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Wanna help me get a new Baby Grand into Washington sq Park NYC? Now is your chance!

Greetings and thank you for looking at my Kick Starter page. I'm raising money to get a new Baby Grand Piano into Washington sq Park. I already brought an old junky grand out last summer, but unfortunately it was already on its last leg and had to go to piano Heaven. If you've seen my shows before, you know how exciting or touching or awesome they can be. Something I've always seen as the missing link to these shows is a good instrument. Sometimes I feel I'm playing on a tin can! So with your help, I can make these shows even more positive for myself and all those who attend from everywhere in the world. I hope to see you out there soon. 


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    You will have a song sung to you at one of our shows. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I promise to make it extra special and not too embarrassing.

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    You may have a ride on the piano around the NYC WSP fountain. If you weigh more than 180 lbs, you can volunteer someone who you'd like to see take the ride. I may even provide a Tiara.

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    You may sign the bottom of the piano. Not to worry. This is a common practice. Pianos of both Van Cliburn and Vladimir Horowitz were covered with signatures of movers and technicians.

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    You will receive a personalized gift. I will think very carefully about your personality and what would serve best as gift for you. It may be material or it may be something entirely different. Either way, I assure you it will be wholly worth this pledge amount and leave you with goose bumps for weeks to come.

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