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Creating affordable, laser-engraved hardwood tokens, map tiles, and beyond for tabletop role-playing games.
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25%, Stretch Goals & Wood Samples!

Posted by Ken Nall (Creator)

Woot! 25%+!

Another thank you to all the backers that have gotten Ironwood Engraving this far! You folks have all made this an amazing project so far and I have no doubt that you will stand together through the end!

Stretch Goals  

Some of you may have been asking yourselves, "What if we hit the goal? What then?"Well, you weren't alone!

Currently, here's finalizing arrangements for 3 stretch goals:
  • 5,000 - Upgrade to 5th Gen Laser - Everyone who has pledged any amount will receive a deeply and richly engraved compass rose to place on the table and remind the ever forgetful which way is which. I'll post a call to vote for the backers who will be able to select  a preferred theme from the group's suggestions for me to create for all of you! This compass rose will only be available through this stretch goal and will not be produced again. Currently, I have the design set up for a 5 inch disc and the wood to be decided. I will most likely offer a selection for each backer to choose from as everyone has their own tastes. :)
  • 7,500 -  Everyone who has pledged will receive a yellow heart 'Firefly' pixie token only available through this kickstarter and engraved with the image of myself in a dress and wings. Did I mention the video with me also in a dress with wings? Really, you folks will have truly earned every bit of amusement. I'll also create 1 custom token for your own amusement for each backer. You have have a tutu that needs dusted off? I'll create a token for you to make your mother proud.
  • 10,000 - First off, I flip out and probably run around the room terrifying the neighbors. I very well may record this for everyone's amusement or even stream it live via twitch or somesuch if I see it coming (like I could leave the computer if remotely near this goal...) Every backer will receive a solid ebony Skeletal Dragon token, zebra wood Striped Hyena token, cocobola Ageless Pheonix token and purple heart Cryptic Aberration token in addition to any other rewards they would have otherwise received. All of these tokens will be unavailable in any other way than this stretch goal and not produced afterward. Let's rock it out!
  • ??? - As much as I love planning ahead, I'm working to stay focused on the present and get the word out to as many glorious tabletop gamers and wood lovers as possible. You are the future of this project. All of you. :)

Wood Pics!

Below are some fresh pictures from this evening showcasing most of the woods we'll be offering! 

I was fortunate enough to find a kind enough soul to support the upfront cost of getting wood samples. Thank you oh so much; you know who you are. :)

Red Oak  
What most folks know as "oak", this is a classic hardwood with an open grain and reddish color. When finished, you will be able to see open pores on the surface after the clear coat. This is also the default material for all products unless there are unexpected production issues (you will, of course, be notified if any changes must be made!)

A light colored and closed-grain wood, maple has a smooth finish and is harder than oak. It's simple complexion makes it a wonderful choice for engraving. It also makes wonderful map sets as larger tiles may show some waving in the grain that looks almost pearly.

Loved for it's naturally dark brown color, walnut is a wonderful wood for setting tokens and tiles apart. This wood is smooth with very small pores. The darker color may make reading lettering somewhat difficult. This will, of course, be confirmed with testing. If any issues arrive, I'll let you folks know and let you change your wood choices where available.

Although I can't recommend licking it, cherry wood is a light red color with soft growth rings. If you're a fan of the color and not looking for a strongly patterned wood, cherry is a great choice.

An open grained ruddy wood, jatoba offers an exotic appearance. The pores are small and sharp opposed to the rounded openings found in oak. The coloration varies somewhat, but stays in the same color set as it blends across the growth rings. If you like the look of an open grain and want some exotic coloring, jatoba might be right up your alley.

Looking much like a closed-grain version of jatoba, bubinga is more brownish, but offers blackened striping with lighter bands between. The strong bands may make it a good choice for directional tile sets such as stone tiled floor but less so for natural environments when tiles will be turned in all fashion of directions.

Yellow Heart   
Although the picture doesn't do it justice, this wood is quite yellow. Beside all the other woods, it is clearly yellow and not just beige or tan. This is another great choice for tokens you want to stand out on the table without further effort. There is a tight grain on the yellow heart, but it still displays through the clear coat for your finger-rubbing needs.

Purple Heart  
If you want a purple token or map set, this is truly the way to go. Although it looks reddish in the picture, there is no doubt that it is purple in person. This is another tightly grained wood that can offer a clear visual distinction on the tabletop even from other redder woods.

Leopard Wood  
Named for it's patterning, this wood is a bit of a toss up at the moment. It is possible that the engraver will gnaw too aggressively through the softer, light-colored portions and distort the engraving. Or.. it may not. I will, of course, let you folks know as soon as I do how well this wood will work out for text. Map tiles should still work on this wood, though there may be some distortion in engraving depth. Perhaps this is the cost of it's beauty? Also, this is my mother's favorite wood, so I'll work my tail off to make it work out. :)

My personal favorite, wenge is striped black and dark brown with a waxy luster. It has a strong, fine patterning that I hope will make it not only glorious for the Death's Grip dice tower, but really nice tile sets as well. Due to it's darkness and grain structure, this one may prove a little touchy to text though I am confident I can get it to work with some testing.

A yellowing wood with attractive pink markings, I simply can't get this to render well in a photo. My best guess is that my camera is auto-correcting the color balance somehow, but a quick picture search will show you more clearly what I mean. Being the only pink option, this is a unique color choice is available in thin widths. This means that tile sets may not be able to be produced from a single board, and larger tokens, tiles, and dice towers may prove difficult to find stock for. That being said, I'll do my best accessing the wood from various locations to make it work out. :)

Big surprise, this wood is clearly striped with dark brown and tan bands. I see no issues with this wood as it is consistently dense despite the strong coloring. Into stripes? Have a pet zebra? Just want something strongly patterned? Zebrawood can make your day brighter.

All of these woods were picked straight from the supplier all rewards and products will come from and are representative of the wood I will use. Although there were better or more figured pieces, these are the quality I can access regularly. Especially attractive pieces with burls or spalting will be offered after the kickstarter rewards have all been received.

No Hickory or Ebony?
To be honest, the hickory that was available was not anything I would like to use in a finished project. There is a fresh shipment of 1/4" hickory coming in later this week that will hopefully have better material available. As for the ebony, you can only imagine the cost of a 3 foot length. It simply isn't possible for me to acquire a length of ebony at this point. The ebony I am using will be gaboon ebony, the solid black form you are familiar with from piano keys.

We are making progress here! 

Continue letting your friends, cousins, neighbors and colleagues know about the project! The more that see what this project offers, the more folks that can bring it to life!

Thank you for your time and interest!


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