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FARMFOODCONNECT.COM enables a growing population of urban farmers who are looking to exchange & launch their own innovative projects.

Urban Farming and homesteading have taken hold of cities across the U.S. A severe recession and failing food system have prompted many of us to find creative economic solutions and to grow our own food. California’s Bay Area is one of the nation's hot spots for testing the sustainability and economic viability of urban agriculture. With this in mind, the urban farm and food directory is a tool to: organize and connect a growing industry; keep local food accessible and affordable in our communities; and push the bounds of urban agriculture.

The urban farm and food directory, on, is a listing of folks that grow food and medicinals and keep animals to maintain the health of our families and communities, to educate and/or to trade. The online directory will include a personalized profile that will list specialty crops to share/trade, livestock knowledge, plots available for growing food, and food & farm related products/services. There will be a one time summary print piece about it.

The directory will support creative projects, social enterprise and economic innovation for people interested in food and farming in and near Bay Area cities. By creating and sharing an online directory, urban farmers and homesteaders will have quick access to information, a space to promote their unique products and services, and an online place to organize, collaborate, and share resources.

The Urban Farm and Food Directory includes:
Farming/homesteading information
Homestead product & service listings
Products & services for trade
Educational resources
Opportunities for collaboration
Shared resources

Esperanza Pallana ( will develop, deisgn and manage web content using open source software, primarily PHP with MySQL. No funds will go to a programmer.

Funds raised for the Urban Farm and Food Directory will go towards the design of the directory, initial costs to establish and run the site, and associated print and promotion costs. All backers will receive a copy of print materials.


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