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The 2nd annual dance camp in Kocani, Macedonia. A day 4 intensive camp, covering tap, jazz, Zumba, ballet, hip-hop, and swing for teens
The 2nd annual dance camp in Kocani, Macedonia. A day 4 intensive camp, covering tap, jazz, Zumba, ballet, hip-hop, and swing for teens
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Recent updates

Dance camp was a success!!

I am happy to announce that dance camp is officially over and was a MAJOR SUCCESS!! Camp last for a total of 5 days, complete with a dance recital at the end. The girls practiced for about 6 hours a day, and they learned almost 16 dances total, performing 9. I am now catching up on my jetlag back in the states, and I am finalizing your donor gifts! Those of you who will be receiving a t-shirt and/or poster should have their gifts sent out by next week. Those of you who will be receiving both of those and a full-length video of the performance will have your gifts sent out next! 

Attached are a couple of links to news articles and one video of us on the television. We appeared in 5 news sources total during camp!! Again, thank you all so much for making this year's camp happen. It was perfect, and the entire city extended their gratitude to those of you who donated! You just have no idea how much it meant to not only the dancers, but the city as well. Thank you!

Getting stuff done!

Hi everyone!!

You all received a survey following the close of the fundraiser who donated for a reward. Those of you who have responded, your order has been processed. T-shirts have been ordered, and they look GREAT!! The dancers will be wearing the same t-shirts as the one you will be receiving. Now, it is on to bigger and better things!

Already, we have selected the songs for this year's performances, and we are completing the choreography this month. It's been a real pleasure to Skype with my teachers in Macedonia! Everyone is equally as pumped as I am! If you ever have any questions about camp, feel free to shoot us an email!

Thank you all AGAIN!! :D



I cannot express my sincere appreciation for all of you who donated and helped to spread the word. We only have 4 days left, and we are just $1 over being 100% funded. It is such a fantastic feeling, and already my little dancers are pumped!!!! Now, the real work begins. If you would like to stay in the loop with dance camp this year, please let me know. I do have the website for camp listed on the main page, and it was mentioned in the last update as well. There, you can find information on this year's camp! Also, those of you who will receive a reward for your donation, you should be receiving that by August.

Thank you all again! LET'S DANCE!!!!

Want to see this year's camp?

I am proud to announce we have raised just over 50% of our goal! We have only a few weeks left to raise $900, and I am certain we can do that! 

In addition, I am happy to announce the re-launch of the camp's website:

Please feel free to check out some information, and please WATCH THE VIDEOS. :D We have them hidden throughout the website. 

Again, please "share" this fundraiser wherever you can. Facebook, emails, and word of mouth are what has helped us reach 50% this far! Thank you all.


$808 raised. 30 days left!!

I am so pleased to announce we have raised a total of $808 so far!! Again, I cannot express my sincere thanks to all of you who have supported this project. The production of camp itself is finally coming along. We are adding new classes this year, such as a "step" class (not the aerobics kind). We are also looking into costumes for the girls, and more elaborate daily meals. (Last year, we could only afford "snacks") Furthermore, we are looking into legitimate accommodation, not only for our instructors, but for some of the girls who will be traveling in from outside of the city. WE ARE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT ALL OF THIS!! Furthermore, with all funds properly raised, we will be able to rent out the city's theater for the recital! 

I greatly appreciate your support, and if you can, please share this project with friends, family, Facebook, and word of mouth. We only have 30 days left to raise the extra $1,200, and I am confident we can! If I do not raise the full amount, then I will get nothing, so please help spread the word. I've reached out to the news, magazines, friends, my colleges (Loyola hosted an awesome article), Peace Corps (thank you RPCVs!!), etc. Your contribution has just mean so much. Thank you all again.