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Swich - Wireless charger for iPhone & Android's video poster

Swich is a sophisticated wireless charger for smartphones. A mobile accessory made from sustainable materials. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 29, 2014.

Swich is a sophisticated wireless charger for smartphones. A mobile accessory made from sustainable materials.

About this project

Swich is a unique wireless charger in terms of design. All sorts of flat charging pads, stands or smartphone holders make it hard for you to use your device while charging, so here's where our innovation comes in.

We designed a visually attractive and highly usable stand that enables you to place your phone under a viewer-friendly angle. It positions the device firmly enough for you to use all the buttons and slide over the touch screen, while your phone charges cordlessly. 

New perspective. No other charger is match to our product. Swich stands out and breaks the commonly used flat and square form used in power banks and various wireless chargers. The phone floats above your desk, making it easy to access apps or perform tasks.

Structure. The crucial factor was the shape. It gave sense to further development and it's really top when it comes to functionality (Trust us, we've tested a lot of them). Ideas for Swich all came from nature. The round arc of Swich was derived from the form of wild sea waves. The signature structure is pushing the phone to glide atop of the microsuction, a reminiscence to surfers riding waves. Swich infact is sending power through waves to your smartphone device.

Switch it. We added an important function to simplify and adapt the usage. Swich allows users to switch from vertical to horizontal position, depending on how you want to use your phone. It allows inclination of 180 degrees. It's a new boost to the phones functionality.

Inside Swich. The system is composed of a power transmission pad inside Swich and a compatible receiver inside the phone. Simply place your phone on top of the transmission pad to fill the battery. You can charge any device that has a receiver implemented. 

iPhones use receiver cases and others use receiver patches. If your phone does not have a receiver yet, our team is willing to help you get one. Just pledge extra $10 to your order and contact us after that. Later you will need to specify what type of phone you have, so you get a proper receiver depending on which phone you carry.

If you have Nokia Lumia or Nexus 5, your phone is already implemented with the Qi standard, so you don't need a receiver. Other phones will work with patches or case receivers. Most today's smartphones can adopt Qi standard with the help of these receivers.

Qi Standard manufacturers are Blackberry,  WP, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG Electronics, Sony, Blackberry, Motorola Mobility, Asus, Huawei... If you have doubts that your phone is Qi compatible, check the latest list of Qi enabled phones.

Swich is a glimpse into the future of mobile phones in your home or office. The shape communicates an intelligent and calm message to anyone who walks into the room. Your friends, business partners and clients will love it and your desk will not go unnoticed.

The design sends a message about your phone's value, its usability and also gives the phone a proper place on the desk. It’s putting your phone on a new level from having it lying around your desk and with the use of the materials it’s outstanding.

The team wanted to keep the stand as natural as possible. No other resources are more characteristic than sustainable materials. They have given Swich the timeless and organic look, compatible with any office or home. The decision came from a wide research of different ambients and high standard décor trends. 

Our selection was walnut. American dark walnut is a durable hardwood with a straight grain. It's a traditional type of wood used in some of the finest designs and contemporary décor.

Ceramics were a key component because we want to expand our production in different color variations. We were looking for a material that would possibly carry graphic images, logos or photos. We prepared the Premium package for this campaign, just to show the possibilities ceramics have to offer. We plan to expand our offer via stretch goal updates.

After testing various surfaces, it was obvious that the microsuction tape was most appropriate surface to hold the phone. No silicone or other structure could compare to the grip of tiny micro suctionpads. It works perfectly on flat and smooth surfaces, but it's possible some iPhone cases won't stick.

We have prepared our own Qi compatible iPhone case just for that situation. You can add $10 to your pledge and we will provide you with a proper receiver case for the Swich stand. On the other hand, the structure works fine with different phone surfaces and even the leather Samsung cover for Note 3.

Our team has been working tirelessly on this project for more than a year. We started with choosing materials and getting inspired. A tough part was finding appropriate producers, after the decision to use wood and ceramics. Finally we got the right people interested in our product and further development, so the campaign is all set to Kickstart.

Swich was originally a perfected stand. The battery charging function was added after researching all the possibilities. We wanted to add speakers, colours, designs and if stretch goals occur, we certainly will consider it. One thing is certain, a lot of our creativity can still be applied to Swich. This is just the classic main product and we stand behind it to be the best boutique charging stand ever made.

These are the first prototypes. We 3D printed these honeys and tested functionality. The microsuction proved really well and our phones loved it. Swich was a success, but this was only the beginning.

The woodcutters were hard to find. The small wooden piece is tough to make and we modified it a bit. It took a month of testing different techniques to perfect the production, which allowed us to set a low goal. Now we are ready to make it happen.

All went according to plan. We ordered our custom made PCB to fit in our stand. We are still deciding to add a battery, so the charging function can be used anywhere and anytime.

Join our team, back our project!

The funds will go for tooling and production, but all this will enable us to stay focused on the work we love, to continue developing and designing. To create. We have decided to crowdfund our design and prepared all this for you, backers of creative design and mobile appliance enthusiasts. We need your support to finish up and send the first Swich on his way home. Our future work in design depends on this.

The Swich stand will come as a reward in a package containing the Swich wireless charger stand for smartphones.

Basic specs:

Input: DC 5V 2A

Charge current: 5V/1000mA

Transmission range: 5mm-7mm

Charge Efficiency: 73%

Our backers will receive the product along with A/C wall adapter, users manual and receiver cases or patches for their phone (if specified). Shipping is free worldwide, but don't forget to add $10 for your phones Qi receiver.

Our creative team has been designing for 10 years now. We never launched our own product, though this dream was always present. To have our star up there among others, to present our vision. Years passed, projects for clients came and went, but the dream kept getting louder and louder. Finally it’s closer to reality than ever before. We trust Kickstarter and crowdfunders to make it happen.

Boris Lutman - CEO

Matija Milkovič Biloslav - Product Design

Melissa Cerić - Graphic and Web Design

Žiga Godina - PR @saeverian 

Ana Čadež - Consulting

For any questions please contact this email:

For more news, updates and more follow us on:





Big thanks to our friends who helped us make this step!

Andraž Jerič -

Nevio Prosen - US market cosultant

Matevž Jerman - director

Juš Premrov - director of photography

Peter Irman - Vision, studio photography

Nana Žargi - video cast

Denis Petrovčič - video cast

Eva Peterson Lenassi - Play in Clay workshop

Matej Bratina - video cast

Slovenski Etnografski Muzej

Tomaž Tičar

IDB Ljubljana

Risks and challenges

The products you saw were only prototypes for testing and filming. We keep close contact with our producers because we want to be prepared for any possible production obstacle. We completed all testing and development, so you are free to ask us any questions you might have.

The creation process is always full of surprises. Using natural materials is far more complicated than simply ordering plastic ones. Ceramics and wood require specific production techniques and we had a hard time finding the appropriate producers. Our selected producers are ready to collaborate with us under our conditions and time frame. Your donations will cover the products expenses, packaging, assembly and shipping. The launch of this product will enable us to continue and develop a line of accessories. It will fuel our further work.
We wanted to have everything prepared before the start of campaign and we will update backers all the news about production. We expect to test more mobile phones and maybe modify the PCB. We will keep you informed via newsletter and project updates.

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