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A green-hued, dark-fantasy, old-school mini-setting and bestiary set in a twisted middle-England.
A green-hued, dark-fantasy, old-school mini-setting and bestiary set in a twisted middle-England.
A green-hued, dark-fantasy, old-school mini-setting and bestiary set in a twisted middle-England.
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      Awesome, thanks for replying! I'm backing Expanded and really looking forward to it!

    2. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Boris: The new book - The Midderlands Expanded, will include 55 pages of content from both Additions and Additions II, as well as an additional 169 pages. It puts them into the nice hardcover format rather than as the separate lower-quality print on demand offerings.

    3. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the heads up Frits, I watched the video. Very excited to get more Midderlands, expanding into the rest of the nation! Excellent! I've no money, but even less willpower, so I will be backing. I've recently noticed Midderlands Additions II on DTRPG, is there any chance that it could be made available with the new Kickstarter?

    4. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      Thanks, I'll eagerly await the update!

    5. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Frits: Yes, Matt said some great things about the book, I was humbled.
      I plan to post about the new KS shortly. I am just starting to finalise the details on the pledges, stretch goals and add-ons - which will be done next week. If it makes it, It may be an add-on this time.

    6. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      Just saw the interview on Uncle Matt's channel.
      Can we expect a matching leather cover again?

    7. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Kim: Yes, that's what I am seeing too on the tracking information. Have responded via direct message :)

    8. Kim George on

      It looks like it left New York yesterday the 14th.

    9. Kim George on

      Hi Glynn. It appears my package hasn’t moved since the 9th of December. I don’t know if you have anymore info or access to info than me. Thanks, Kim George

    10. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @John Taft: Great to hear, John :)

    11. John Taft

      Touchdown in Western Canada. Damn awesome Glynn, congratulations on a job well done.

    12. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Jim: Thank you! I'm glad you got it okay and I hope you enjoy it.

    13. Jim McLaughlin

      I got mine, too! Arrived safe and sound. I can't add much to the previous comments other than to say everything looks really nice! Well done and thanks.

    14. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Jeffrey: Super glad it arrived, Jeff! Thanks so much for the support during the campaign! :) Very much appreciated!

    15. Jeffrey Talanian on

      Backer #16 reporting! The book arrived here in New Hampshire, USA, yesterday. At first glance it looks wonderful, and I look forward to digging more into it over the weekend. Nicely done, Glynn!

    16. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @James_B: That's great to hear, James! I hope you enjoy it :)

    17. James_B on

      Received my book yesterday and am liking what I've seen so far. The book is quite nicely laid out and attractive. Happy I got to help bring this thing to life and get to someday run it at a table.

    18. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Thom: That's a really kind thing to say, Thom! Thank you. It's great to see them propagating the world like a gloomium-powered virus and the great feedback it's getting.
      @Jose: Great to see it got there safe! Thanks for the kind comments. Haha, 'The Corn Nothingness'! This should happen - A US colonial version of a gloomium-powered RPG.

    19. Jose on

      I got my book as well, here in the Florida Panhandle. Wow, it's such a lovely book. I like the book's physical dimensions as well. The map also looks great too...double-sided, and two copies to boot! I'm looking forward to my Midderlands Additions print copy to arrive, and I eagerly await "The Corn Nothingness" supplement. Hey Edwin! Corn Elemental: an amalgam of cobs, husks and discarded farm tools, with a creamy breath attack.... ;) Thanks for the great Kickstarter!

    20. Thom Wilson on

      Received mine today, here in the eastern portion of the US. What a gorgeous book. If every project produced this level of material (and completed it on time as this one did), the industry would be a better place. Well done, sir!

    21. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Dominic: That's great to hear Dominic, thanks! Yes those old Warhammer FRP products and Imagine magazines (Pelinore) had that old-school effect on me. I was around 12-15 during that halcyon period :). Also mix in some Blackadder II (set in middle-England) and I think that's probably close to what it has ended up being!

    22. Dominic Mooney

      I was size reducing the PDF (heresy, I know, but managing space on the iPad and 55MB is much more palatable) when I realised why I like the layout so much. It reminds me of White Dwarf in the halcyon days (40s-70s) before it became a Warhammer miniatures magazine. Lovely old school feel.

    23. Dominic Mooney

      The book was waiting for me when I got home from a business trip, and on first skim looks great. Had one of those weekends that have stopped me getting to it (and yes, I should really finish reading the Dark of Hot Springs Island first) but I hope to get some time with it this week.

      Quality is excellent and the look and feel great. Love the layout style and the artwork. Great job.

    24. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Boris: It's great to hear that! I hope it provides some fun for you and your group.
      The C&T Conversion notes are coming out very soon, and they are written by a Yorkshire man, so you might find some amusement in there that spurs your exploration northwards :).
      Not sure what the iPad related issue is. I've got a really old iPad here and it opens up fine on that albeit slowly - The file is pretty large to be fair, but I HATE compressing art, as it costs money, so it's a shame to make it less 'visually appealing' - and also it lends itself nicely to printing and VTT usage for handouts/visuals. Maybe worth checking for app/iOS updates possibly?

      @John D: Newt said he's onto it and I will get to do my pass of it next week. Once it's all 'Midderlanded', C&T formatted and lovely we will issue it out to folks.

    25. Missing avatar


      My copy arrived today. Wow! I wasn't expecting anything as beautiful as this. For a gaming sourcebook this is just fantastic. And the maps and bookmarks only add to quality. This was one of my first Kickstarters and I am so glad that I backed it. Thank you! I must admit to having problems with the PDF though. It won't open on my iPad. It's fine on the laptop. I'm assuming that all the colour and graphics take too long to load on the iPad.

