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The Magical Land of Yeld is an all ages tabletop role playing game based on the fantasy world of the popular comic Modest Medusa.
The Magical Land of Yeld is an all ages tabletop role playing game based on the fantasy world of the popular comic Modest Medusa.
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Big update! The LAST stretch goal!


Hi everyone! Today we have a big update with a lot of info!

- Our final Live Draw Q & A will be this Saturday from 3-6pm PST. Nick and I will be answering questions about rules and setting, our plans for the game beyond the Kickstarter and more! You can check out my Picarto channel here.

- By popular request we've decided to make a digital version of the Friend's Guide Coloring Book available as an optional add-on for just $6. This is mor ethan just a coloring book, the Friend's Guide is also a mini-rule book. Inside you'll find rules for Jobs, Special dice, Weapons and more! Everything a Friend needs to play! Adding any add-on to your pledge is easy. Just increase your pledge by the appropriate amount (in this case $6). After the Kickstarter ends we'll send you a survey and you can let us know if you selected any add-on items. You can find all our optional add-ons listed toward the bottom of the Kickstarter page. 

- Our final stretch goal comes in two parts. The first is a brand new Advanced Job, and I'll get to that in a moment. The second part is something special. Here's the story:

On the second night of our Kickstarter, just after we were funded, my friend Skull Dixon came by my studio to visit. Skull is an animator, and the first thing he said was "You should put together some animation for Yeld." This wasn't the first time we've had this conversation. About a year ago I asked Skull to educate me on the kind of effort and resources it would take to produce a 10 minute Modest Medusa pilot. The answer of course is that animation isn't cheap or easy. But Skull was enthusiastic about the idea of an animated Yeld, and he wasn't the only one. Over the next few days several other animator friends mentioned that they thought Yeld had lots of animation potential, and one suggested we make it a stretch goal. So we are.

Here's the idea. Our project is already 200% funded at 26K. Every dollar from this point on will be put toward a Yeld animated project. That means if we reach $28,000 we'll put $2000 aside for animation. 30K? $4000 toward animation. Etc, etc. We know animation is complicated, time consuming and expensive, and because of that we don't have unrealistic expectations. We're going to aim small. Very small. We'd like to produce a short movie trailer style animation that we can use as both a promotional tool for our game and as a potential pitch for a longer project. Of course, because of costs involved we may not even get that far. Our plan is to hire local animators (friends if possible) to work on this project.  We may not be able to put enough money toward this to produce much of anything, but whatever we do produce we'll share with you. This is a pie-in-the-sky goal, but we're excited to be able try to bring Yeld to animated life.

Okay, so the second half of this stretch goal is something a little more traditional, a brand new Advanced Job! Boulder Knights are the toughest warriors in Yeld, tasked with guarding the magical portals that connect Yeld to the shadow realm and other worlds. If our Kickstarter reached $28,000 we'll add the Boulder Knight advanced Job to the Yeld rule book for everyone to enjoy!

Boulder Knights are special warriors tasked with guarding the meteor lodged between Yeld and the shadow world. After Dragul closed the portal to the shadow world the Old King assigned three of his bravest knights to watch over the meteor. These knights were trained to combat the monsters of the shadow world and protect the meteor from some of Yeld’s most dangerous citizens, those who sought power from beyond the portal. The Knights went about closing the smaller portals that formed after the meteor fell and helped build a settlement within the meteor’s impact zone which eventually became known as Boulder Town. Through the years they fought countless battles against corrupted mages seeking new magics from beyond Yeld or treasure hunters looking to steal a piece of the meteor itself. As Dragul claimed control of the land and declared himself regent new generations of Boulder Knights continued to watch over the Portal. Dragul believed these Knights were necessary to the safety of Yeld and pardoned them from all other responsibilities to the kingdom, never asking them to raise a hand against the Oathbreakers or Fight in his war against The Deep.

The training regimen for Boulder Knights is beyond anything most warriors could handle, but the young Heroes of Yeld are not like most warriors. The newest generation of Boulder Knights are the toughest Yeld has ever seen, able to fight for days at a time without rest. Some would even call them invincible. Whether or not the portal to the shadow world reopens, these warriors can use their power to help make a difference for the people of Boulder Town and all citizens of Yeld! 

