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An RPG zine about learning through play.
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Skill Points is a zine focused on learning skills by playing role-playing games. It includes contributions from seven game designers, each of whom takes a different approach to the theme. This holistic approach includes RPG content to use at the table, advice on how RPGs can help to develop new skills, and reports from designers who have used RPGs as a teaching method.

What's Inside

  • An editorial by Daniel Kwan on his experience running a program that uses D&D to teach students at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
  • A piece on teaching socialization and communication skills by DC.
  • An article by Dr. Jason Cox that describes how bleed between identities as a professional educator and an in-game mentor can contribute to pedagogical understandings.
  • "The Secret of Silverwind Hall," a postmortem of a tabletop adventure that features players playing live music at the table by Jesse Gazic.
  • An article by Jillian Wakarchuck on using physical objects in RPGs to develop creative problem solving skills.
  • A D&D 5e adventure by Sam Hotchkiss that teaches the skill of knot-tying.
  • A short fantasy jail break scenario by Tim Hutchings which responds to the Kevin Allen Jr. game Primitive and Thorny Games' Sign.

The zine will be approximately 32 pages in total and will include some loose-leaf handouts for Sam's adventure, which will ship with the zine. It will be printed in black and white as a digest-sized, saddle-stitched booklet. The PDF copy will have the same layout as the print version.

 Stretch Goals

$1200 (Achieved!): At this level, I will commission a piece of interior art for the zine by Jabari Weathers.

$2000 (Achieved!): At this level, I will commission a second piece of interior art for the zine by Jabari Weathers.

Cover art by Jesse Gazic
Cover art by Jesse Gazic

Meet the Collaborators

  •  Daniel Kwan (@danielhkwan) is a Toronto-based storyteller, podcaster, and designer. He  is one of the co-founders of Level Up Gaming, an organization that provides adults with autism and other disabilities opportunities to develop their social skills through tabletop games. Daniel co-hosts the Asians Represent! podcast on the One Shot Network and makes games through Dundas West Games.
  •  DC (@DungeonCommandr) is a Black non-binary queer game designer from the San Francisco bay area. They've released Mutants in the Night, an allegory for marginalization and collective community. Their goal is to create games that inform and relate to their experiences, while building and uplifting the TTRPG community.
  •  Dr. Jason Cox (  is an Assistant Professor of Art Education, games scholar, and  larpwright who lives and works in Toledo, Ohio. He is currently  collaborating with Dr. Lillian Lewis on Mantles in the Museum, an edu-larp designed to make arts criticism more accessible to non-experts.
  •  Jesse Gazic (@gazictron) is a writer and designer working in Toronto. He has created D&D modules, escape rooms, immersive theatre, and other interactive works. His latest project is Many Realms, an actual play podcast.
  •  Jillian Wakarchuk (@OrbWitch) is a multimedia artist based in Toronto. She plays, writes, and creates for TTRPGS, makes the occasional video game, and experiments with the arts. Check out her work at
  •  Sam Hotchkiss (@Hotchmoney) is a game designer based in Philadelphia. He is currently working on Chosen, a coming-of-age RPG. Check out for links to his games and blog.
  •  Tim Hutchings (@TimHutchingsFTW) is a game designer and story game/LARP enthusiast from Portland, Oregon. At his most generous, he describes himself as a "failed art guy." His work has won some awards, but inquiries by the curious are met by icy silence on this subject. Hutchings' game Thousand Year Old Vampire is going to print in spring 2019. About the time you receive this booklet, Hutchings should be on a (short) lecture tour of China, talking about analog games.


Here's where the money for the $10 printed zine goes:

  • $4 for shipping to the US and Canada
  • $1 for Kickstarter fees
  • 50¢ for emergencies and unexpected expenses
  • $4.50 to pay collaborators

Printing has been donated. All remaining profits are being shared among the collaborators, so your pledge helps everyone involved!

Risks and challenges

This is a small and relatively simple project, but there are still risks involved. Collaborators could miss deadlines, or there could be delays in editing and typesetting. Our timeline is built to accommodate such issues, however, unexpected occurrences could delay delivery of the zine. If a collaborator should drop out, we will try to find a replacement. If not, the zine may have less content.

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