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Creating affordable, laser-engraved hardwood tokens, map tiles, and beyond for tabletop role-playing games.
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48 backers pledged $5,960 to help bring this project to life.

101% Funded and 9 Days to Go!

Posted by Ken Nall (Creator)

Woot! Huzzah! :random absurdity:

We've hit 100%! Thank you again to all of you who have supported us! Our appreciation is immeasurable!

That being said, let's look at stretch goals, shall we?

3.5k - We're here! The project will be funded, the laser acquired, and all rewards sent out with a plethora of thanks!

4k - Unlock the Ironwood Undead that will allow you to add ebony undead tokens to any pledge! A free undead of your choice is added to everyone who has pledged. These will be in your choice of red oak, maple or your upgraded wood.

4.5k - Unlock the Ironwood Tower that will allow you to add the Tree of Life or Hand of Death dice towers to any pledge! A free medium foliage of your choice is added to everyone who has pledged! These will be in your choice of red oak, maple or your upgraded wood.

5k - Upgrade to 5th Gen Laser - Everyone who has pledged any amount will receive a deeply and richly engraved compass rose to place on the table and remind the ever forgetful which way is which. I'll post a call to vote for the backers who will be able to select a preferred theme from the group's suggestions for me to create for all of you! This compass rose will only be available through this stretch goal and will not be produced again. Currently, I have the design set up for a 5 inch disc and the wood to be decided. I will most likely offer a selection for each backer to choose from as everyone has their own tastes. :)

5.5k - Unlock the Ironwood Barrier that will allow you to add solid hardwood finger-joint hinged DM screen! More details as we approach!

6k - Yet to Come ;)

6.5k - Taking suggestions :)

7k - 200%! A free additional 1" custom token of any wood and finish with every pledge! Ebony, gold leafed edges, anything goes!

7.5k - Firefly Unleashed! Everyone who has pledged will receive a yellow heart 'Firefly' pixie token only available through this kickstarter and engraved with the image of myself in a dress and wings. Did I mention the video with me also in a dress with wings? Really, you folks will have truly earned every bit of amusement. I'll also create 1 custom token for your own amusement for each backer. You have have a tutu that needs dusted off? I'll create a token for you to make your mother proud.

10k - 5 digits... Zomg. Every backer will receive a solid ebony Skeletal Dragon token, zebra wood Striped Hyena token, cocobola Ageless Pheonix token and purple heart Cryptic Aberration token in addition to any other rewards they would have otherwise received. All of these tokens will be unavailable in any other way than this stretch goal and not produced afterward. Let's rock it out!

Let's keep the word out there and get some great freebies for everyone. :D

Thank you!!!!!


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