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The sequel to the bestselling epic fantasy series The Ronin Saga.
The sequel to the bestselling epic fantasy series The Ronin Saga.
The sequel to the bestselling epic fantasy series The Ronin Saga.
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    1. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @Peter Wortruba You didn't get your poster? Message me personally! It should have arrived with the book inside the same folder! XD It's the Bastion of Sun cover - with Ayva on the cover.

    2. Peter Wotruba on

      Got the book, thanks. Just a question about the poster - I assume that is coming separately. When is it supposed to ship. This is for my son, and I will get him to leave a review once he reads it.


    3. Paul Muller on

      Matthew! What a surprise to recieve the book today! It is looking very good andI am sure it will be a joy to read. And I am in it, sweet:)
      The rest of my reward is really nice as well, thanks again for your hard work on the Ronin Saga and sharing your story with us, congratulations on the result.
      I will leave a review when I have read it (might take a while before I have finished though)
      All the best!

    4. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @Paul Muller I can't wait too!! I hope you enjoy. Bastion of Sun is turning out to be the best of all - I think you'll be in for a treat :)

    5. Paul Muller on

      Questionnaire answered this week, excited about recieving the book and goodies:))
      Thanks Matthew!

    6. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      Update is out!! And $55 away from the first Stretch Goal!! Thanks all

    7. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      Yes! An update coming soon on it. But long and short of it/spoiler: Excited, and couldn't be happier to announce the amazing new cover! (And still being finalized/polished)

    8. Missing avatar

      Tristan Ragan

      Congrats on hitting goal! Though I'm curious was there a cover art change or was the one with the woman holding a sword what the poster is going to be?

    9. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Edelenbos on

      Congrats! Can't wait :)

    10. Jere Manninen

      Grats!! :)

    11. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      HUZZAH!!! Thank you all!!

    12. Logan O. Uber Collaborator on

      @Elise, funded!

    13. Elise

      Sooooo close!

    14. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @Joshua Gray Deal. Done and done :) And was a pleasure meeting you at Phoenix - Gray and Mr. Gray's destiny intertwined that day!

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Gray on

      Totally stoked for the next book! Met you at Phoenix comic con a few years back and got the first two books. That was a fantastic decision. Keep putting them out and we will keep reading them!

    16. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @vague sage Agreed! Can't wait for you to read.

    17. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @matt Hardly! That's my favorite kind of ribbing ;) "Where is it? I can't wait any longer!" Is what every author yearns to hear, and frankly, how I feel as well. And yes, indeed. We'll be at SDCC 2016. See you there, and excited for you to read as well!

    18. Vague Sage on

      I am completely amped to see this completely funded! Fantasy is one of my favorite genres and it being indie will give a much need break from the same ol' mainstream stuff.

      Super excited!

    19. Logan O. Uber Collaborator on

      @Matt, we'll be at SDCC this year and our location is F-10.

    20. Matt Sopha on

      Also, are you going to be at SDCC again this year?

    21. Matt Sopha on

      I felt bad giving you a (good-natured) hard time about Book 3 at Phoenix Comicon....but hey, this went up shortly thereafter, so I don't feel that bad. :)

      Very excited for Book 3!

    22. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      Yay! Let's keep it going! <3

    23. Steven Bell on

      Whoop! Over 3000!

    24. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @Elise Yay! You're awesome

    25. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @Rob Awesome! Thanks so much for your support. Was a pleasure meeting you in Phoenix, and can't wait for you to read book three!

    26. Elise

      Halfway there!

    27. Missing avatar

      Rob Robertson on

      I upped my backing-want the hardcover to go with the other two. Almost finished with book one. Looking forward to starting book two and receiving book three!!!

    28. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @squishymaster thanks squishy! The story is growing because of you! And so glad you enjoyed book 1 and 2, and I think you'll be very pleased with book 3 and the Ronin's next leg in their journey /humble brag

    29. Squishymaster on

      I had to get the Late to the Party package from book 2 to get the first 2 books, but I'm not late this time! I got and blazed through both books they were such an excellent read. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the wonderful world you've created for all of us and to see what is in store next for our heroes.

    30. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      What Logan said! Thanks for the support Paul! Glad you're back, and can't wait to send you Bastion of Sun!

    31. Logan O. Uber Collaborator on

      Thanks Paul for coming back and backing "Bastion of Sun." We're glad that you've returned to help out and make The Ronin Saga possible.

    32. Paul Muller on

      Matthew! Welcome back, really looking forward to this! This time I pledge for a hardcover to save you and myself some trouble after the campaign;) Loving it, all the best!

    33. Matthew Wolf 4-time creator on

      @ Edward J Hanratty Jr: Hey Edward! Yes! My precious maps � haha, but really, so glad you're enjoying the series. I can't wait for that picture!

    34. Edward J Hanratty Jr

      Hope this gets funded cause the story so far is amazing. I'll be honest Matt, I'm still working on Book 1. Like I told you at Ventura's C4 I really like your writing style and the book so far is awesome. Book 2 is waiting for me to finish Book 1. I have hung my large maps above my computer. I still owe you a picture of them up on the wall.