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Gamble, bluff, negotiate, and tell tales of space adventure. The richest scoundrel may win the game, but everyone enjoys a great story!
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New Tier Announcement: Heart of Gold!

Posted by Olivia Dunlap (Collaborator)

We are extremely excited to announce that we are adding yet another tier for Galactic Scoundrels. Little Rock Games is always looking for ways that we can make a difference. And now, those scoundrels out there with a Heart of Gold can help us do so! 

We are partnering with the Arkansas Division of Youth Services to provide some copies of the game to youth in need.The DYS helps to provide residential treatment and services for youth who have been adjudicated delinquent and who can't be served in their home communities. Playing games like Galactic Scoundrels can be great for creating a sense of normalcy, and can give them a chance to have fun and create their own stories. 

To learn more, visit the Arkansas DYS website

If you pledge at the discounted Heart of Gold tier, a copy of the game will be sent to a DYS dorm for the youth to enjoy. They have need of approximately 30 copies to provide one to every dorm, which is why this tier is limited. We are also including a copy of the Print and Play version of the game, so you certainly won't leave empty handed for donating!

We would really love for you to support the game at this tier for only $23 USD, and to help provide something fun for youth in need.

"Wait. I want to donate a copy, but I still want a copy of the game, too!"

Don't worry! If you want to donate a copy of the game in addition to receiving the rewards you want or have already pledged for, you can. Simply message us on Kickstarter about it. You can increase your pledge by $23, and we will count that towards your donation. Just please don't forget to message us, because otherwise we might not know that you are increasing your pledge for this purpose, and we won't be able to adjust the Heart of Gold tier limit accordingly.


Thank you all so much! We are still in awe that we have funded, and that we are continuing to swim towards our stretch goals.

Don't forget to tell your friends to help us unlock the Hard Luck mini-expansion.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback. 

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