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Creating affordable, laser-engraved hardwood tokens, map tiles, and beyond for tabletop role-playing games.
Creating affordable, laser-engraved hardwood tokens, map tiles, and beyond for tabletop role-playing games.
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48 backers pledged $5,960 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mary Peterson on

      Has anyone received anything for this project? I tried to contact Ken a year ago but haven't heard anything.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Rowe on

      I take it he is a scammer?

    3. Nick J. on

      All I can say is that I got the run-around when I requested a refund. Ken contacted me and even went so far as to ask for my paypal address, but he never actually followed through with returning my money. I gave up on this thing a long time ago.

      Live and learn I suppose.

    4. Jala Prendes (Neon Skies Studio LLC) on

      What has happened in the last year? Radio silence...

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael R. Snow on

      Has anyone at all received any tokens from this project?

    6. Nick J. on

      Just in case you bother to check in again Ken without logging in to check your messages, I've asked formally that you refund my $50.

      At the very least an explanation is in order.

    7. Nick J. on

      Ken, you had said stuff would be shipping at the end of December. We're almost into March now ...

    8. Stewart MacLean

      Oh and I was just looking at the newest picture, and I see a box with my name on it :D

    9. Stewart MacLean

      Great news Ken! I can't wait to get my hands on these tokens and maps...

      And congratz on the little one, I'm sure you'll be a great dad!

    10. Nick J. on

      Alright enough is enough. I sent Ken a direct message some months back and he never replied. he has an obligation to fulfill his promises or refund our money. I see from his profile that he logged in about a month ago so it's not like he completely forgot about this.

    11. Nick J. on

      Two months without an update for a project that is closing in on a year overdue is not acceptable Ken. This isn't an accusation of bad intent, but this is unprofessional and doesn't inspire much confidence - no matter how promising the last update looked.

    12. Nick J. on

      Update 22 was about 3 weeks ago ... but nothing since then.

    13. Wyng'd Lyon Creations

      Has anyone heard anything on the status of this project?

    14. Nick J. on

      Any more progress reports?

    15. Kristina McQuillen on

      @sam, i too was expecting just burnmark art, but this is amazing!

    16. Sam Setser on

      I love the look of the tokens in the recent email update, I was expecting burnmark art. Seeing that it's 3D makes it even more awesome. Good job :3

    17. Nick J. on

      good to know.

    18. Kristina McQuillen on

      @All...I have recently heard from the creator. He will be releasing an update in the very near future.

    19. Nick J. on

      It's probably time for some direct messages I guess? Hard to say if Mr. Nall is watching the comments here much.

    20. Kristina McQuillen on

      Has anyone else tried to contact the project creator? Or heard anything from him lately?

    21. Kristina McQuillen on

      Well the fb is working now, must have been a glitch on my end

    22. Kristina McQuillen on

      No response to my emails, Facebook says the page has been removed or the link is broken, and KS says his last log in was JAN 20. Thats a long time for a creator to not log into Kickstarter

    23. Nick J. on

      I'll echo Kristina's thoughts.

      I get it. Delays happen, things go awry, mass producing anything by hand seems like a monumental undertaking, but some better communication would be appreciated. Going "dark" for three months right when you go past your tentative fulfillment date raises questions.

    24. Kristina McQuillen on

      No update in almost 2 months. Can we get an update on progress please?

    25. Kristina McQuillen on

      Can we get an update on progress please?

    26. Ken Nall Creator on

      Update pushed. Info included, N.A. Jones. :)

    27. Nick J. on

      Any progress update would be appreciated.

    28. Ken Nall Creator on

      Thanks! I'm working on the final details (filtration, mostly) and I'll let you backers know when things are on their way with pics and all :) SUPER excited. Waking up this morning was strange. I didn't have to go refresh any pages...

    29. Nick J. on

      Just wanted to say congratulations and good luck. Looking forward to the finished product.

    30. Ken Nall Creator on

      Almost definitely! The cocobolo seems to glow, in my opinion. The purple heart is... purple wood. Enough said. My two favorites by far. :)

    31. Jay Pierce on

      I think the part of my brain that likes worry stones and shiny baubles will enjoy holding these at the game table!

    32. Ken Nall Creator on

      Crazy schedule and shaky funds... that sounds like the past few years here!
      As for upping the pledge, you know the timer :P I'm going to lose my mind when it goes to counting minutes... then seconds....
      Thanks for supporting the business idea :D If I had found anything like this in shops near me, I'd have even less money. My thought is that I can't be the only one that would love these things. You guys are proving that to be true! :D
      And the bat? Amusing :) Whatever makes ye happy. I have my own collection of oddities and one-of-a-kind items that most people would raise an eyebrow over. :)

    33. Jay Pierce on

      Sorry I wasn't able to give you more feedback leading up to this. Crazy schedule here, and shaky funds! You, however, really put in the work, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciated it all. I still plan to bump my pledge as far as I can, but it may be a little later in the afternoon. I am confident you have a solid idea for a business here, and I will follow it very closely!

