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A scifi anthology of twenty stories by authors new and established about space colonists interacting with alien planets and peoples.
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Posted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Creator)

I keep getting the same questions, so let me try and answer them here and save time.

1) Ebooks are not available yet. I will email them as soon as they are. Amazon jumped the gun on release before the files had been finished. They should be ready soon and I will ship per your preferences.

2) Surveys were sent out right after the Kickstarter funded. Check your inbox at Kickstarter if you did not fill it out. I will ship based on the information provided there so please find them and fill them out.

3) Yes, send me a private message if your address has changed. Please also include your Backer Level so I can more easily find you and update my records.

Thanks much,


Shipping In Progress

Posted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Creator)

Folks, I got slightly delayed by a dead laptop and having to set up a new one, but no more excuses. This is my living room and I am going to work. Expect these soon!

Thanks for your patience and making it a reality! I hope you're as pleased with the result as I am. Please consider reviewing us on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble. The more reviews, good or bad, the more searches the book turns up in so it really would raise our sales and visibility if even half of you review the book. 

Hey, I have a sketch for Beyond the Sun 2, so if you guys help make it worth it, it could happen...just saying.

Kind regards,


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They're here!

Posted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Creator)

A few copies arrived today. The next will arrive while I am on a trip. I will mail them out as soon as I'm back and can get them signed and organized. Ebooks will be emailed to everyone as soon as they are available, likely mid-August. That was supposed to be the release date until Amazon jumped the gun. In any case, I'll also email copies of other ebooks next week to get you started.

Here I am with the first copy. Thanks for making it happen, folks!

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Beyond The Sun on Amazon

Posted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Creator)

Well, Amazon jumped the gun. They do this a lot. But I wish they hadn't. I still don't have copies, although they have been ordered. But we do have a live listing and people can order on Amazon. 

If you have friends who want this but didn't back or preorder, the more copies ordered now, the higher the book's profile, and the more potential sales, as it will show up in more searches, etc. based on initial sales.

Regardless, I am going on vacation for a week next week. As soon as I get back, signing and mailing books to you all is my top priority. I won't have books before then, though they are in the printer's queue and ordered. But they only go so fast.

Anyway, congrats! We did it! Thanks for your patience and support!


P.S. Barnes and Noble is always a little behind. It will show up there soon, too. The Goodreads listing has been up for a while at

Full Final Cover Reveal

Posted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Creator)

In a few short weeks, these should be arriving on your doorsteps or in your mailboxes. It'll take me some shifts to get them all out, so be patient. And ebooks will be delayed due to processing time with Baen, which will carry them on their site, and thus arrive later. In any case, this is what you'll be getting soon enough!

Thanks for all of your patience and support!

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