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[vampire]Medea - A New Play - Atlanta Fringe Festival 2012's video poster

Richmond based creative team is raising funds to take the cast/crew of [Vampire]Medea, an original play, to Atlanta Fringe Festival Read more

Richmond, VA Theater
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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2012.

Richmond based creative team is raising funds to take the cast/crew of [Vampire]Medea, an original play, to Atlanta Fringe Festival

Richmond, VA Theater
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About this project


Our team is working hard to raise $2000 to cover the cost of getting a cast of 10, 1 stage manager and 2 Production Team members (Nick, Producer and our Director, Augustin), a total of 13, down to Atlanta on Tuesday, May 8th and back Monday, May 14th, 2012. We will also be bringing down parts of our set and costumes from our initial workshop at VCU back in the Fall of 2011. We are really excited to have been selective for Atlanta's Inaugural Fringe Festival and to represent Richmond, Virginia with a new play. Your support will not only make this trip possible but you will also be contributing to a group of talented young Richmond artists as we get our feet off the ground.


The $2000 will go towards covering the cost of gas and transportation for the entire team, set and costumes by Van and Car from Richmond to Atlanta on May 8th and back on May 14th. This is estimated between $500-$600.

The amount will also cover lodging while in Atlanta which is around about $1235

There was a $275 fee if selected that has already been paid that covers the cost of the performance venue and technicians while at Atlanta Fringe.

Any additional amount raised will go directly to improving our set and other [Vampire]Medea costs as the $2000 only covers the bare minimum. 


[vampire]Medea is an original and dark adaptation of Euripides’ Greek tragedy about a woman scorned. It is a current and thrilling rendition of an ageless story, complete with blood, violence, comedy, and primal sexuality. 

Set against a backdrop of a crumbling empire run by a despotic Queen bent on maintaining her former glory, [vampire]Medea follows the plight of a chorus of unlucky jokesters who find themselves suddenly swept up in the monarch’s tumultuous drama. Enter Medea, a girl from another land with powers no one understands, and whose husband the Queen has set her sights on as a suitor for her daughter. In one short night, Medea’s misery unfolds, and the audience joins the chorus as witnesses to these horrors. Under Medea’s stony, cold exterior, there is a tender girl and a ravenous beast—which one will she be at the end of the night?


Sharisse V Saunders    Medea

Heather Falks               Queen Crea

Amber Dale Boice         Creusa 

Willem Krumich            Jason 

Charley Raintree           Ludovico 

Joe Winters                  Fransisco

Mary Maile                   Reyanne

Sean Williams              Tudor 

Peter Adame                Fledgling 1 

Charlie Sparks              Fledgling 2

Tyra Robinson              Production Stage Manager


[vampire]Medea was originally conceived at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia in 2010. After months of workshopping the text, borrowing phrase after phrase from each of Shakespeare’s plays, then boiling the action down an engrossing visual and audible feast for the audience, [vampire]Medea amounts to about an hour of chilling Greek fun. It was first staged at Newdick Theatre at VCU with the help of Shafer Alliance Laboratory Theatre. It was then picked up by Atlanta Fringe for its inaugural festival in 2012.

Original Nick Shackleford Productions/VCU/SALT production was directed by Augustin J Correro, and featured lighting design by Jasmine Roberts, Scenic Design by Christian Hershey, Costume Design by Augustin J Correro, with Sound Design and Original Music by Nick Shackleford. The cast included Sharisse V. Saunders as Medea, Heather Falks as Queen Crea, Dan Granke as Jason, with Andrea Wilcockson as Creusa, Michael Bertoni as Aegeus, and featuring Jared Elton, Joe Winters, Aquirra Lundy, Brandon Butts, Mary Maile, Justin Bell, and Jasmine Hammond.


We had our first cast read-through on March 21st. Our first rehearsal begins April 3rd and the cast will be rehearsing up until we leave for Atlanta Fringe. 


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    Special Thanks on Website PLUS Signed Poster from the Fringe Cast.

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    Special Thanks on Website, Fringe Cast Signed Poster PLUS a Pre-Show Thank You from Nick at the Fringe Festival Performances, May 9-13.

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    All the Above PLUS an invite to our final dress run in Richmond before leaving for Atlanta. Also be guest of honor at the reception after the run.

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