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The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer ready to help. Just plug it in, talk to it and it'll help you connect with your world.
The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer ready to help. Just plug it in, talk to it and it'll help you connect with your world.
The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer ready to help. Just plug it in, talk to it and it'll help you connect with your world.
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    1. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Gary - do reach out to us at - we'll see what are some options.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gary Shigenaka

      My Ubi stopped working months ago and I haven't received much assistance from you. Have reset the device and it remains unresponsive.

    3. Team Ubi Creator on

      Reach out to use @Emmanuel and we can see what we can do -

    4. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel WEBER on

      Actually I realize that the previous comments were very old. Where are we at for the european ones?

    5. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel WEBER on

      Hi, I am on the same boat than the other europeans. Thanks!


      just saw that amazon is getting in on the ubi game

    7. Team Ubi Creator on

      Hi Stephane; Thank you for reahching out! We'll be sending you a note directly to finalize the shipping info.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephane on

      Hi Ubi,
      I'm in the same situation as Thomas. When do I expect delivery? Many thanks in advance

    9. Team Ubi Creator on

      Hi Thomas; Thanks very much for your message! We're shipping to Europe as we receive the parts. We'll be contacting you to confirm the shipping details soon. We're anxious to get your Ubi to you soon...

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Leemann on

      Hi Team Ubi,
      So far no Ubi in sight here in Switzerland ... are you still in the process of shipping foreign Ubis or is my Ubi somewhere stuck on midway?
      Regards tommy

    11. Team Ubi Creator on

      Hi @Joses, Send us a note at and we can work out an arrangement.

    12. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Shao, Thank you for reaching out. Yes, we ship to Europe as we receive the parts and will connect with you soon.

    13. Joses on

      Anyone looking to purchase a white ubi within the us? Just message me.

    14. Missing avatar


      Hi Team Ubi,
      Have you shipped any Early Beta Ubi to The Netherlands yet?
      I'm still waiting for mine.

    15. Team Ubi Creator on

      @ Ctac, Thank you for reaching out. We've experienced a longer than expected wait for some international adapters. We'll be in touch with you soon to send out your Ubi.

    16. Стас Ашманов on

      Hello, Ubi Team,
      I have not received my Ubi yet.
      Moscow, Russia

    17. Team Ubi Creator on

      @ Mr. Shantyboat, Thank you for the support and glad to hear Ubi/ST are getting along nicely! Do let us know if you have any suggestions or we can help.

    18. Mr. Shantyboat on

      mine continues to work well... and integrate well with SmartThings.

    19. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Miguel, Thank you for the note. Unfortunately we experienced a longer than anticipated wait from our supplier for our European adapters. We're getting units off to Europe and be in touch with you soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Miguel Rodriguez on

      Still waiting in Spain

    21. Team Ubi Creator on

      Update coming tomorrow morning!

    22. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Vagelis: Thank you for the real-time update :). Yes, you'll be doing the first unboxing in Greece. We're looking forward to hearing from you, and the G+-ers.
      Do let us know if we can help with the setup. You can reach us at

    23. Vagelis Fragkos on

      My arctic white Ubi just arrived at office.I opened it and am eager to go home and play with it after work.Awesome quality and design guys.I hope I will do the 1st unboxing in Greece.Are there any other KS backers to Ubi from Greece.@Team Ubi please answer if you can cause I want to start a G+ Greek community page here for that.

    24. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Robert - thanks for the kind words! Soap - at least this one: - looks cool. We don't see why the Ubi couldn't work through the router but would need to test. Thanks again for checking in!

    25. Missing avatar


      Really like my Ubi! Will it work with another Kickstarter project called Soap? Thank you

    26. Team Ubi Creator on

      @CJ: Thanks for the encouraging words. We thrive off our KS backers...

    27. CJ Siano on

      Love Ubi!

      If you haven't, be sure to become a part of the users community at:

      I have been very impressed at just how responsive the team has been to defects and issues. Better yet, they keep adding new features!

      I hope that all the European backers can join us soon. It's been a fun couple of months.

    28. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Vagelis - Thanks for checking in. We're getting units off to Europe / rest of the world as parts come in. We have a few dozen left to get out but these are taking longer than we want. Hope to complete all of them in the coming weeks.

