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The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer ready to help. Just plug it in, talk to it and it'll help you connect with your world.
The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer ready to help. Just plug it in, talk to it and it'll help you connect with your world.
The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer ready to help. Just plug it in, talk to it and it'll help you connect with your world.
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One Second Faster

Hello backers,
We’ve come a long way but we’re not quite through yet.

We’re really happy to say that within the next two weeks, we hope to have fulfilled all of our Kickstarter shipments! We’ve now shipped out close to 1500 Ubis and many hundred of those will be landing at their destinations in the coming days.

There may be a few Ubis here and there that may take longer to make it out, but we hope to get everything squared away. Color selection and plug types have a tendency to get mixed up in the shipment but if this is the case, just send us a note at 

If you experience any trouble setting up your Ubi or getting it connected, let us know at or

We have a lot to tell you about...

Biggest Ubi Software Update Yet...

We’ve churned out many software updates but one of the most impactful is about to be pushed down to devices. The new update will:

  • Allow you to play a song to the end (after a brief teaser of the song so you know it’s the one you want)
  • Shave up to one second off the responsiveness of the Ubi trigger

We’ve also implemented the beta alarm clock app that allows you to setup quick reminders and alarms through your Ubi:  

  • OK Ubi... remind me in 10 minutes to take the pot off the stove  
  • OK Ubi... wake me up at 7 AM tomorrow 
  • OK Ubi... remind me every day at 3 PM to take my vitamins

For those using the Ubi Portal, we’ve also sped up it’s responsiveness, making creating custom behaviours a bit faster. We’ve got tons more in the works so make sure to keep your Ubis plugged in and connected so they can get smarter over time.

SmartThings Beta Integration is Here!

We’ve been testing out the SmartThings integration with the Ubi with a handful of backers and are now ready to open this up to a larger group. If you have SmartThings and are already registered on the Ubi Portal and want to try out the integration, use the form below and we’ll get you setup quickly.

SmartThings Beta Sign Up Form

We want your videos! 

If you have videos using the Ubi, we’d love to see them! Send us the link and we’ll feature them in our next update. Here’s one from a competition we were in... 

What’s coming up? 

Beyond the standard updates of shipping and new feature / improvement rollouts, we’ll be launching a new program in the coming weeks that you, as a Kickstarter backer, will be part of first. Keep an eye out! 

Questions? Comments? Help? 

We’re vigilant to get you running with the Ubi and improve your experience with it. If you having any issues or are unhappy, we want to hear it at Our support page is growing and there are some really great ideas being presented at Thanks for your support! 


All of Team Ubi

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    1. Team Ubi Creator on February 3, 2014

      @Ryan - thanks for the feedback. The best place is at or by emailing Alarms / reminders are beta and are set in EST for the time being. We're working on making this flexible. Time setup works a bit differently and can be set in settings on Thanks again!

    2. Ryan Gallagher on February 3, 2014

      Where is the best place to send bug reports? Whenever I ask time related questions the answers are all over the place. An alarm in 15 minutes are set in different time zones for example.

    3. Team Ubi Creator on January 29, 2014

      @CJ - hope to have more alarm features rolled out in the coming weeks, including an interface on the portal. Thanks for the note on C/F preference... that's now in there and it also remembers (for us metric lovers) if you asked for the temperature in Celcius before for weather. Green is definitely the "green light" for input but the Ubi will likely catch most of what you said at blue. @Vagelis... Europe is shipping via UPS (we have to ship with this carrier). @Michael - it's on our roadmap but may not happen in the near term.

    4. CJ Siano on January 29, 2014


      Will there be an ability to add a weekday only alarm?

      OK Ubi...Remind me every weekday at 8am to get ready for the School Bus.

      Also, for extended alarms, how do you cancel them?

      OK Ubi...You know that School Bus alarm at 8am? Well, it's summer now and I don't need to get ready for the bus anymore. Keep it up and we'll see how you fit in the skeet thrower.

      Don't get fit into the skeet thrower, have a way to cancel a long term alarm. (^_^)

      I'm also very happy to see that the selection of Fahrenheit now sticks in the portal. Thank you very much for that. As much as I try to use the Metric system, for some reason I can't get a 'feeling' for temperatures expressed in Celsius.

      One last question... When is the Ubi ready for input? At the tone, or when the color is green?


      If you have a SmartThings hub, sign up for the Beta. I've been using my Ubi to control SmartThings for a little bit and while using the phone or tablet has been great, doing by voice is awesome!!!!

      My youngest discovered that you can ask Ubi to spell words. The letters come VERY fast, but it works. Heck, it even parsed antidisestablishmentarianism properly. I was impressed.

      Still will not provide the proper response to "What is the Litany Against Fear?" (^_^)

      Lovin' this toy. Now, how do you get the kids to stop asking Ubi if it can fart and burp?

    5. Vagelis Fragkos on January 29, 2014

      How are you shipping Ubis,with which carrier?Please tell me also for Europe not US only.Thx

    6. Michael Boyda on January 28, 2014

      When will we be able to name the device? I will have more than one soon and they will need different names so I don't trigger the wrong one if they're all called "ubi".