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$3.00 pledged of $20,000 goal


Traffic signs can be confusing, difficult to read and most of all detracting from the beautiful scenery. For the people who commute a distance every day these signs become part of the landscape, which is wrong. By implementing digital road signs, the clutter that is residing on the shoulders of our road system will be greatly reduced. For every one exit on a major interstate that has: Gas Stations, Restaurants, Hotels and Attractions there are one set of signs for each grouping. Take that and multiply it by two. Now multiply that number times every exit across the United States (or any where for that matter). That is a lot of metal and eye sores! Lets easy the weight of clutter on America's shoulders and get our road ways into the 21st Century!

Risks and challenges

Some of the challenges to be faced is the Department of Transportation blessing off on a very ambitious goal, to replace existing signs with a more versatile and viable sign.

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