      I'm now really looking forward to reading about (and adventuring in) the neighbouring counties and heading north. I'd love to see Yorkshire covered in the same fashion.

    26. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @John D Holmes: Super-glad you got your copy, John. Watch out for that Midderfog. It hides claws and teeth, just beyond the Gloombug lanternlight.
      I've asked Newt for a progress update on the C&T Conversion (as he's handling that), and will confirm status once he comes back to me. I've seen an initial 1000+ word draft so far, which has some amusing naming of areas outside of The Midderlands :).

    27. Missing avatar

      John D Holmes on

      My book has arrived. It's a lovely book. Green. Very, very green. Slowly started to read through...I think this could be a Ravenloft-type place, emerging from the green mists...I'm 100% glad I backed this. When's the Crypts & Things supplement due?

    28. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Alan: Good to see it arrive safe and sound, Alan!
      *shakes fist at work*

    29. Missing avatar

      Alan Brodie on

      The postie brought my book half an hour ago. Sadly, now I have to go to work but first impressions are that it's a sturdy book on high-quality paper and I like the two-tone ribbon bookmarks. I look forward to delving into the contents later. Thanks to everyone involved!

    30. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Stephen: Many thanks for the honest feedback, and I am sorry to hear you are disappointed, Stephen. The layout is pretty close to that shown in the Kickstarter campaign and also the updates provided during the course of the project, so there should be no radical difference between that and what you are seeing in the latest PDF/book. The feedback I had on the layout and content during the campaign was very positive, so I am sorry to hear that you found some parts of that amateurish. Your book has gone to the post office today, so when you receive it, hopefully the book quality will make up for it.

    31. Stephen Murrish

      Hate to be negative, but the PDF layout is amateurish.

      Some of the images look like they've just been slapped down in there, and the page titles at the top in the middle of the drawing framing the page... that's what a high-school student would do for a project.


    32. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Turan: Sure thing! I have sent you a direct message.

    33. Missing avatar

      Turan Holland

      Sorry, also missed the add-on and would like to grab that if possible. Cheers!

    34. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Craig: No problem at all. I have emailed you via the Kickstarter messaging system.

      @All: If anyone else would like to do the same, please let me know and I can message you further instructions. Incidentally, I have got these uploaded onto DriveThru and RPGNow, so these rewards will 'e-ship' as soon as I have all the relevant backer email addresses. Check them out here:

      Thanks, Glynn

    35. Craig Denham

      Ok, I backed this fairly early and totally missed the special add-on. Any chance to add it now? Thanks!

    36. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Boris: Thanks for the speedy response! I'm not sure about additional content expanding outside of The Midderlands, but there is highly likely to be additional content produced that will be for The Midderlands.

    37. Missing avatar


      Survey completed! I'm really looking forward to this. Are you planning any other interpretations of our green and pleasant land?

    38. Missing avatar

      John Potts on

      @Glynn Thanks for new dates! Looking forward to it.

    39. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Cory: Printing is currently 4-6 weeks. I should be progressing leather covers to arrive at the same time as the books arrive. I'll be straight into shipping at that point.
      I am planning that the PDF links, and Add-on links will all go out just prior to shipping. I still need to sort out all the add-on load-ups to OBS. So say 5 weeks is a good marker.

      KS surveys for shipping addresses and DTRPG/RPGNow email addresses will go out in 2 weeks or so from now.

    40. Cory "DM Cojo" Gahsman on

      Is there an estimate on when the PDF will be available for download?

    41. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Iason: I appreciate the kind comments, and will do my very best to ensure this is something you all enjoy!

    42. Missing avatar

      Iason Marmaras on

      @Glynn: Hello! Just meant to say that, having read about some very successful kickstarters and their lack of communication with their backers, I (and I am sure as many of your backers have heard even mention of such experiences) am very happy to have backed this project, seeing the commitment you show to the project and the time and care you put into keeping the backers up to date about your progress.
      Congrats, and keep up the good work (within and without this wonderful project!)!

      (Sorry about re/double-posting, I posted this on the last update and thought it should go here instead; couldn't find the option to edit/delete the first post.)

    43. Missing avatar

      John Potts on

      @Glynn Sounds great, thanks for the details!

    44. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      @Kip: All sorted, thanks.
      @John: My focus for the next couple of weeks is getting files to the editor, and then focussing on getting the layout finalised and files to the printer. Once that's done I will get the icon symbols loaded up to DTRPG/RPGNow.
      Then, once I send surveys out I will get the OBS email addresses and can issue the add-on coupons. I am currently expecting surveys to go out during middle of October so they are more likely to avoid address changes and the like.

    45. Missing avatar

      John Potts on

      @Glynn Congrats on funding I'm really looking forward to reading it. When do you anticipate having the £14 add-on package prepared to distribute?

    46. Kip Corriveau on

      I'm one of the 11 having problems with my card. Could you send the PayPal info to me?

    47. Glynn Seal 2-time creator on

      Thank you, I appreciate the comments!

      I've had some discussions with the editor, printer and leather cover creator today, and the delivery programme is looking exactly as planned.

      There are currently 14 pledges that have failed to collect, although I have agreed a separate arrangement for one of those.
      One is for a leather cover too! :O. Check those cards, haha!

    48. Missing avatar


      Can't wait to use the Saga World Building tiles in the Midderlands ;)

    49. flyaturtle~ Mage at Saga World Builder

      We've won the Gemini croquette contest--a trip to Midderlands!

      You green?…

      Super green.

      This project is hot hot hot!

    50. Keith M on

      Congrats! BTW, it seems to be a KS tradition for the creator(s) to step away from the computer and go hiking/fishing/camping to recharge for a few days before the next phase - we won't mind!

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