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I wrote 24 poems with one @Horse_ebooks tweet in each. I want to put them in a chapbook for you.

Known spam robot Horse_ebooks has charmed thousands with its nonsensical, strange, and delightful text-spewings. It's spawned fan fiction, think pieces, t-shirts, comics, and then some. Over the past year, I've harvested some of the finest, weirdest, most oddly emotional bits that our old friend Horse_ has generated. With these as source material, I've written a series of short poems, each incorporating exactly one Horse_ebooks tweet. Now I'm planning to work with Scout Books to print them professionally in a small, staple-bound chapbook.

I've titled the book No Experiences, after my own all-time favorite Horse_ebooks tweet. If you're wondering whether you'll like these poems, read some of them over here.

Through Kickstarter, I want to collaborate not just with Horse_ebooks but with its many fans: I'll accept a limited number of commissions for custom poems based on your personal favorite Horse_ebooks tweet.

I've loved poetry for as long as I can remember, whether it came from Dr. Seuss or Philip Larkin or anywhere in between. It's such a great way to celebrate language: the way it sounds, the way it looks, what it means, and how it connects us to each other. Even if you haven't read a poem since you last heard a nursery rhyme, I hope you'll join me in the fun of this peculiar little venture.

What do I get as a backer?
A copy of No Experiences, and the satisfaction of being connected to that book's creation. If you're in Chicago (or if you want to come visit!), you'll also be invited to join me for a reading and release party at Uncharted Books this fall.


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