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A green-hued, dark-fantasy, old-school mini-setting and bestiary set in a twisted middle-England.
A green-hued, dark-fantasy, old-school mini-setting and bestiary set in a twisted middle-England.
322 backers pledged £13,953 to help bring this project to life.

The "Real" Midderlands and Crypts & Things Conversion

Posted by Glynn Seal (Creator)

How am ya?

It's a common greeting in The Midderlands. The slightly-more civilised folk that live further south, down near Great Lunden, would say "How are you?". That's because that's how Queen Elspeth IV would say it.

Anyway, I digress.

Over 160 backers! Over £7,000 in funding so far, that's basically 60% funded. We are almost at the halfway stage in the campaign so the signs are very promising. I'm still blown away by the support, so thank you all - you are wonderful!

Please continue to help spread the word where and if you can. I am still pushing with the advertising and marketing of the project, but to be honest I'm a bit crap at that sort of thing :)... still, I can't be that bad if we have 60% funding so far :D

Onwards! "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."


There have been some things happening out in the interwebs that I will collect here for you in case you missed them...

Interwebs News

  • Frog God Games

We made the Frog God Games Newsletter this month! We snook in while Bill was on holiday. Many thanks to Zach for being very awesome!

  • Living4Crits

We got a shout out on Google+ from James Walls of Living4Crits fame. If you don't follow James (The best geek-dad in the universe, no question!) and his awesome gaming family, then you should! He and his family are inspiring!

Check out his Living4Crits blog and videos, and the recent OSRebellion vLogs! Really great stuff!

Blog :

YouTube :

  • Five or So Questions Interview with Brie Sheldon

We hooked up with the awesome Brie Sheldon over at the Thoughty blog, and got to do an interview. Read it here -

You should also consider supporting his Patreon to enable him to carry on being awesome!

  • Northwind Adventures, Jeff Talanian

Jeff Talanian is the mastermind behind the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea game. I have been very fortunate to have been involved in a number of Jeff’s projects as well as the upcoming release of the 2nd edition version of the game where I have provided art and cartography. Jeff has been very kindly spreading the word about the Midderlands on his G+ profile. If you don’t know anything about his AS&SH game you should check it out here!


Crypts & Things

We have had some discussions with D101 Games and the awesome Newt Newport, and when we fund, ALL backers with a PDF reward pledge level will receive a Crypts & Things Conversion Notes PDF. This will ease The Midderlands setting into the Crypts & Things system. It might also contain some extra details for areas outside the Midderlands map area. Check out Crypts & Things here.

Crypts & Things
Crypts & Things


The "Real" Midderlands

I have already alluded to the fact that there are locations in The Midderlands that have come from real Midlands location. I wanted to share a couple of those locations here in this update.

  • Bognock Windmill

I drive to work everyday, and nearing work at the top of a hill, I would pass a decrepit structure just off the road which looked a bit odd and I always wondered what it was.

Last year, I spent A LOT of time working on a big project for another publisher that will come to fruition soon, I hope. During the course of this, I ended up buying a reference book on windmills. It was then, that the penny dropped and I realised this was an old windmill structure. This became the inspiration for the Bognock Windmill.

Bognock Windmill text (unedited)
Bognock Windmill text (unedited)

I took a photo of it the other day for this post. Sometimes there is a buzzard perched on there, not this day though.

Bognock Windmill inspiration
Bognock Windmill inspiration

Here's a Google Maps location of it. Streeview just misses seeing what I see as I pass it, although you can see the crown post poking over the top.

  • Hex 2016

There is a really lovely war memorial close by that I recently revisited. It's perched on a hill with great views of the surrounding area. It also as an unusual acoustic effect because of the domed ceiling.  Here's my unedited book text for the hex;

"On the highest point in this hex, some 800-feet, is a memorial structure to warriors from the surrounding area who fell in a long-ago battle known as the Battle of Great Wold. The structure consists of a set of twenty-seven steps leading up to a raised plinth some twenty-feet in diameter. Around the perimeter of the plinth are eight, doric pillars supporting a stone dome clad in verdigris-covered copper sheet.

In the centre of the plinth, directly under the dome is an eight-sided table. The table has a concave top surface and within is a formed, octagonal, copper plate with an engraved map of the surrounding area. The acoustics within the confines of the memorial are haunting and echoing.

Beneath the memorial is said to be a series of buried crypts."

Hex 2016 Inspiration
Hex 2016 Inspiration

That's it for this week. Next objective is to push for 75% funded and 200+ backers. See you on the other side :)

Glynn (MonkeyBlood Design)

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