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Gamble, bluff, negotiate, and tell tales of space adventure. The richest scoundrel may win the game, but everyone enjoys a great story!
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12 hours to go. Amazing! And some important reminders.

Posted by Joe Williams, Little Rock Games (Creator)

Hey Scoundrels of the Galaxy,

I honestly can't believe the campaign ends in a few short hours. The support from everyone has been stellar. No, better yet, it's been interstellar! Too much? "Dammit, no," I say; it has been interstellar! Let no one tell you differently. We have hit two fantastic stretch goals, and there's an outside chance we'll hit another by morning.

This wonderful game, this dream of ours, is going to become a reality--thanks to you. All I know is, I feel a lot of crazy, outer-space love right now.

Since we're winding down, here are a few important reminders:

1) There will be no late pledging. This is your final warning. If you do not set your pledge to the proper tier and amount by 10:00am US Central time tomorrow, you will not be able to change it. And the KS-Exclusive Expanded Universe cards will not be available anywhere after the campaign ends.

2) There will be pre-orders available. This will be for the regular MSRP of $29.99 plus shipping, not the discounted Kickstarter price. We had hoped to start this the instant the campaign ended, but there are some sales tax issues we're still sorting out. We will post an update when pre-orders are available, in case any of your friends want to pick up a copy of the base game (plus stretch goals).

3) We will be sending out surveys, but not for at least a week. We are going to take a little time to let the dust settle, and then we will be sending out surveys to make sure we've got everyone's correct information. We will also start contacting Galactic Hero backers at that time, to begin the design process. Please continue to message us through Kickstarter if you have questions or concerns.

That's it for now!

Thanks again for your support,
Joe, Olivia, Robbie, Tanner, and Brad

This is us with a wonderfully talented local cosplayer. She's playing a dead ringer for Nell, the game's cover hero.
This is us with a wonderfully talented local cosplayer. She's playing a dead ringer for Nell, the game's cover hero.
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    1. Joe Williams, Little Rock Games Creator on

      I know, right?! Let's just hope it's a benevolent trickster who's backing the project ;)

    2. Fergus Conolly

      Funded yaay! But 666 backers?! :-/