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Gamble, bluff, negotiate, and tell tales of space adventure. The richest scoundrel may win the game, but everyone enjoys a great story!
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Print and Play Update

Posted by Joe Williams, Little Rock Games (Creator)

Greetings Galactic Scoundrels Backers,

As you know, when we first set up our Kickstarter campaign back in July, we offered a Print and Play version of the game as one of our rewards. Although we hadn't given much thought to the details of the Print and Play, our general intention was to provide the exact same art that was released with the print version of the game.

After the Kickstarter ended, we signed a contract with Mercury Games to publish the game going forward. This was wonderful news for us, and Mercury has been a fantastic partner. However, this presented a challenge for the Print and Play, because the artwork had to be sent in such a way that it was protected against possible commercial counterfeiting (not by players, but potentially by knock-off companies). This may sound like an overreaction, but Mercury has been the victim of counterfeiting in the past, so we wanted to take their needs seriously.

So, working with Mercury, we decided that 150dpi artwork, which is lower resolution than the originals but still print quality, would be a good balance between fulfilling our promise and protecting their investment.

It turns out that this decision disappointed some backers. So, in an attempt to make every backer as happy as possible, we have discussed the situation with Mercury, who have agreed to let us resend the artwork at 300dpi with a Print and Play logo on it. This means you'll be getting the full-quality, original digital artwork, with just a small logo distinguishing it from the print game.

We are trusting you to protect this artwork on our behalf. Both Little Rock Games and Mercury Games are small companies, and illegal distribution of games can have a dramatic effect on us.

Thank you for giving us a chance to sort this out. We're players too, so we know what it means to receive a quality product. And thanks to Mercury for working with us to resolve this and put players first.

We will begin sending the new artwork via Smash ( on February 5th, using your Kickstarter emails.

Thanks, as always, for your support,

Joe, Olivia, Tanner, Brad, and Robbie

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    1. Joe Williams, Little Rock Games Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, Mark. It'll definitely help us plan future projects to have this information.


    2. Mark van der Upwich

      Ok, maybe I was in a bad mood yesterday...

      It'll never be THAT big of a Problem that I'd want my fiver back, don't worry :)
      Just don't think this should turn into a trend, because unless otherwise stated upfront, a PNP means a full, unmodified version of the game (which is what you're paying for).

      Having it be different from the original would kill its appeal for me: it's not the game everyone else has (and in this particular case, not what I've paid for). I get that you couldn't foresee this coming, but if your partners insist on the same manner in the next release, be sure that it's clearly noted, to prevent having to post these updates and 'let people down'

      Looking forward on playing this: Tried to sell it to my friends yesterday and it looks like I'll be off to the printer! (sell as in promote, not to gain money for).


    3. Joe Williams, Little Rock Games Creator on

      Hey Mark,

      Sorry to hear you are upset. Just to be clear, the artwork we're sending is not watermarked. It contains a single, small wordmark, unobtrusively placed, that says "Print & Play." We think it blends in quite well with the cards.

      Once you see the new art, if you still feel disappointed, don't hesitate to message me. I'd be happy to give you a full refund.


    4. Mark van der Upwich

      Lol, it'd better not get a trend in the industry. It is that this game has not much to bring when it comes to artwork, or I'd still be pretty PO'ed. Watermarked is even worse than low-res.

    5. Joe Williams, Little Rock Games Creator on

      Thanks Katrina, Tyler, and Vincent! We appreciate the support :)

    6. Vincent Brunet on

      This is a fantastically elegant solution to the problem and I'd like to applaud you both for respecting your customers as well as managing your professional obligations.

      Here's hoping that you receive just as much respect from those who receive the print and play files.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tyler Castile

      I agree with katrina

    8. Katrina Hennessy

      That sounds like a great solution and may even start a trend in the industry. Thank you for working so diligently on this.