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ICHIDO is a new comic book series inspired by Akira Kurosawa, science fiction, post-apocalyptic fantasy and kung-fu movies.
ICHIDO is a new comic book series inspired by Akira Kurosawa, science fiction, post-apocalyptic fantasy and kung-fu movies.
498 backers pledged $15,189 to help bring this project to life.

Another delay as Reza is unable to finish any pages

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Waiting for the last 10 pages of ICHIDO from Reza on Friday I received the Facebook message that he would be unable to finish any of the book. I believe he was just like me in thinking he could do sequential work easily enough but after starting to work on it kept reworking and reworking it, see previous updates for how many times he changed page 1. He can't afford to shovel time into reworking sequential pages that he will never finish. The $$ for project were given to him way back and used to help pay for his newborn. Per Facebook attachment he will use what was previously paid for new ICHIDO conceptual work. I would like to involve all the backers for these new community concepts. If there are new first son bots you guys would like to see designed please post ideas here and I will get him working on them ASAP for inclusion in book one.

The last pages were already lettered per my original thumbnails and thought I would be able to plug Rezas pages right in and print up the book soon. Thank you for the taiko drumming sound effects everyone, those are perfect.

So now I need to draw the last ten pages which will delay the book a bit more. During the last year I have improved substantially as an artist. Again because of your patience. And my speed is much improved and feel I can tackle these last ten pages in a fraction of the time I did the previous ones.

Will see if I can finish them this month, not doing commissions and will stop any warm ups and focus 100% time on finishing the last ten pages. I will attempt to post more frequent updates as the completion of ICHIDO finally approaches.

The plan after completing the last ten pages, printing book one and fulfilling everyone's rewards is to focus on the loyalty pledge characters and their inclusion in the story in book two. Everyone that pledged here will get free digital copies of book two when that is finished later this year.

Thank you all for everything. Tomas

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    1. bluemi on October 27, 2014

      Just pledged another project. Went thru my list of backed projects and I saw that I pledged for this one too. I totally forgot that I pledged. I guess this is my first project on Kickstarter that failed.

    2. Matt Baldwin on October 16, 2014

      Is this project dead? We're coming up on 2 years from this being backed.

    3. Reginald D. Coffey II on September 9, 2014

      Dude. Homie. Where you at?

    4. Frank Wuerbach on August 21, 2014

      Like Britta said. 6 Months and nothing at all? Not even a small note? This is a very antisocial behaviour. And I get the feeling that this is invested in nothing because book one of how many is not even coming to pass. What will the other books take then?
      Waiting for 10 years for the series to complete is maybe a bit much, don't you think?

    5. Britta Carlson on August 20, 2014

      Dude we are now coming up on 6 months without any kind of word from you. I get that things don't work out as planned but that is absolutely no reason to let the good people who put their faith and money into your project sit here and stew. People don't take this kind of treatment very well and I think you owe it to all of us to just take a couple of minutes and clue us in...

    6. Frank Wuerbach on August 6, 2014

      5 months now and nothing?

    7. Frank Wuerbach on June 30, 2014

      4 months have passed?

      1 year and 2 month over due time?

      And not even 1 lousy update?

      This is getting tedious...

    8. Florian Rathcke on June 20, 2014

      So, what about Ichido? Any progress? Anything?

    9. Frank Wuerbach on May 25, 2014

      Now a month has passed and still no update.
      How hard can it to be scribble a few progress lines every other week or so?
      Especially since we are a YEAR late now?
      People were born and have died in that time, moved, changed carreers, fell sick, won the lotto. A year is a long time. And then no regular updates? Really?


    10. Govind Hair on April 28, 2014

      Can we get a new update soon?

      It's been 2 months.

      If you sent out an update every week I think it would help ease everyone's tension

    11. Michael Erpelo on March 26, 2014

      This was posted on his timeline March 4, by him, copied and pasted....

      "I sent this out as a kickstarter update but wanted everyone else to know. No more Facebook updates until ICHIDO book one is printed and rewards are being mailed out."

      Meanwhile he did commissions, ebay auction item, more conventions...

    12. Jay Freiday
      on March 26, 2014

      For those not on his Facebook Tomas has begun ramping up for Emerald City Comic Con instead of finishing Ichido has he assured us would be his only priority in this update.

    13. Britta Carlson on March 17, 2014

      To be honest the issues with this kickstarter are really nothing compared to issues I've been having with another one so it may not seem so severe to me. I do very much appreciate the updates even if they are disappointments. Communication is absolutely the most important component of running a Kickstarter campaign, so please do continue to keep us in the loop. You can only do what you can do and I look forward to seeing the results =]

    14. Michael Erpelo on March 4, 2014

      @Jay Freiday - You're still trying to muster disappointment?? I stopped even thinking about this since early December.

      Just out of does one get their money back? Does the creator issue a refund to Amazon/credit card?

    15. Jay Freiday
      on March 4, 2014

      It's hard to even muster disappointment at this point. We're so far past due with so many excuses, I'm sorry "delays." It sucks that you paid a guy to draw a quarter of your project and he didn't come through but it was poor planning to pay someone with no experience to work on a large chunk of your book. Also you didn't contact him for almost two months, you can't bring in a collaborator and not talk to them. It doesn't seem to me that this project has been a priority for you as of yet. I guess I look forward to next months update, I'm sorry "delay."

    16. Michael Erpelo on March 2, 2014

      I was actually surprised Reza was given quite a large chunk of responsibility with this book. Since this was your first KS project, this was your baby, your blood, sweat, tears and soul...I thought you would've handled this all on your own so it meets your standards and every inch of this is yours alone. That time during the holidays when you couldn't get a hold of him, you should've just hunkered down and started on those missing pages. Oh well, at this point of the project, whatever, whenever.

    17. Mike Norris on March 2, 2014

      "He can't afford to shovel time into reworking sequential pages that he will never finish. The $$ for project were given to him way back and used to help pay for his newborn. "

      Wow...just So we, as backers, basically paid for his newborn without any form or compensation back? I hope he realizes how incredibly unprofessional that is to pull.

      At this point Tomas, it is your project. When everyone else is unreliable....take up the reigns and make it happen. Not meaning to put pressure on...but you have 498 backers expecting top quality for the wait an the issues. Granted you are not completely at fault for the issues that have happened, but you are the project leader, so the issues do come back to burn you (even if your weren't at fault). We've seen the art you have I don't have doubt it will turn awesome. But just hammer these words in your head:

      Get it done, and get it done well!!

      Also thank you for opting to send everyone free copies of book 2....but all that matters right now is getting book 1 across the finish line.

    18. Shawn Bernard on March 2, 2014

      This is ridiculous. How can I get my money back?