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Screen-printed Bandanas: a beautiful and durable tool for identifying protected species in DR Congo's newest national park.
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90 backers pledged $3,465 to help bring this project to life.

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Out of the forest, out of bandanas- Homeward bound

Hello there. The past three months in DR Congo have been a mind-boggling experience, comprising equal parts adventure, politics, science, horror, glory, pathos, and joy. The bandanas are all distributed, some to schools, some to villages, to scientists and fieldworkers and park-guards, and I even gave a handful to a notorious poachere warlord and his band of heavily-armed army deserters. Follow for updates over the next few weeks, if you like.

One problem I encountered- since the war early last decade, there has been exactly zero functioning postal service in the country, including international postage. It just doesn't exist, and thus I was unable to mail any postcards. I did, however, make some blockprints, and I'll be printing up a batch of those and sending them out instead.

Other rewards will be fulfilled in a timely manner as well. Again, thanks so much for your support; it was a fantastic opportunity.



Off to the Congo!

Hi folks,

I leave tomorrow for three months in the Congo. I've mailed out the vast majority of the bandanas, yesterday, but people who pledged for bandanas plus prints will have to wait until I get back. Hope that's not too much of a wait! In the meantime, please follow the project here:

Thanks very much for your support!



Hello, all you generous people! 

This is a short note to let you know that funding for the Lomami Bandana Project has closed, and the project came in 38% over the goal. Again, thanks very much! I'll be sending out surveys within the next week or so to collect addresses and other info from you (such as which color of bandana you'd prefer) so keep an eye out for that. The bandanas are done, check out the picture below!



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Goal Acheived! (And funding is still open for three more weeks!)

Hello! Last Monday I launched this fundraising campaign and only six days later the funding threshold has already been crossed. This is very exciting! I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone that's pledged, I sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Last week I bought my ticket to Kinshasa and printed the first round of bandanas. I'll print the second round today and I hope to have them all complete within two weeks. My intent is to keep these email updates to a minimum, so as not to clog your inboxes, but I will send out a few more later in the month to gather some information from you great and noble donors (such as your mailing address and which color of bandana, if any, you might want). I plan to set up some sort of blog/tumblr etc. to document my trip and will include a link to that in a later update.

I'm still able to receive pledges through Kickstarter for the project until August 15th, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please don't hesitate to forward them the link to the project page.

Again, my deep gratitude to you all!


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