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I wrote 24 poems with one @Horse_ebooks tweet in each. I want to put them in a chapbook for you.
I wrote 24 poems with one @Horse_ebooks tweet in each. I want to put them in a chapbook for you.
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Postscript for a spam horse

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Two things happened on the same day last week: I mailed the final custom poem for this project, and Horse_ebooks was revealed to be a piece of performance art.

Though I wish we had a world where Horse_ remained a mystery, I'm still encouraged. The poetics of the nonsense internet are anyone's to capture. Horse_ made its own poetry and led me to mine. That's a gift. If No Experiences exists as a relic from a time when people got excited about weird language from an unknown source, I'm quite OK with that. The titular tweet, along with these two that made it into poems in the chapbook, happened well before the account was sold. “No experiences,” as a phrase from a spam horse’s mouth, has always reminded me to have experiences and try to make something from them. If it can be something beautiful and strange made out of words, that's great. That's the work I want to do.

I don't have more light to shed on what happened with Horse_. I appreciated Steve Roggenbuck's tribute to its poetry and Dan Sinker's deeply felt eulogy. I'm looking forward to reading the future piece referenced here, and I share some of that dismay about Horse_ as a brand.

But I've also hitched my poetry cart to other horses in the past year. I made a poem about a laundromat in my neighborhood and one about my friends' favorite words. I'm working on some punk-rock story-poems about being a teenager. If you gave me the OK to send you email during the Kickstarter, you'll be the first to hear about them, along with some of my other poem-thoughts. If you didn't opt in to those emails or (quite reasonably) don't remember one way or another, you can sign up here.

Thanks again for reading. Let's all keep the Horse_ spirit of strange joy alive.



Shipments shipped, and thanks again

If you've sent along your address, your chapbook has been shipped, and it should already be with you (unless you're among the small group of people who just completed the backer survey last week; your copies shipped today). I've heard that it's arrived as far away as Australia. That's farther than I've ever traveled. The world is large and weird and pretty cool.

If you've filled out the backer survey with your address but haven't received your copy, please contact me and confirm your address. I'm happy to replace anything that fell victim to the inscrutable whims of the postal service.

Also: if you know someone who is eager to own a copy of No Experiences but missed out on this Kickstarter, I sure do have some information for that person! I'm selling the remaining copies online now. In Chicago, it's available at Uncharted Books and Quimby's. If you know of bookstores outside Chicago that might be interested in stocking copies, please give me a holler.

Happy American Thanksgiving, if that's your thing, tomorrow. Thankfulness is a good thing to celebrate even if that's not your holiday for doing so; I'm thankful to have sent these things to you.


First, the biggest news: if you live in the US and you filled out the backer survey before this Sunday night, your book has been shipped! International copies will go out a little later. If you haven't filled out the backer survey, please do; I'll ship the next round next week. Huge thanks are in order to two friends named Emily and two friends not named Emily (Mica and John) who came over to help me stuff envelopes with shocking efficiency. 

I would like to note that the post office in the basement of the Sears Tower is the friendliest post office I've encountered in Chicago, just in case any of you should ever need that information. Also: they make Forever stamps with poets on 'em, but I didn't discover this until the day after I mailed the bulk of the books, which I will always obviously regret.

The copy of the book you see up there with the colorful bits sticking out of it is the copy I read from last Friday. You can still watch that reading, if you're so inclined. I had so much fun with it. Thanks especially to Uncharted Books for hosting, to the Disabato family for snacks, and to everyone who was there, in person or online.

Here is what the books looked like in Tyvek envelopes being shoved into a mailbox:

Thank you, again, for making this surreal thing real.

Some other surreal things that are real now: a wonderfully thoughtful review from Jessica Fenlon, who attended the reading, and a series of three musical scores for poems by Kevin Clark.

Okay and wow!

Books in transit! Reading upcoming!


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Off to print!


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