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Even at the end of the world, are we ever really alone?
Even at the end of the world, are we ever really alone?
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Sound Design

Posted by Sam Wildman (Creator)

Hello Backers,

We're in the final stage of post-production: sound design. Everything else is absolutely positively finished. Over the last few weeks, sound designer Lucy Johnstone has been locked away in a dark, cavernous bunker beneath Soho, making lights flash on a fancy mixing desk (we don't pretend to understand how any of it works). 

The film is sounding great - better than we could have imagined. Before Lucy started work, the film felt hollow and empty. For us, it's been a lesson in the importance of quality sound in film - from wind rustling through the leaves on a tree to the creak of a rusted gate, all those little elements that barely register in our consciousness are in fact crucial.

Here's Lucy in action:

And just a few days ago, we had the pleasure of reuniting with Joanne Gale - our lead actress - to record some ADR and additional sound effects. It was wonderful to work with her again.

Suffice to say, we're really very close to finishing. In fact, you'll get to see the film in no more than six weeks time. Promise. The Reverie is coming your way soon.

Sam & Sian x

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      Heather Maloney on

      Sounds good, looking forward to it :)