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pledged of $250,000pledged of $250,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, January 16 2017 4:00 AM UTC +00:00


Hello World,

I am Matthew Edward Burns, and have prototyped and patented the Bicycle Laser Tag System. If you have not viewed the short project video above, please do so now; It best demonstrates Bicycle Laser Tag.  The long version of the video, "New Bicycle Laser Tag" is on Youtube or you may view it on my Facebook page under Edward Burns.  

Playing the game is simple.  Chase behind and get in range of your opponents red receiver, then press your trigger button to shoot.  When your opponents red receiver flashes and beeps it represents that your target has been acquired - a hit!  When any player is hit ten times the red light will strobe and an audible alarm will sound, informing everyone that the player is out of the game.  The player who out maneuvers their opponents and survives from being hit ten times, wins the game.  

If more than two bicycles are equipped with the Bicycle Laser Tag System more than two players may play.  Note:  Experienced players don't touch their foot to the ground and they play within an area not much bigger than a skate park.

The goal is not only to produce superior function and design, but to be the first to introduce Bicycle Laser Tag to your community.  Today, our advantage of social media will conceivably market Bicycle Laser Tag as a fun and exciting way to exercise - for all levels of bicyclist - popularizing it as the new neighborhood sport.

The system consists of a trigger, infrared light (laser) and infrared LED receiver which are electrically coupled to a battery box.  The battery box also contains a speaker, LED's and microprocessor. To conserve battery power, the system, has a sleep mode in addition to an on/off switch. 

The donations will be used for further product research, development, design, and manufacturing start up cost which will be contracted to the winning bidder.

Risks and challenges

Although the idea has been well received, the biggest challenge is that it's a new product, meaning there are no demographics. With that said, the potential of this unique product and its December release date (Christmas), is that production may be unable to meet the demand creating an issue of back orders.

Once the product is packaged A free reward, which in this case is one pair of Bicycle Laser Tag Systems will be mailed to supporters who donate $100.00 U.S. dollars or more to this project.

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