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Art book featuring dancer Eryc Taylor as various mythical characters throughout time, drawings and paintings by NYC artist Todd Yeager

I've already created a lot of wonderful drawings featuring Eryc Taylor as Pan as well as other characters and was approached with the idea of an art book featuring these drawings and new ones of Eryc by  a collector who has connections to a publisher. So I already have a willing editor and possible publisher to create a whole volume which will feature those works as well as new works featuring Eryc as characters such as Adam playing with the animals in Eden, Apollo with his lute, and more Pan images frolicking with cupids Nymphs and whom ever else might join in. Funding will help with model fees, props, travel locations, art supplies/materials, costume rentals...  See other works featuring Eryc on my Eryc as Muse tumblr blog;


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    4.5"x8.5" art print of 'Bat Pan' signed and numbered

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    Hand made collectible 1.75"x7" book marks made from drawing cuttings, featuring ink wash, decorative scrawling, and signed on back.

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