" is Martin Scorsese's "Mean Streets" crossed with Rob Reiner's "Stand By Me". A vicious coming-of-age story about paths that should have parted years ago and the secrets which drive us apart.

Joe Stinson, writer of 5 Clint Eastwood films (including the iconic line "Go ahead, make my day") had this to say about the screenplay: "You break almost every rule of screenwriting and still come up with a script that works, that could be really innovative and revolutionary."

Which is exactly what we intend to do.

Our project is hugely ambitious. It is no longer enough to tell a compelling story; the story of your production must also be compelling. We are assembling a team in less than 2 months to produce a feature length film in 2 days. 

Yes, 2 days.

Supporting this film supports more than just filmmakers, it is a vote for something that breaks the mold, something that isn't written for Hollywood execs.

The Story:

Mike, Chris, Bobby, and Joe are life-long friends out for a rowdy good time that goes horribly wrong. They commit a random act of violence, savagely beating a young man.

The film begins with the boys cruising to their favorite spot in the park to lay-low and blow off steam. The beating is a non-issue until cell phones start ringing and they learn that their young victim has died from his injuries.

What was a random act of violence gone wrong soon pulls many factions they dread into the arena. Their friendship is pushed to the brink, the group buckles and strains under the darkest aspects of their personalities, and an earthshaking revelation muddies the waters further.


The prospect of shooting a feature film in several days is unique but so is this project: more than a good, marketable story, it was designed to be shot economically - both fiscally and logistically. Stomping Ground is essentially a one-act play with 6 characters and 1 location. 

The project has already received serious attention from PALM Pictures, 2929 Entertainment (the company behind Steven Soderbergh’s “Bubble” and other HD films) and other well-established distributors. Instead, we opted to keep the control in-house and produce the film as it was conceptualized. 

We are excited to actualize this project with the support of your pledges, but first - lets introduce you to the team.

Our Team:

More so than many projects, we will be counting on utter efficiency. Our team needs to be working in lockstep to finish a project of this magnitude. Below is a brief dossier of our core team and their roles on this production.

David Greenberg: Writer/Director

Since 2006, AFI award winning screenwriter David Greenberg has written, edited, and doctored over 30 feature films, documentaries, and shorts. Along with this robust body of work, David draws inspiration from imparting knowledge developed in 30 years of film experience at both Philadelphia's University of the Arts and Drexel University.

Dan Zubrzycki: Producer

Photography credit, Steve Streisguth
Photography credit, Steve Streisguth

Dan Zubrzycki is a passionate explorer. After publishing his first few short stories, he turned his eye to film where he developed a passion for both screenwriting and production. With a keen eye for talent and an entrepreneurial sense of business and hustle, Dan brings an eclectic background to his production work.

Truly Brave Films:

Founded by a collaborative team of Philadelphia screenwriters, directors, and producers, Truly Brave Films focuses on creating films with character and narrative focus. With upcoming Philadelphia talent such as Stomping Ground's Associate Producer Isaac Ruth and Production Coordinator Ray Davis - they bring ambition, vitality, and professionalism to their sets. Their most recent short - A Matter of Propriety - Starring The Wire's Bill Raymond - is just weeks away from coming out of post-production for a much anticipated release in Philadelphia.

Again - Our team thanks you for your time. Please, reach out to us. Contribute. Empower strong narratives. Empower strong art. Please, pledge now.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our project is hugely ambitious - not only is pre-production time limited, but we are also aiming to shoot the whole film in the span of a single weekend.

We plan on producing with a skeleton crew who will be able to masterfully bring this project to fruition with a huge array of skills - our team will consist of ambitious neophytes and experienced industry veterans.

The tightness of our teams means we avoid the mistakes which often occur when too many hands touch a project. It also means we will be able to choreograph our movements precisely and keep costs specifically low.


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