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The Last Winter

Director: Teresa

After witnessing her husband's death, a woman does what she can to survive the things that lurk unseen on the Kansas frontier.  Every night something torments her and everyday it hides in the open landscape around her.  When a stranger offers to take her back to civilization when he passes back her way, she makes plans to escape. But when he doesn't make it back in time, she is forced to face the evil that lurks outside.

Killer Cart

Director: J

In a single, horrifying night in a supermarket, five teen employees and one old, grizzled janitor battle a rogue shopping cart hell bent on killing all of them.


Director: Andrew

During a long night at work as a 9-1-1 Operator, Ilona Cross happens to get a frantic call from her son Samuel, who has accidentally caused someone's death. Now, she must choose between upholding her lawful duties, or helping her son get away with murder.


Director: Gerrad

Four closely knit members of the tier one Navy Seal Team VI have to balance their personal lives with their life-threatening professional duties as United States soldiers.


Director: Cait

Veronica wants to know what her husband, Paul, really wants for his birthday. After gaining the supernatural power to see his wish, she thinks her problem is easily solved. But Veronica comes to understand much more about Paul's wish and their relationship and it's a lot more than she was expecting.

Capitol Elementary

Director: Danny

In this political satire that takes place at an elementary school, Kayla and Connie, the two most popular girls at school, have just tied for the position of fifth grade class president. Now they are forced to do the unspeakable: reach across the classroom aisle and work together. The only problem is that neither of them wants to give an inch.  As the 11th hour approaches and their back-stabbing schemes start to backfire, they may be forced to do the most detestable thing of all: compromise.

Brewkicker Beer

Director: Mark

A Prohibition agent goes on a mission to shut down the Brewkicker Beer Brewery, only to find that the Brewmaster has whipped up a new special recipe for his latest seasonal hops. Can Agent Adams survive the psychedelia and shut the Brewery down, or is there more to this drink than just hops?

Badass Brock

Director: Eric

Badass Brock is badass, so badass in fact he wears leather pants, pumps his shotgun excessively in standoffs, and has a poster of Dog the Bounty Hunter in his living room. Brock is a legend in the international spy community, heading his own case to hunt down a dangerous arms dealer. When a female partner is forced on him in a mission to destroy a weapons depot, Brock takes matters into his own hands. While walking away cooly in slo-mo from the exploding depot, Brock loses his legs. Being a crippled spy is not what Brock has in mind. When the arms dealer plans a devious attack on the agency can Brock still save the day?

Ace High

Director: Josh

The Ace of Spades, a hit man fresh from doing hard time, is dead set on rescuing his gorgeous drag queen brother Joker from the clutches of the dangerous Jack of Hearts in this fun fantasy film noir. 

Glenda Gladcock

Director: Nicole

Glenda Gladcock is an aging drag queen. She's been pushed out of the drag club she's been working in for years because younger, sexier queens have stolen the spotlight. Forlorn and confused, Glenda finds herself wondering where she can go from here. Who is she if she can't be Glenda Gladcock anymore?

At the End

Director: Jason

At the end of the world, humanity is offered a chance at survival by an advanced alien race--at a price. As two doctors struggle to reach one of the last escaping ships, they must decide whether it is better to die free or live as slaves.

Code of Conduct

Director: Michael

Code of Conduct is an urban comedy that explores the word “nigga” in modern times. Two best friends, Uno, African American, and Matt, Caucasian, both fresh out of high school, use the word towards each other; in fact, Uno encourages Matt to use it. However, things blow up in their faces and their futures are threatened when an older woman, Betty, disagrees with their behavior and takes action against them. Betty is suddenly pulling all the strings, leaving Uno and Matt on their begging knees for mercy.


Director: Deirdre

An abused woman with co-dependency issues steals her dead husband from the coffin the night before his funeral.


Director: Dustin

Anya, a young, cynical KGB agent finds herself in the middle of the East Village literary movement of the 1960s.  She is assigned to monitor the work and writings of Jack Kerouac.  However, when Kerouac finishes a book and it doesn't meet with the KGB's ideals, Anya is ordered to kill him.  There is one problem -- She is in love with Jack.  In the end, Anya is forced to kill her handlers so Jack and his manuscript can survive.

Emma's Adventure

Director: Yingjia

In the 16th century a rebellious young girl escapes home to pursue her dream adventure, but ends up being saved by her father. However, the apparent failure of the adventure brings the father and daughter closer together.


Director: Jamie

A dark comedy about the manager of a struggling pop star who receives his toughest assignment: He must kill his client. Problem is, he doesn't know if he's up to the task.


Director: Jon

Brett is coming home to his small farming community after his first semester from college with big news, but he can't bring himself to tell his parents. When the family dog falls ill, Brett takes a stand against his father to save the dog's life. His defiance exposes his lie of omission, which causes seemingly irreperable damage to his relationship with his father.


Director: Kelly

A spy used to the comfortable, controlled existence of life as a solo agent stands to lose everything when her private and professional lives violently converge.


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