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A frantic, head-to-head, real-time submarine dice battler that plays in 5 minutes! By Rampage Games LLC
A frantic, head-to-head, real-time submarine dice battler that plays in 5 minutes! By Rampage Games LLC
A frantic, head-to-head, real-time submarine dice battler that plays in 5 minutes! By Rampage Games LLC
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    1. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Will - Thanks! We had a blast running this campaign!

    2. Will

      Thanks for such a well-run campaign and for all your efforts to make things right with the Admiral pledges, and good luck with the retail launch!

    3. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @L Warble - We hope you enjoy it! @ Ryan - Glad to hear!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ryan S Heinrich

      Product received. Had a chance to play a few games, it was easy to pick up and play and a lot of fun. Certainly very luck based in my opinion with a little strategy. Overall pretty happy with it.

    5. L Warble

      Yay!!! Finally got my copy this weekend! Excited about playing...

    6. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Will - We have contacted a new US manufacturer and have ordered samples but we haven't received them yet. We have requested pictures of the samples before they are shipped so that we can update you and the other admiral tier backers but we haven't received those yet either. We will send an update once we receive the photos and we are content with the quality.

    7. Will

      It has been 2 weeks--any update on the status of the Admiral pledge meeples?

    8. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Travis - You can stay submerged. Actions are not mandatory meaning if you roll a 7 or doubles you do not have to perform the action.

    9. Travis Wright

      If I am underwater and I roll a 7 and there are no more intel gems, do I have to surface or can I choose to stay submerged?

    10. Paul Wunderlich on

      I have no issues with changing the meeple color. Whatever it takes to get it done :)

    11. Batman on

      Got mine in the mail yesterday. Looks great.

      Can't wait to try it!

      Great campaign. Congrats

    12. Missing avatar

      Magdiel Escobar

      Great game. My 9 year old loved it.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Usher on

      Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much for such a fantastic game I've kept it in my pocket and taken it everywhere. It's surprising how many people want to play it when you bring it out. I honestly hope you sell loads of these

    14. Missing avatar

      Farid Hashemi

      my commander pledge arrived in the UK today. Very impressed with the speed of production & delivery

    15. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @ John - There are no turns in Brace for Impact!, each player rolls as fast as they can as many times as they can not waiting for the other player.

    16. John Cross

      Got mine a few days ago. Components are great. One quick question. The rules say that players roll dice simultaneously. Does that mean both players roll, then take an action if possible, then both roll again, etc... Or is it each player rolls and takes actions as quickly as possible, not waiting for the other player? Thanks!

    17. Gary Bunker on

      I got my copy yesterday, and my wife insisted we play a couple games before dinner. Very fun games, with a surprising amount of thought required while rolling dice madly!

    18. Jim 'Jango Fett' A

      Arrived in MN today, played at a restaurant this evening, awesome quick games!

    19. Lisa May

      I received my copy of the game this week, which I bought mostly for my husband and son to play. They love it, and have already played it a lot. Thank you!

    20. Braeden Jones

      I have backed a lot of projects on Kickstarter, and I'm used to getting projects late. Occasionally, I've gotten something a month or so ahead of schedule, which is always a nice surprise. But I've never gotten something half a year early.

      Props to you all for an impressive turn around and what looks to be a very fun game. Excited to give it a try tomorrow!

    21. Mark Fadden

      BFI docked in Seattle today. Congrats Chris. Welcome to the elite group of early kickstarter projects. It's freaking awesome. I don't need to play I've already played the PnP to death.

    22. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @William - Great to hear!

    23. Missing avatar

      William DeMarco

      I got mine yesterday. The pieces look awesome, it's nice and compact, well done, and plays great. Love it!

    24. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Andrew - That's awesome! We hope you enjoy Brace for Impact!

    25. AndrewQ

      Just got my copy of the game today and everything looks great! I look forward to playing and cannot wait to see what you guys come up with next. Thanks again!

    26. Jacob Orman on

      Backed it, happy to support someone using U.S. sourcing! Hopefully this will influence more designers to go this route!

    27. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Ken - We are glad you enjoyed Brace for Impact! Great idea writing on the tokens! Hopefully the newly unlocked reference guides will help in the same way.

      Regarding your question, the latter is the intention. That FAQ bit was just to inform the players that the only way to get to the fifth gem was to take it away from your enemy and the only way you can do that is by surfacing, removing the intelligence, diving, and then gathering the intelligence. You can still win by wiping out your enemy's crew if intelligence gems are in a stalemate. Thanks for asking!

    28. Ken Cunningham on

      Great game! My family and friends loved the PnP.

      One thing I did to help new captains, was to write on the surface/underwater tokens what each dice role meant for their current position.

      One question about the rules.

      "If you and your enemy each have 4 intelligence gems, you MUST resurface...."

      Is this an absolute "MUST", so that nothing else can be done (i.e. fire torpedoes) until the condition is completed? Or does it mean - in order to get a 5th intelligence you must do the following?

    29. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Will - Nice job! Thanks for upping your pledge!

    30. Will

      Woo-hoo! Snagged an Admiral!

    31. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @StarSeven - Thanks for upping your pledge! Great idea using the base game for travel, that's what it was designed for!

    32. Missing avatar

      Wicked Cool Games

      Just upped to Admiral from Base. Good job with the US sourcing. Kids will like the subs....and I'll keep the base game in the car for travel. I think my son will love this game. (4 yr old, but getting good at picking up games)

    33. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Albert - Great Idea using the chart! It definitely helps with the first few plays! I have little doubt that we will not hit the our next goal so every player can have a chart like this. Very happy you like the game!

    34. Albert Tielebein on

      Alcon, I have played quite a few games this weekend. My wife and 3yr old both love it. The lack of turn structure helps a ton with the younger one.

      Any way, I made these up for their first game. Just fuel for thought. After a few games they weren't necessary bit man did they help for the first 5 or so. Def a must for new players.

      Game is serious fun. I am looking at solo mode right now with a race the clock dice mitigation option next.

    35. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Evan - I can't make any promises but our team is looking into the possibility of a base game / Play mat tier rather than an add-on (shipping dimensions for playmats can be tricky).

    36. Missing avatar

      Evan Taylor on

      @MadJo well I've got 7 or 8 kickstarters this month! But I did go ahead and back the base game. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a play mat optional add-on. Either way, I am definitely looking forward to this game!

    37. MadJo

      @Evan, well you could pledge for the deluxe with playmat edition and brace for impact from your spouse.

    38. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Evan - While planning this Kickstarter we had a lot of ideas regarding pledge levels. The decision was tough but the pledge levels we decided on above were chosen very carefully. To keep this project streamlined and reduce the complexity of fulfillment so we can get you these games as quickly as possible, we are not likely to add additional pledge tiers.

    39. Missing avatar

      Evan Taylor on

      I'm interested in the deluxe version with the playmat, but I would prefer to keep my kickstarter money spending as low as possible to keep my marriage together! Any chance of a pledge tier for just the deluxe version alone?!

    40. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @Albert - Yes you did, when you pledge Admiral you receive the collector's Edition, the game mat, and a copy of the base game (and all unlocked stretch goals).

    41. Albert Tielebein on

      Hey Chris quick question. Did I read the first e print right? Does the admirals version come with the base game as well as the deluxe?

    42. Chris Rossetti 4-time creator on

      @ David - Thanks! You were a big inspiration behind it!

    43. David Miller

      Hi Chris, so neat to see this game! I hope all's been going well since or meeting at Margueritas!

      Good luck!