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“ FARRIS is MAGIC, The Rejuvenator! You gotta see it to believe it!” DELBERT MCCLINTON ---- We set the goal low, so we are still accepting donations

Hi Everyone,

A lot has changed in the music industry since I began my career. In 1992, I found myself in New York, signing a contract with one of the largest, most powerful and, historically, most important record labels in American recorded music, Atlantic Records. My band mates and I were immediately given huge gobs of money for ourselves, copious amounts more to go toward a recording budget for our new record we would make, and then they piled even more on for our upcoming tours. Record labels were flush and they spared no expense to build a band's career. All the artist had to do was focus on creating the best music they could make. Good times, indeed!

All that has changed now. We, the artists, live in a new world now due to the digital era, thus leading to new ways to discover, listen & buy music, the economy and on top of that laws have not caught up to the technology. Right now, I’m at phase one, creating the CD.

So-what to do? How do we go on recording music? Touring? Playing live shows? Well, the answer is, ((it's all on us now. You and me. We have to do it together)). This is exciting to me because it goes back to the music that I play and how I see it. It's bigger than I am. It's more important than me. I love the fact that I can't do it on my own. Here we are, facing the future together. For once, you can have an immediate impact on the creation of an artists music.

On November 10th, my calendar says that I have committed to begin recording sessions for our new record. We will record 4 to 6 songs, then shop 4 songs to various labels, in hopes that one will believe in us enough to help us distribute and create a buzz over it. I'm responsible for delivering a complete record.

If you would like to make an immediate impact through the power of music, you can do it now. If you want to know how it feels to be a part of the creative process, you can do that now. We are excited to team up with Kickstarter where you can donate as much money as you wish, to go toward the making of the tentatively titled new album “Already Alright!” We have packages available for different levels of pledges. Also, part of these proceeds will go to the revamping of my web site to make it bright & shiny and easy to use. I’ve kept the monetary goal a tad low to ensure we make our target and retain the backing.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to join with us, for the most exciting time in my career, I invite you to help out. I believe in the positive power of rhythm, melody, and words. They come together to build bridges, tear down walls, and even lift up the human spirit. This is the very essence of why I do what I do. It's a whole lot of fun and we have a really good time, and if we're lucky, we get lift each other up!



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    You receive download of a song from Mike's fan only Christmas CD, which will be a very limited pressing.

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    You receive download of two songs from Mike's fan only Christmas CD, which will be a very limited pressing.

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    You receive an exclusive limited pressing Mike Farris Christmas CD as well as a personalized autographed book he wrote called Walk With the Sun, that has stories which accompany his debut solo release Goodnight Sun. Christmas CD taped at the legendary Mercy Lounge (Nashville) Christmas show is 65 minutes long: 1. Go Tell It On The Mountain Intro/Good News 2. Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down 3. Your Love is Lifting Me Higer (Jackie Wilson) 4. White Christmas 5. O Holy Night 6. Sit Down Servant 7. Caravan (Van Morrison) 8. Precious Lord Take My Hand (different arrangement) 9. Go Tell It On The Mountain

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    All the above as well as personalized thank you video

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    All the Above PLUS - Exclusive Vinyl - White label vinyl test pressing of charity EP, , The Night the Cumberland Came Alive. Housed in chip board sleeve personally autographed by Mike. Only 5 made!

  • Pledge $200 or more
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    All of the above, plus your choice of handwritten lyrics/song (by me) on high grade paper stock, plus your name in the credits of the CD when finished.

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    All the above plus a few of My Favorite Things. 1 lb of my favorite local coffee bean A package of heirloom tomato seeds & A homemade mixed "tape" of my favorite songs, plus a signed copy of Salvation in Lights & Shout! Live

  • Pledge $750 or more
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    As you all may know, Mike is a true golf fanatic and now he is offering a golf excursion with him at one of his favorite local courses, The Hermitage Golf Club. You will join Mike and two other fans as you play 18 holes at the wonderful President's Reserve course. Date to be determined by Mike and the other players' schedules. Hopefully we can get it in by mid-November. Includes golf, cart, and lunch. Limited to 3 people.

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    "The coolest places according to Mike tour" Get a tour of Nashville with Mike for a day. Some places will be off the beaten path, some the usual suspects!

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    Can I get a Witness?: Ever wonder how artists create that music magic when you hear their CD? Here’s your chance to see Mike and the band record a few songs for Already Alright at the legendary Rock House in Franklin, TN. Recording starts at 5PM. Both of you will be in the loft to get a real birdseye view! (meal included) . Travel & lodging not included. ((Most likely)) November 8th 2010 will be the recording date.

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