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Creating affordable, laser-engraved hardwood tokens, map tiles, and beyond for tabletop role-playing games.
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$5,500! DM Screens, Updated Token Lists & Textured Tile Example

Posted by Ken Nall (Creator)


DM Screen

First off, YAY! $5,500! I'll be adding the DM screen reward option in to the mix and this is, naturally, available to be added to any reward.

The screen will be made from 1/4" wood and measure 8.5" tall (sheet of normal paper short-ways). It is comprised of 4 sections that will be either finger-hinged or metal hinged together for a total length of 44" inches (possibly a smidge longer depending on hinge testing). The player side will be engraved with your preference of dragons, stone wall, greenery, swirls or left plain as per your request. In the end, I'll put whatever you prefer on the back side as this is probably the easiest of the engravings to set up. The DM side can be left plain for you to tape, glue and stick things to or have desired rules engraved into it. I won't go into detail on them, but I will put whatever system's info you prefer onto it, D&D to Pathfinder and beyond.

And I totally almost forgot the price (thank you preview button)!

I'm only offering the blind in wood I know I can get in the proper width: red oak, maple, walnut and cherry.

  • Red oak = $30
  • Maple = $35
  • Walnut = $35
  • Cherry = $40
Price scaling is based on the wood used. :) If you have questions, please feel free to ask!

Updated Token Lists

For the sake of simplicity, all options will be available on any size token. The much requested Halfling has joined the crew as well as many others! You will now see a more detailed class token list and an entirely new status token list!

These lists should be rather thorough, but I am human. If something you have dreamt of is missing, let me know before the end of the kickstarter and I can give it to you for standard rates rather than the custom prices. :D

Tile Texture Examples

I'm still working on the more detailed tiles (anything with objects on the ground). These are more difficult as I intend to have the objects engraved like a relief. I am not sure how to render this in any program other than the engraver as much as I'd love to. You can take a look at the Catan desert tile to get an idea of objects over a background, but this isn't accurate as I hope to make the skeleton and debris appear to sit above their backgrounds.

Alas, here's the best I can render of that effect at the moment :P

View it closer here. The desert cracks are slightly pixelated at this size but isn't an issue at actual size. :)

Now! For some eye candy for the normal textured terrains! First off, some smoothed stone ready for any situation where the players ask what the cave walls are made of AGAIN!

.Occasionally the players manage to find their way out of the darkness and into a town. In that case, we have some gravel/stone road material handy.

And if you're tired of the group and send them out into an endless desert, I've got somethings for that as well...

Or even craters if you've just shipped them somewhere far away where no one will hear from them again...

Hopefully those give some better insight into what I have planned for the tile sets. Thanks again and have fun, folks! Time runs short!



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