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Gamble, bluff, negotiate, and tell tales of space adventure. The richest scoundrel may win the game, but everyone enjoys a great story!
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New Tier Announcement: High Roller!

Posted by Olivia Dunlap (Collaborator)

Hello everyone, and thanks again for all of your support so far! We are rollin' right on forward, and are now at the 75% mark. Every single backer we get seems more and more exciting than the last. It's amazing that we've made it this far, and of course, we wouldn't have gotten here if not for all of you!

In other news...

We are adding a brand new tier!

Because the Galactic Hero tier sold out so quickly, we have been putting our heads together to come up with another really cool reward for backers that want to give us that little bit of extra support. So, we are partnering with Skull Splitter Dice to create a tier featuring their Antique Brass d4s. They will be die-cast, zinc alloy, quality inspected dice that will be extremely satisfying to roll and will really make you feel like you're rollin' bones in your cargo hold while on your way to the next job!

The tier in question will be called the High Roller tier, and includes the following for $60 and no additional shipping:

  • Galactic Scoundrels Print n' Play PDF
  • Galactic Scoundrels - 1st Edition
  • All Stretch Goals
  • Kickstarter-Exclusive Expanded Universe Card Pack
  • Four (4) Skull Splitter Antique Brass d4s. 
You'll get four of these oh so shiny d4s!
You'll get four of these oh so shiny d4s!

This tier will have unlimited slots, and it is available immediately for you to choose as a reward for your pledge, or to upgrade your existing pledge! 

Unfortunately, this tier will only be available to US backers due to logistical concerns. With enough demand this could possibly change, because it pains us to have to limit it in this way, but as-is we can't quite make it work for international supporters. 

If there are any questions about the High Roller tier, the campaign, or the game in general, please leave them in the comments. Once again, we owe our success thus far to all of you, so we would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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    1. Olivia Dunlap Collaborator on

      @XVS650 - I know! It really makes us sad too. But who knows: it could open up before the campaign is over! :)

    2. XVS650 on

      "Unfortunately, this tier will only be available to US backers due to logistical concerns."