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The 2nd annual dance camp in Kocani, Macedonia. A day 4 intensive camp, covering tap, jazz, Zumba, ballet, hip-hop, and swing for teens

This is the 2nd annual "Let's Dance!" camp, held in a small town of about 20,000 people in Kochani, Macedonia. Here is a link to this year's camp agenda, complete with photos and videos from last year's camp:

With your donation, you will help make this year's dance camp even more of a success! These young dancers were never exposed to dance, prior to last year. It opened up a WORLD to them. Since I left Macedonia, my biggest fear was that the dancers would stop dancing and forget what they learned. That being said, it has now been about 7 months, and the young dancers are in full swing! They hold Zumba classes weekly, and they have appeared on local TV for their new hip-hop choreography and performances. 

Currently, these teenagers are relying solely on youtube videos for inspiration. They lack the guidance of a trained professional. This camp not only provides them with dance instruction, but it also provides them an opportunity to learn better conversational English skills with real native speakers! Furthermore, the camp is built on core virtues, such as punctuality, responsibility, and simply working as a team, even when you're too tired. :D

With your help, we can help make this year's camp an even bigger success! Donations will go to fund the following: 

  • Transportation 
  • Lodging
  • Daily food and bottled water for the campers (last year, we provide all healthy snacks, NOT junk food!)
  • Rental space for the recital 
  • Sound and light equipment 
  • Local advertisement (for both camp and the recital)
  • One celebratory meal on the last night for all the dancers
Here are a few more links to the show itself.:

There are many more on youtube, just search!!

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Thankfully, this camp is already supported by the locals in Macedonia. Currently, the biggest obstacle is getting me THERE! Currently, in America, I work as a high school English teacher, so having the time off in the summer to go implement this camp is not a problem. There are obvious delays in me traveling there, such as flight delays (or cancelations), but the town itself is understanding and flexible. Furthermore, with the help of the 3 other Peace Corps volunteers, the camp could still be started in time, seeing as how I am not the only instructor.

Other than transportation, the other potential obstacles would be having enough money for daily food and water (for the campers), or lodging. That being said, if there was not enough money for, let's say, lodging, I am confident the city would find a way to help provide assistance.

All in all, I do not think any of the potential obstacles would prevent the camp from happening.


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