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pledged of $64,000pledged of $64,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 30 2014 10:44 PM UTC +00:00


My goal is to build an easy to use, but power application that can help a parent monitor their child's or teen's online presence, to be notified if their child's account names or profiles are being targeted for bullying, and enable parents to address these issues before a child feels the only way out is to hurt themselves. The application will use a subscription based model and be available on iOS and Android, with Windows Mobile support coming in a later phase. The subscription will help cover the costs of infrastructure, changes and fees to social sites for feeds/data, and help connect with awareness campaigns on Cyber Bullying. Know if your child is being harassed by:

  • Offensive Language
  • Threats
  • Profanity
  • Dangerous Language
  • Sexually Abusive Content

The project will be broken in to Three phases.

Phase 1 of the project will be to build a tool that will monitor social media feeds by using key terms i.e. online usernames, profile names, handles, etc. In addition to capturing the key term/name, the application will also monitor message strings for 'offensive' language, such as threats, profanity, and other potentially dangerous language that could be a sign of bullying. Phase 1 will also include basic alerts which will notify you if your child is potentially being bullied or harassed. The application will be hosted in the cloud, and will not require you to install any applications on your child's phone.

This tool will work on two types of feeds. The first type of feeds are public feeds. The second type of feeds are 'private' feeds which require that you are linked or authorized in your child's online account. For example, you are part of your child's Facebook friends network and you can see your child's posts on their timeline and posts of their friends who have chosen to share their posts. 

Phase 1 will monitor public and private feeds in English.

The following Social Sites will be supported in Phase 1:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Whisper
  • Vine

The team is also actively watching social media trends and the creation or increased usage of new or existing social sites and working with anti-Bullying organizations to identify social sites where support will be added.

Phase 1 will use a storage solution that will only be able to retain a limited amount of data, which will be directly related to the number of key words and phrases being searched, as well as the number of subscribers of the application. Phase 1 will support up to two children and their profiles. The application will use a set of key terms that will be searched. The terms are being developed through partnership with anti-Bullying organizations and will be listed on the application setup page.

Key benefits of Phase 1:

  • Easy setup
  • Language and Tone detection
  • Comprehensive Social Network Database
  • Alert Notifications
  • Support up to 2 profiles with multiple online account monitoring

Phase 2 provides a more stable tool with improved algorithms, and additional features including:

  • Community edition helps entire communities lower their bullying-risk by providing an overall bully alert for their area.
  • Parents can form groups for improved monitoring through awareness.
  • Spanish language support.
  • Custom alerts to multiple recipients.
  • Phone geo-location where available.
  • Special character detection, for letters replaced with similar looking characters.
  • Additional social media sites
  • Custom 'Offensive Words' database which you can setup and monitor.
  • Support up to 4 profiles with multiple social account monitoring

Phase 2 will also build out the storage capacity of the data to be able to hold a certain time period of data (ideally 30 days). Phase 2 will also support 4 profiles to monitor from one application and the ability to access photos or videos published by their child's account.

Phase 3 will be additional improvements to the application, based on user feedback, and improvements to the storage capabilities, additional language support, etc.

There will be two development teams working on the application. One team will be based in Las Vegas, NV and the other will be based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Both locations have seen rapid growth in highly talented tech resources. We will stay active in both communities as our resource needs grow.

Estamos comprometidos con la comunidad hispanohablante, si bien nuestra primera versión de la aplicación será en inglés, los términos utilizados para ciber-bullying en español estarán en nuestra base de datos. Posteriormente estaremos trabajando en una aplicación completamente en idioma español, adaptando también el material de ayuda que estará disponible. Parte de nuestro compromiso con la comunidad latina, es que parte de la aplicación será desarrollada en Ciudad de Guatemala. El cyber-bullying es un fenómeno mundial, ayúdenos a combatirlo apoyando nuestro Kickstarter.

How does it work?

Setting up the application is easy.

1. Set up an account

2. Include your child’s social accounts

3. Answer some basic questions and authorize social sites where you are in your child's social circle.

4. Setup keywords for public and private feed searches.

5. The application will perform an initial social media scan and provide with an initial risk score. The application will also notify you what social sites your child's profile names are active on.

6. The bully monitor will search sites for keywords entered and will continually provide you with monitoring feedback.

If it finds a message stream with a key word, the application will analyze the stream for any 'offensive' words, and if found, alert you that there is a potential issue and for you to take action. The application will also have intuitive help features that will instruct you how to remove posts from social sites, how to flag or remove photos or videos, and lists of appropriate authorities you can notify if you believe that your child is being bullied. There will also be a section with useful resources such as a glossary of terms and acronyms that are commonly used on social networks to help make informed decisions.

Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. We have several developers who are working on this project already in their spare time, but to be able to do the necessary work for the project, we will need to get funding. That means The Bully Monitor© application will be able to start full design and development.

Mock up of a screen

Initial mock-up, subject to change
Initial mock-up, subject to change

The project timeline

Bullying can be a difficult situation for anyone. We are partnering with several non-profit organisations which will be available to go to for expert advice. This is why, 5% of our profit and access to statistics will be destined to support these institutions. Additionally, professionals providing coaching for kids suffering of this phenomena, can list their contact information for a very small fee.


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Risks and challenges

Some of the challenges which will need to be overcome.
1. The constant creation of social media sites will need constant awareness. We are partnering with several Anti-Bullying organizations and will conduct regular reviews to learn about new sites or new trends on sites, so we can improve the application.

2. Storage of data will need to be handled quickly and securely. We are looking at dedicated cloud services to do this, and are working with an industry expert who consults with large eTailers on storing secure data on the cloud.

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