 A Friend who takes on the Advanced Job of Boulder Knight is a master of defense and nearly unkillable thanks to all their Tough dice! A Boulder Knight’s true strength is in how they help their fellow Heroes. As long as the Boulder Knight hasn’t taken an action yet during a round of combat, All Friends who are standing within 1 square of the Boulder Knight on the Action Board will get to roll an extra die when avoiding interruptions, defending against attacks or resisting spells! Oathbreakers and Witch Hunters can make for particularly powerful Boulder Knights!

Boulder Knight rules:

+2 Tough dice

Weapons: Clubs and Polearms

Special dice: Good plan and Climb

Job Ability: Armored to the teeth: The Boulder Knight is a master of defense and highly skilled at protecting her friends. During each round of a fight, if the Boulder Knight hasn’t taken an action yet, all Friends within 1 square of the Boulder Knight may roll an extra die when being interrupted, defending against an attack or resisting a spell. The Boulder Knight loses this ability if they have 0 armor dice. 

Job specific Special dice:

Meteor tackle: Add Armor dice to attacks instead of using a weapon. If you succeed the monster you attack will lose a Tough die and will be unable to move on their next action. If your attack fails you lose an armor die. Buy this dice once.

Valiant rescue: If a Friend within 3 squares of the Boulder Knight would Lose their last Tough die during a fight, they will instead lose a Strong die and the Boulder Knight will lose an Armor die. The Boulder Knight will then trade places on the Action Board with the Friend who was attacked. A Boulder Knight can use this ability a number of times each Adventure equal to their ranks in Valiant Rescue.

Pardoned by the Prince: Add these dice to non-combat rolls against royalty, government officials and law enforcement.

A Knight’s Call: Once each year the Boulder Knight may open a small portal to Boulder Town from anywhere in Yeld. The portal will remain open for one day or until the Boulder Knight chooses to close it. After the portal closes the Boulder Knight will have to wait 100 days before they can do it again. Buy this dice once. 

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    1. Nick and Jake 3-time creator on

      J.M., I think we might do what you suggest eventually.

    2. Nick and Jake 3-time creator on

      Tyler, our plan is to make sure everything is 100% paid for and then see how much money we have to throw at animation. It may well be that we just don't have enough money to produce anything at all, or that we can only afford to produce a small amount of rough footage. But thats fine. We'll see what happens. Right now we're considering every dollar over $26K to be "extra money", by which I mean money that we won;t likely need to bring our Kickstarter project to fruition. If we do end up needing that money for printing or shipping or some other expense, thats what we'll use it for. If we end up needing it for some other unexpected expense that we feel is important to the project thats what we'll use it for. But if we can afford to we'd like to use it for animation.

    3. Nick and Jake 3-time creator on

      Brian, I'll be telling my Patreon backers and readers about this stretch goal tomorrow.

      - Jake

    4. J.M. Martin

      You might also consider running a follow-up Kickstarter campaign to exclusively fund the animation. That way folks pledging here will have renewed their wallets and such and be ready to go for it again.

    5. Tyler Tinsley on

      I would be careful promising all the remaining funds raised to animation. The last days of a project can be huge. Also I would not start paying for the animation I till the project is fufilled. But other than that I think an animated trailer is a fantastic idea!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian King on

      What an awesome goal! I bet a lot of people on your Patreon would also pledge more if they knew the extra money was going towards a MM/Yeld animation.

    7. Thorn on

      Colouring book pdf, so now my kids can colour their own characters when play goes slow.

      Just what I needed!

    8. Nick and Jake 3-time creator on

      Chad, I believe it is.

    9. Chad Denton on

      The Boulder Knight is great! Is this the first ability we've seen that has to be tracked on the calendar?

    10. Nick and Jake 3-time creator on

      Jan, I feel like cake in the sky would just fall and get all over the place. I mean, really? Cake?

      - Jake

    11. Jan Schattling

      Agreed, I also updated my pledge.
      Also I really like the idea of some animation.
      And hey, at least it is a pie and not a cake in the sky. ;)

    12. Sul-Karshak on

      Thanks for the coloring book PDF! I have no excuse now to have the full collection.

    13. Clovis L. Dye, Jr. on

      I really dig the boulder knight!