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Creating affordable, laser-engraved hardwood tokens, map tiles, and beyond for tabletop role-playing games.
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    1. Ken Nall Creator on

      Stuart: The Catan board was a request as soon as I mentioned the laser engraver, but I've been trying to stay away from it and serve a more specific community as the project is designed to. This is about tabletop role-playing, not board games. Both are great and have their place, but I wanted this specifically for tabletop. Now about the copyright.. I'm still looking into it. Since this will be a limited run thing, not include cards, rules and other materials, I'm not expecting any issues. That being said, I'm still looking to get a hold of the official folks and see if I can get a verdict. In my eyes, these would be art pieces as rewards for a kickstarter. You're not purchasing the board, you're pledging for Ironwood Engraving. :)

      As for your imagination, I'm sure it will come back... though it will probably be at an awkward moment and irresistible. :P

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      Stuart Turner on

      Oh a carved settlers if catan board would be awesome! Not sure if there is any copyright worries with it it not but it would really look slick for that game. Trying to think of other games that would work with a carved tile set but sadly my imagination has taken the day off. /sad