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A compilation album and accompanying website that features 35 songs based on Sol LeWitt's 35 Sentences on Conceptual Art.

About the project:

Songs on Conceptual Art is a compilation album of original songs based on Sol LeWitt's Sentences on Conceptual Art. This 35 track album will be released as a limited edition run of 350 double vinyl LPs on June 1, 2012, alongside a project website where you can download a digital copy of the album for free and learn more about the musicians involved:

The bands on the album are amazing! We have songs from: Lucky Dragons, Brendan Fowler, Dragging an Ox Through Water, White Rainbow, Jib Kidder, Crazy Band, Bobby Birdman, Karl Blau, Dunes, SAFE, Jackie O Motherfucker, Jordan Dysktra, ARP, Deer or the Doe, Caspar Sonnet, Secret Circuit, White Fang, Larry Yes, Spencer Moody, Sun Foot, Crystal & Stefan (us!,) The Polyps, Rob Walmart, DAVIS HOOKER, Wanda and Wonder, Jake Ransom, Megazord, John Rau, Art Husband, Giggles, Boron, 90 Billion Raindrops, LA Ladies Choir, Deep Fried Boogie Band, and Cross Country Club.

What we need:

We're asking for $1,000 to help us finish the project. The bulk of the money will go towards paying The Estate of Sol LeWitt for the officially-sanctioned usage of Sentences on Conceptual Art. We'll put the rest of the money towards other wrap-up expenses, like producing a publication to accompany our upcoming exhibition, and creating promotional mailing packages to get the word out about the record and website.

More about the project:

Sentences on Conceptual Art is a list of 35 short statements that LeWitt published during a time of intense change in the art world, and is exemplary of the type of shifts in thinking that were happening around what art can be and what artists can do. For each of LeWitt's 35 Sentences, we asked a different musician or artist to give us a song based on a sentence in some way. Some of the artists used the text verbatim, some of the artists altered, expanded upon or commented on the text, and some didn't use words in their songs at all. We assigned sentences on a first-come, first serve basis, and we kept the songs in the order of the original text.

We were inspired to turn LeWitt’s Sentences into songs by John Baldessari’s 1972 video, Baldessari Sings LeWitt, which you can watch here:, or check out the intro in our video. You can see Sentences on Conceptual Art here:

We are so excited about how good the music is! We believe this compilation is truly an amazing collection of contemporary iterations of LeWitt's Sentences that will open up this pivotal text to new audiences from the art world and music community, and hopefully beyond!

The compilation will be available through labels Awesome Vistas, Teenage Teardrops and Marriage Records, and on the project website. 

Where we are at in the project:

All of the records have been delivered, and we're currently finishing up production on their jackets and an accompanying poster insert. The jackets are completely hand silk-screened by us, and the poster is letterpressed. Website construction is nearly complete, and on the whole, the project is almost completely finished!

Songs on Conceptual Art will be exhibited as part of Pacific Northwest College of Art's 2012 MFA Thesis show, which officially opens June 7th, 2012, and will also be presented during the Open Engagement: Art and Social Practice conference on May 19th as part of a panel about music and socially-engaged art. After we've taken advantage of those amazing opportunities for exposure, we'll be holding a summer release party in Portland and hopefully one in LA as well.

Your contribution will help us cover the final expenses that are
between us and releasing this project to the public. With your support
we'll be able to participate in the awesome upcoming exhibition and
presentation opportunities that are right around the corner and get
this amazing music and the Sentences that inspired it to a larger


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