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Birds of Lace is back in 2016 with five new chapbooks from Sade Murphy, Meghan Lamb, Jacqueline Kari, Myriam Gurba & Lily Hoang.
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The long wait

Posted by Gina (Creator)
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Hello kind & generous backers!

I hope your summers have been relaxing and rejuvenating (and full of good reading). I know it's been some time since our campaign ended, so I wanted to send an update re: the status of the forthcoming chapbooks.

The letterpress studio in my hometown where I used to print BoL work closed, so I've been busy trying to find alternatives (may end up silk screening the chapbook covers instead). I'm currently a graduate student who teaches, so the process of getting the books out has been much slower than I'd like; while I know the wait has been long, I hope you'll grant some leeway to this one-woman show (I do literally everything myself). All that said, all four chapbooks will be out before the end of this year, and I'll post more updates as they begin taking their physical forms/shipping. I appreciate your patience!

For those of you who ordered Meghan Lamb's Silk Flowers, I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I do! Check out this interview with Lamb over at The Rumpus about the book, as well as this review over at Glass Poetry. For all you Myriam Gyrba fans, her Emily Books/Coffee House Press memoir Mean is also now available for pre-order (and I can't wait for you to read her BoL chapbook Richard!).

Do let me know if you have any questions, and again, thank you for supporting BoL and enduring the long wait for exciting small press literature ❤️

xoxo Gina/Birds of Lace

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