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Creating affordable, laser-engraved hardwood tokens, map tiles, and beyond for tabletop role-playing games.
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Full $5,000 Update with Modular Pledge Level Info!

Posted by Ken Nall (Creator)

After hours of prepping things, the new goodies are ready!

First off HUZZAH! This is so incredibly awesome, I'm not sure what to say about it, really, other than a continuous stream of excitement! :D

Secondly, this has granted every backer a free oak compass rose. Hopefully everyone enjoys their freebie :P

Most importantly, let me introduce the modular pledge for those of you looking to put together your dream set!

Modular Pledge!

What this is designed to do is let anyone get the tokens, tiles, towers, roses and pendants they want in what wood they want at their whim. 

There is a lot to choose from and think over. The bad news is that time is pressing. The good news that you can adjust your selections within your pledge amount. Rather upgrade your wood than have 80 giant spider tokens? No big deal. Rather get a tower instead of another tile set? Not an issue. I'll send out a survey and help you select your rewards based on the amount you've pledge.

What follows are the prices for the various items available, but before you dig in, let me clarify some things. 

  • Standard tokens are any token mentioned on the main page (excluding currently locked rewards). 
  • Custom tokens are any token with custom text and/or image.
  • Custom dice towers and compass roses are designed to your desire and then added to the catalog with an optional reference to you (naming rights, a 'inspired by' message, etc)
  • Exclusive dice towers and compass roses are one-off designs created between you and I and sold to no one else.
Now that that's through, to the colorful charts!

Now, you tile set people may be asking "Wait.. what tile sets?" and that'd be exactly right. Well, here's the current list of what I am offering:

  •  Loot & Treasure - Coins, gems, chests and hoards 
  • Pits & Traps - Spikes, pits, spike pits, blades and other goodies 
  • Smoothed Stone - Well-worn or naturally smooth 
  • Rough Stone - The less refined cousin 
  • Brick - Stone or clay brick flooring 
  • Simple Tile - Large or small otherwise simple tiles 
  • Dirt - You betcha. Normal dirt floors 
  • Sand - Desert sands also handy near beachfronts 
  • Wood Floors - Rough or classy wooden floors. 
  • Water & Coast - Beaches, streams and open water 
  • Fire & Lave - Fires and lava pools 
  • Puddles - Works for acid, water, blood and other liquids 
  • Gore - Body parts and corpses Rubble - Broken columns and fallen stones 
  • Discord - Broken glass, vases and other more minor chaos 
  • Cobblestone - Suitable for streets and paths 
  • Grass - The open field classic: grass 
  • Shrubs - Briars, bushes and other short plants 
  • Fungi - Small and giant mushrooms of various types 
  • Roof Tiles - For the rogue in us all 
  • Doors - Simple to great doors of wood, stone and metal 
  • Stairs & Ladders - Spiral and straight, simply and ornate with ladders to boot 
  • Library - Desks, bookshelves, scrolls and other scholarly bits 
  • Torture - Various torture implements such as the rack and iron maiden 
  • Filth - Trash, rubbish, and other unsightly gunk from the streets and sewers 
  • Rugs - A simply way to add class to any occasion 
  • Infestation - Flavor adding rats, grubs and roaches
If you think something is missing, let me hear about it, but i think I covered most of the basics here :)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message. I'm off to take a nap after 7 hours of getting this update online. Keep up the amazing progress! I can't wait to wake up and see my notifications. :)

Giving in to sleep for a few moments,



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