      And I missed one of your questions. My avatar is a caricatured bat sculpture that I found in Brookgreen Gardens near Myrtle Beach, SC. It's odd, but I'm a Gotham guy, so... :D

    34. Ken Nall Creator on

      I'm glad the update was appreciated. I didn't know whether to or not... but it was sort of oozing out of me at the time and I figured I've no reason to hide it. :)
      Extra tokens and all of that insanity I've created for myself will be sorted out in the survey (and potentially after the survey as well for custom work and intense confusion :P)
      I still hope to keep my December goal for all rewards. I don't imagine anything ruining the timetable, but life is coated in surprises. I'll also keep throwing up updates with pics and progress. I'm hoping to use a google spreadsheet for order tracking purposes just for the kickstarter so people can see where their rewards stand. I'll probably get that all worked out in the next 3 days or so as I get survey feedback :)
      To be honest, I'm indescribably excited to get to work. But yes, the real work begins. That first trunk load of wood is going to be amazingly thrilling. There shall be excited giggling for certain. >.<

    35. Justin Sean Johnson on

      Ken, great project, and thanks for that last update. I was a bit inspired by your inspiration. Thank you.

      I am subscribed at the Ironwood Tokenkeeper level, but I included extra pledge money for some extra tokens. Will we just sort that out in the survey?

      Also, there is going to be a *lot* of work in getting this all done, and I just want to let you know ahead of time that I plan on being very patient, as I imagine most of us will be. When the KS ends, the real work begins!! ;)

    36. Ken Nall Creator on

      You know, I hadn't even noticed that I never got a 3" list up? :rubs face in hands: That awkward moment when you forget something really obvious.
      All images will be scalable. Also, I can include more detail and other goodies on the large ones such as gold under a dragon that would otherwise obscure the image at the 1" size.
      Larger images onto smaller should work fine with some work from my end to prevent the images from becoming overly cluttered.
      The status effect tokens are part of this and I'll try to get a list up after I post this. Though honestly, anything can go by them. I hereby declare that all status effect tokens may be purchased at the standard token rate despite them being custom! In the end, the list of status effects across all tabletop games is insane. Common ones like poison and bleeding are easy enough but once you get out to auras, curses and ongoing effects the list explodes to mind numbing lengths. For all I care, consider it a normal token and add it to the list. I'll sort out the art with you folks personally for the status effect tokens. :)
      The tile set: I'll add that to my to-do list tonight. Who needs sleep, right? :P The tile sets having a long list to choose from was a sort of spur of the moment offering for the component tier. I'll have one cranked out by sunrise unless my batch of bread becomes sentient.
      The prices listed here should be representative of the post-kickstarter pricing. I can't time trial without the laser, so I can't promise that they won't change, but it should be close. Part of this project was getting quality playing accessories to people on a budget. Jacking the prices through the roof destroys that. I'll do my best to supply them at prices right around what you see here.
      Also, consider the shadows added. This list change will be delayed as I am at my character limit for the project... something I had not expected to exist. :Shrugs: I'll fix it.

      Thank you SO much for the feedback. It makes my end of the deal so much easier even if it gives me more work. Are there any tiles sets in particular you'd like to see?

    37. Missing avatar

      Winthrop Wilcox on

      A couple of questions for you Ken. What's available on the 3" tokens? Are the planned tokens scalable? In other words, can the creatures planned for the 1" tokens be available on the 2" or 3" size? Also, will that work the other way-the creatures on the larger tokens be engraved on the smaller ones? Regarding the status and effect tokens, I didn't see anything listing just what is available. Are they a part of the kickstarter, or are they just items planned for the future?
      I'm quite tempted by several of the tile sets, but the descriptions don't really give more than a genaral idea of what they are like. Just remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. The computer rendition of the tokens is what sold me on giving them a try.
      If the quality and useability are as high as it appears, I planning to get quite a few more tokens.(as long as you make them available while still being reasonably inexpensive.) While I (and my gaming group) have a decent amount of miniatures, these tokens look like they will be quite useful. My gaming group is fond of the various Summon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally spells along with several other homebrewed summoning and calling spells and using the these tokens for the resulting creatures is the current plan.
      Also, a request for the ebony undead tokens. I would love to see shadows added to the list.
      Thanks and good luck with this project. We backers are counting on you.

    38. Ken Nall Creator on

      I'm working to open things up to people on a modular level. Getting prices balanced is proving a little messy. As you saw, the ebony tokens and towers are now modular. I'm hoping to get the tile sets up tomorrow as I've only just now caught up on thank-you's, updating the page, updating the update and fixing multiple typos (So sorry, Jala!).

      Part of why the rewards were not modular to start with was a sort of a "Your First Kickstarter!" mistake. Looking back, everything would have been modular, but I can't go change any tier that has been chosen already. Partially stripping the pledge tiers would be a mess, so I'm adding in pieces.

      As for the tiles, what would be a reasonable price for you? The small sets are 84 square inches and the large sets are 140 square inches as a reference point. I'd love people to have the tiles and any feedback is wonderful!

    39. Jay Pierce on

      As the final days are ticking away, I've begun to put together my wish list, to make the best of what you're offering. I think because I'm not interested in things like the trees, mushrooms and dice towers that I'm wondering about the modular access of the other parts. I'm in for tokens, but I can't get access to the Water set at low levels. I'm mildly tempted by the tiles, but I'm struggling to add them in without unwanted 3D parts. Any last minute adjustments to the plan before the home stretch?