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pledged of 50.000 $pledged of 50.000 $ goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 3 2017
Julie KearnsBy Julie Kearns
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Julie KearnsBy Julie Kearns
First created
pledged of 50.000 $pledged of 50.000 $ goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 3 2017

We've chosen the scenic route... and we're choosing to thoughtfully conclude this campaign.

Posted by Julie Kearns (Creator)

Late last night, I made the decision to end this Kickstarter. We did not have a clear path to 50K, and I more important work to do.

Furthermore, the unexpected and uphill climb of begging friends and strangers for support during the last two weeks has felt like a drain on the social capital I’ve spent the last four+ years creating -- I’m the girl who gives away donuts, after all (not the one who asks for handouts).

With this decision, I’m back to giving away donuts.

Meridel’s first question when I told her I was ending the campaign: “will there still be grilled cheese?!”

Assured that the restaurant plan is not changing, she got a big smile on her face, and asked if we could go out and play since I didn’t have to work on the Kickstarter anymore.

YES, Meridel. So many times YES!

She and I would still love to hang with you guys at Thursday’s Happy Hour (5-7P @ Parkway Pizza; join us!). And of course, we’re also totally stoked to see so many people interested in the upcoming NightMarket!

With our little household satisfied about this decision, I’ll share what it means for you:

The Project(s)

1. We will still host two Nightmarkets this year. Love them? Great! You can support these events as a Friend of the Market or via Business Sponsorship.

2. There will still be grilled cheese. Our friends at All Square are still working on capital development for their project, and donations are tax deductible.

3. Development of a reuse supply chain will be my top priority.

4. If you would like to help us expedite our projects and products, we’d love your help! Join our volunteer list here.

5. One of our biggest challenges has been boiling down the complexity of my work for an online format. I've discovered that conversation and the opportunity to answer questions is far more helpful in conveying what we seek to achieve. I'll be discussing the shop and my environmental efforts during a live interview with the good people at Be Waste Wise (an international organization fostering a global dialogue about waste strategies) this coming Monday at 10AM. Tune in to learn more about the big picture and where we're headed...

The Rewards

1. While I won’t be providing a customized book list, I do maintain a keyword-organized list at GoodReads -- enjoy!

2. The T-shirt making party idea was clearly a hit – so we’ll get one on the books.

3. The products we had made for this Kickstarter will join our existing products both on and in the store in short order. In the mean time, enjoy the ones we already have available!

4. I’m admittedly relieved to be off the hook for house-cleaning. ;)

Your pledges

We received more than 10K in pledges from more than 200 of you in less than two weeks, and your social support was impressive. Here’s how we’ll wrap this up financially:

1. If you pledged online, there will simply be no transaction (no charge to your card).

2. If you wrote us a check or paid in cash, we’ll get it returned to you ASAP.

With the pressure of campaigning behind us, we have a clear path forward:

Increasing pressure to manage the rapidly increasing flow of donated product during the last 4 years has led directly to the supply chain idea I’m now pursuing. Wrangling literally millions of items has clarified the requirements for a sustainable supply chain at scale.

To leverage reuse as a climate mitigation strategy, we’ll need those who are willing to sort/prep their own belongings in anticipation of reuse. Our technical tool, when developed, will be used to communicate what is helpful while helping people feel good about contributing to an environmental solution.

To do that successfully in the future, we need to do a better job of communicating what is helpful now.

Managing our community's desire to be helpful through donations of stuff has become a full time job -- and one we are not staffed to support. As I pivot to supply chain development, we are rolling out a new plan for accepting unwanted goods:

New donation drop-off schedule:

Going forward, unwanted items will be accepted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between noon-6pm, with additional drop-offs available on other weekdays by appointment ( We have decided to discontinue weekend drop-offs – they make it difficult for us to serve customers on busy sales days.

Prior approval for furniture, broken, and large items

Please plan to seek prior approval for any/all furniture donations (you may text pictures and a proposed drop-off time to 612-293-6863 or email to If your item is broken or stained, this is especially true: we need to be able to assess the work necessary before accepting the responsibility of managing this for you. 

Our waste/recycling service is the same municipal service as that of a standard single family home, and we’re going to do a better job of practicing what we preach: if we don’t believe we can make a profit after investing the required labor in your stained, damaged, or broken item, we will choose not to accept responsibility for handling it.

Clean and ready to sell

With a reduced footprint, we won’t have space to store grimy/dusty things until we have time to clean them. Given our commitment to keeping things out of the trash, I have asked my team to graciously refuse items that cannot be immediately placed on the sales floor upon arrival: it’ll make the difference between running a viable business and failing to do so.

If it’s important to you that your items have a future, please invest in giving them the best chance possible. If you bring dirty items to a big box donation center, they will be thrown in the trash.

Items separated by type

Mixed bags/boxes of stuff are time-intensive. Please use best judgment to keep different types of items separate. We’ll provide guidance as opportunities present.

We may not accept everything you bring – but we’ll offer alternatives.

We know you guys want to be helpful, and we also know there’s more perfectly usable stuff flowing through your hands than Junket can possibly handle. We’re going to be more strategic about what we accept -- so that we can provide the highest quality assortment possible.

Please prepare for more detailed instruction as you visit – and feel free to preemptively review our list of things that other organizations are happy to accept and use!

Thanks for backing us in so many other ways during the last several years!

Our team is excited about moving forward, and eager to share credit for our progress with all of you.

Warm regards (and no more begging),


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    1. Sharon Parker on

      Wow. I totally get this, and support you wholeheartedly for pulling the plug on something that's not working for you, and for being so forthright and transparent about it. My best best best wishes to you and Meridel. And yay for grilled cheese!

    2. Dave Birckelbaw on

      Sorry that it was more than a mountain, Julie. I'm still good for my donation :)