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A turn based strategy video game with first person shooter aspects.

Keep Wars is a turned based strategy game with aspects of a first person shooter. The game is set in a medieval time frame and contains four opposing sides that fight for domination of territory and resources.

The overall feel our game is meant to have is a real world feel with some elements of humor added to it. This will be displayed both in the art style and in the story line.

Each faction has its own campaign and its own story, whether you are a prince fighting for control of your kingdom, or fending off foreign invaders.

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To show our dedication and commitment to finishing this game and getting it out into the gaming community we have decided to include an early prototype build of a multiplayer map, this is a working demo however it is important to understand that the artwork, textures, and even some models are not finalized. This will allow people to get a feel for our game and the direction we are intending to take it.

Keep Wars has many features including;

  • Seperate build and combat phases
  • Four Factions
  • Tech Tree
  • Each faction has its own campaign and unique story line
  • Multiplayer Maps that support up to 4 players
  • Map editor for multiplayer maps
  • Three types of multiplayer modes
  • Achievements

Game play is divided into two phases, the Build Phase and the Combat Phase:

The first phase of game play, which allows a player to build walls, cannons, and buildings. Buildings improve a player’s tech tree and resource gathering rates. During this phase players use different shaped bricks that fit together to build walls surrounding their stronghold, resources, buildings, and territory. The player’s territory is determined by the walls that the player has built.

The second phase of game play, which allows a player to choose individual cannons and ammunition. During this phase the player is able to take control of the cannon and is placed into a first person shooter mode where they aim and fire the cannon manually. This mode continues in a round robin order until all players have fired their cannons or have determined not to fire.

The game has four factions for the player to choose from. These factions are based off of real world civilizations including:




Middle Eastern

Each faction has its own campaign storyline which is unique but also interconnected. In the European based faction campaign you may invade the Asian based faction for resources, while in the Asian based faction campaign you will try to liberate yourself from the invasion. Players can choose to start with any faction in the single player campaign.

Multiplayer maps allow up to 4 players on a map. There are three different types of multiplayer modes including;

  • Hot Seat
  • LAN
  • Online

Multiplayer maps can use either pre-made or user created maps. Multiplayer will have different difficulty settings, for example Easy difficulty will show who owns what, the health of the object you’re aiming at, where your cannonball is going to hit, and the trajectory of the cannonball's path.

The Map Editor feature allows players to create the terrain using a brush style system. The player will be able to place trees, where resources are located, and other objects. Player will also be able to determine how many players are meant to play on the map. It is our intention to do monthly showcases of player created maps chosen by the developers for creativity.

The game features a tech tree which has four levels. As the player progresses through the tech tree it increases resource gathering capability and the strength of built objects. The tech tree is a branching system: for example, if you want to build bigger and better cannons you would build a blacksmith, however if your opponent wants stronger brick types they would build a masonry. Players are required to fill out the first tier of the tech tree before they can move onto the next tier however the order in which they fill it out is completely up to them.

It is our intention to publish on Steam and eventually Xbox, PlayStation, and IOS. All of these systems have achievements built in. We love having achievements in games so we felt the need to put them into our game.

$65,000 – We will be attending PAX Prime with a booth, to show off the game and interact with gamers answering questions.

$80,000 – We will add an interactive environmental system into the game. For example during a map a thunder storm may occur and your cannon ball my get struck by lightning, you may have to compensate for strong winds when aiming and firing.

$110,000 – We will add a customizable fifth civilization that allows you to customize the look and feel from pieces of the other civilizations as well as adding additional brick types.

As a company setting trends not following them we don’t want investors to be able to tell us what does and what does not go into the game. We want our community to have input on our games and base our decisions on what the gamers want within reason. If the game is funded through KickStarter it will allow us to get the game released earlier with more community input.

The intent of this KickStarter campaign is to allow the developers to work on the game full time instead of part time or when they have time. This also allows us to pay for licenses for software that the developers already have experience working with rather than finding new software and having to learn it.

We would like to stress that the funding will allow us to put more focus on the game and the more funding we get the more members of the team that we can bring on full time, which will allow us to finish the game quicker and with a smoother work flow. It will also let us add more extra features we want to add to the game at launch. Funding will also allow us to increase the amount of time we have to work with the community and how quickly we respond back to the community.

If we exceed our goal, all of our extra money will be used to expand content such as the interactive environmental system and allow us to market our game in a large avenue such as attending PAX Prime and having a booth there. If we do reach goals such as this we will be providing special rewards to any backer who attends PAX as an extra thank you.

We also are on Steam Greenlight so if you like the idea of the game we are making please vote for us even if you are not able to be a backer on Kickstarter.

Thank you for assisting us in this project and helping us bring our passion and love for games to the community.

The Thunder Lion Studio Team

Thunder Lion Studio is a company created to set trends and to work heavily with gamers that play the games we make. We strive to try new things, look beyond current concepts and create our own. One of our goals is to get players to think in different ways, to be able to win games multiple ways and not a single set path as is the normal for many games today.

Our current team consists of a group of individuals who have college degrees in Multimedia and Game Design, including a concept artist, creative writer, 3D modelers, and programmers. Between the members of our company we have over a decade of experience in the industry.

We are passionate gamers who truly love gaming and we want to bring our passion and ideas to our games and share them with the industry that we love.

Brandon Riggs – Lead Game Designer, Lead Art Director, has over six years of experience in 3D modeling and texturing. As a gamer he enjoys playing all types of games from video games to card games, table top games, and board games.

Andrew Hruza – Lead Programmer, Technical Director, has been programming for games for over six years. As a gamer he has a decided preference for sandbox-style games, but can appreciate almost anything.

April Culberson – Lead Creative Writer, Lead Level Designer, with six years of experience graphics design, writing, and level design. As a gamer she enjoys all types of games but true passions lie with RPG’s and MMO’s.

Richard – Has over six years of experience 3D modeling and texturing. He has always been a PC gamer and that is thanks to Baldur’s Gate (all of them). That game caused him to fall in love with RPGs and with PC gaming. He's also developed an addiction to strategy games, both real time and turn based; such as Civilization and StarCraft. While he finds other genres entertaining and enjoyable, RPGs and RTS are his favorite.

Shawn Harper – Community Manager, Creative Writer with four years of writing experience and seven years of customer service experience. As a gamer he loves RPGs, shooters, and strategy games, as well as MTG and strategy board games such as RISK.

James – Programmer with over seventeen years of programming experience. As a gamer he enjoys real-time strategy the most but has played all genres over the years including PC, console, table-top and board games.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As with making any game there are potential complications that can and will arise, this may cause us to take more time to spend on the game but will not prevent us from completing the game. Due to our stance on interacting with our community and gaining feedback this may mean that we have to change some aspects of the game such as art style which may delay the game, however it is important to note that we will weigh the impact of these changes against business needs and if we feel it is not feasible to make these changes we will find alternative solutions.

Other risks include publishing; we are going to attempt first publishing in places such as Steam, Desura, and Impulse. If for some reason we are unable to publish on any of these we will attempt Amazon, failing all of these we will publish the game on our own personal website.


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