    29. Vagelis Fragkos on

      Any news for European backers?I live in Greece.Do you have any timeframe or know how you will ship to EU backers?Preferably with Canada post and not with UPS,DHL,Fedex, please.I think you can do this at least as we have been waiting for over a year now!!!

    30. Team Ubi Creator on

      Hi @Justin. Send us a note at and we can work out an arrangement.

    31. Justin Kinnel on

      Black and white ubi for sale 250 each or 450 for both obo. Message me!

    32. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Bryan - Thanks for the feedback! Good to hear that the closest store works. We're looking to improve pronunciation.

    33. Bryan on

      Small bug in the verbal reply. When you ask the ubi something like "Where is walmart" It responds with the name of the store, its address, and its phone number. This is good, but it reads the phone number off as five hundred fifty five five hundred fifty five five thousand five hundred fifty five. Rather than reading it off as five five five. Five five five. Five five five five.

    34. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Kristin... Thanks for the note. We're so sorry to hear about the mix up. We'll be in touch with you about the color through email.

    35. Kristin Lear on

      So I have to say I was somewhat disappointed, I got the 5 pack, so I was okay with one of my ubi's being the wrong color, but every ubi I received was in white while I ordered black for all of them. I'm sending an email now to about this, but your batting average for 5 is a little upsetting.

    36. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Marc.... thanks for the note. We're on it for both and hope to have things cleared up soon. Much appreciated!


      On the portal all of my logs have the heading "temperature". As of this morning, UBI can't seem to to tell me the weather like it has in the past. I'm sure that it has something to do with your updates or whatnot. You might already know this.

    38. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Bryan... Was our Zendesk down? Do send us a note at and we'll get back and make sure it's tracked.

    39. Bryan on

      @Ubi Your support thing is great and all, but when you try to open a specific question or update, it errors out.

    40. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Bryan - We're still working on the alarm but it is possible to set up a recurring alarm (though not in seconds).

    41. Bryan on

      @Ubi I would also like a way to make an alarm go off more than a single time. EG: make an announcement every 15 seconds until confirmed.

    42. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Ted - you're gonna like what we have in store in the coming weeks! These ideas are within the very near term list of possibilities.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ted on

      Have been testing out Ubi and I must say the possibilities are endless when more complete functionalities are ready. Not sure if this is already in the works, but I would to suggest a feature which I thought would be very useful: Using a specific time as the trigger (e.g. daily at 7am, hourly, every 15 minutes, etc). The action then could be making a http request and reading the reply (if the reply is not empty). Plenty of real-life applications for this: e.g. automatically announcing the traffic and weather conditions at 7.30am every weekday, monitoring stock prices, announcing when price reached a threshold (of course all this logic handled by our own scripts), checking and automatically reading new entries from a particular twitter news feed. For businesses: maybe even announce new sales coming in with a "kaching!". While Ubi's voice recognition is being improved, this "trigger scheduling" feature will immediately provide robust uses of Ubi. Instead of making an utterance a couple of times to get the the right response (I'm sure this will improve), this will be great imho.

    44. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Marc - Thanks for the note. We also sometimes find the Ubi gets nervous in front of company. More updates in the works. We have one planned for next week. Excited about it!


      tried to impress people with the thing. Of course when I'm alone and ask a question it always works. When I show people there's always a delay, or it doesn't respond quick enough for them. The funny thing is that no one really has one of these yet and people aren't even impressed. it's so weird, but I do believe this will catch on no matter what. It just needs more personalization, which of course you're working on. I don't mind the latency of certain answers. if it takes 5 or even 10 seconds to respond people poo poo it, which is completely ignorant. I find most informative questions receive instant answers .

      In other words......awesome.

    46. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Cutter - Thanks for the kinds words. Our KS backers are golden.

    47. Cutter Kates on

      No matter your opinion on this product I'd like to say Leor and the UBI team provide great support and are 100% committed to making their customers happy as well as making a great product. Really impressed.

    48. Team Ubi Creator on

      @Bryan - working on it. Should hopefully speed up a bit in the coming hours. @Robert - checking on this. Hope to have a reply back soon.

    49. Bryan on

      Although the portal is back up, it still seems to be very slow as in +10 second response times.

    50. Robert Staehlin on

      Got the mail saying my Ubi was shipped last month on 12/20, but still no signs of it here....any chance you have a tracking number? (shipped to Japan) :(

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