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A scifi anthology of twenty stories by authors new and established about space colonists interacting with alien planets and peoples.
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Shipping In Progress

Posted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Creator)

Folks, I got slightly delayed by a dead laptop and having to set up a new one, but no more excuses. This is my living room and I am going to work. Expect these soon!

Thanks for your patience and making it a reality! I hope you're as pleased with the result as I am. Please consider reviewing us on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble. The more reviews, good or bad, the more searches the book turns up in so it really would raise our sales and visibility if even half of you review the book. 

Hey, I have a sketch for Beyond the Sun 2, so if you guys help make it worth it, it could happen...just saying.

Kind regards,


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    1. Shervyn von Hoerl

      I still haven't seen the e-book come across. Did you email them?

    2. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. Bryan Thomas Schmidt 4-time creator on

      Jimmy, you're just in time. Private message me on KS with the address change and your backer level (to make you easier to find on the surveys) and I'll see that your rewards go out to the new address.


    4. Jimmy Plamondon on

      Any way to change my shipping address? Just moved!